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  1. Is there any timeline for this? ... Or is it wait and hope the B12 collapses first, and then pay the exit fee right before 2022 SEC schedules are due if not?
  2. What I love about this map is that Texas is where it should be and aggie is up in Texarkana. I'm so hoping this is the version of the map that sticks.
  3. This did happen at Texas. Look up Ron McKelvey... aka "The Imposter on the Roster"
  4. I had the same thought... have to look at the timing of everything. Maybe he doesn't even care about the issue, just doesn't want to get involved with controversy.
  5. In your rock/paper/scissors scenario... RPO beats the best pass rush, which bets the best pass coverage. That's the point. The pocket you're crashing in the best 4 man rush scenario isn't there half the time. At that point you've got match up problems all over the field. As for individual personnel... these guys get moved around all the time. It's up to the defensive coaches to know how to rotate them. Maybe not every player can move up and down the line. However I'd much rather a coach adjust his defense to the personnel than try to fit square pegs into round holes. The more flexible a defense then the better a DC can use his existing talent, instead of wishing he had somebody else.
  6. When an offense is built on speed, how do you propose to counter that? The best 4-man rush in the world can't handle a mobile QB who only uses the pocket to snap the football. TCU is the only defense around here that has to come close to *at times* limiting or snuffing down today's spread offenses. Buddy Ryan brought the house almost every play and relied on shut down corners to close the passing window. But don't forget, these were *not* mobile QBs they were facing. It was a west coast spread that put more speed on the field but not anything like today's college offenses. I've said before there's nothing magical about a 4 or 3 man front (or even a 2 man). The chess game is making sure you have the right personnel on the field for the team and situation. There are *very few* DCs that can coach like this. The Tom Landry defense may have been the best ever, but even he said he couldn't always find players to make it work. Mobile QBs can really only be countered by LB/DE on the ends with speed to chase them. This may weaken the run defense but normally spread offenses use smaller personnel anyway. Against power teams the 2 man front can flex to a 4 man. Not many DCs can roll like that, so if Sark can find one that can more power to him.
  7. All of these defenses can work *as long as* we have the right personnel to run them. There's nothing magical about a 4 or 3 man front. Give me a 4 man front against a power team with a drop back passer. Give me a 3 man front against a spread team with a RPO offense or QB that likes to run. Overall give me a DC that can run both given the opponent and *knows we have the right personnel* to make it work. Most arguments against scheme come down to wrong personnel or a coach who doesn't know how to run it.
  8. Sark knows the DC is his most important hire, and also his biggest blind spot as an offensive minded HC. He's also being careful not to repeat the mistakes of Herman. Herman was told to hire the best available and use the blank check provided. Instead Herman went with comfort hires. Maybe he thought they were the best available, but if you don't actually beat the bushes people won't believe you. Sark may be worried (and rightfully so) that if he simply sticks with Ash without a search the perception will be he didn't look hard enough... especially if the defense struggles. So he may like Ash but still need to talk with others just to make sure and prove to everyone that he did a proper search. Either way, it's a smart move on his part. A little extra time here is worth reassuring both himself, and the fanbase, that the best guys were tracked down.
  9. Again... he's a twice failed HC looking for a rebound job. Why does Texas need him? I just don't get the perceived difference in value between a guy like Muschamp and one like Ash.
  10. I like Muschamp and was a big fan of his before he left... But, he hasn't been a DC in 10 years. Why is he a must get for so many over guys with recent success against current offenses? That doesn't make sense to me.
  11. I agree, but there's also something to be said for continuity. For the returning players this will be the 3rd DC in 3 years. If all of these guys are close (in his mind) then having an established defense can be a pretty big advantage to a new HC. Also I don't think it has anything to do with appeasement. We finally saw a DC make a dent in the B12. And I know the long term is more important, but if Ash was somewhere else in the B12 we'd be saying "What about a guy like Ash?"
  12. If he comes here with a 3 man front, some on this board will immediately start looking for a DC replacement.
  13. Understood... Sounds like a tIb/fib. Having experienced this he's got a long road ahead. Although If it's a clean break, without ligament damage, his recovery will be shorter. Hopefully it's that and not a situation where everything shredded.
  14. I didn't want to go back and watch it, but what kind of injury... Leg, ankle, knee?

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