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  1. Thanks for posting this SHA. I went to LM in the 80s, and academics were good then. That's what happens when inmates run the asylum. It's pretty depressing to drive around there. Guess Texas City and Hitchcock just got better. Although, I hear LM hired lawyers to fight this.
  2. These 7 on 7 nuggets are good to hear. Reading between the lines, this implies to me that the QBs are actually getting the ball to the WRs. And, WRs getting open. It seems Strong is trying to light a fire under MJ and DJ based on Media Days. Respond or next man up. Really liking Norvell...hope we throw enough money at him to keep him around a while. Patterson, give him some cafeteria vouchers (cue R Duke). I know it's just 7 on 7 with little pash rush, but I recall a few years back we got embarrassed by Tx State.
  3. No comments? Where are the pitchforks for Wickline? (sarcasm font...) Seems to say a lot when Darius gets passed up by the last regime's left-for-dead Taylor Doyle and the still-undersized Raulerson.
  4. Sorry - Chaos has been reserved for our FB offensive line.
  5. Chris - thanks for sharing your time. I re-read your post. A chapter or two on Mack Brown would be refreshing as well. Folks still follow and criticize his footsteps today (e.g., Dubai). "History will remember Coach Brown well and eventually so will Texas fans. I write this post because I know the man behind the Texas machine. I know him better than the reporters, the talking heads, the people on message boards, and the fans in the seats." As a follow-up, can you invite Wickline for a cup of Ethiopian coffee and pick his brain (you may need to invoke your ministry skills)? Any views/insights about the OL? I appreciate what you gave to the team, and what you are giving today. God Bless!
  6. And what favorite means of transportation, per se, shall you plan on utilizing to partake of such said gumbo? Please tell us.
  7. That's what I believe also. Let's hope Watson overachieves this year for the best of the team. If I remember, Strong took a while before bringing Watson on staff, and even giving him a title.
  8. "Ladies and gentlemen, the prosecution rests." Thanks Doc. I'm using your rebuttal because you're more brief. Tired of the Swoopes "is not D-1" as well. He was horrible last year. But, I believe he was ranked 40th out of 60 or something similar in Power 5 conferences. As bad as he was, there were roughly 20 D-1 QBs--in the Power 5 alone--that were worse. Regarding Randy's rant on "no one is concerned", Bruce Chambers and Les K say "hi". Watson, you're on notice. Strong doesn't care about the 59 yds against Arkansas, that's why we're keeping the same Pro-style offense. Oh wait... Watson:Norvell = Diaz:Robinson IMO
  9. meh, he got caught at the 1. jk. Looking forward to seeing his combo of speed and power.
  10. Thanks for bumping...I needed a refresher on Monarch-speak. Per my typical day, now I shall go peruse another thread.
  11. Well, Alabama was a heck of lot closer than Austin. He should have stayed there unless Saban was bringing Davis back anyway.
  12. Not good if true. He needed to man up this close after NSD. Why make the move from Alabama for one year?
  13. Charlie and Vance have to start today...can't wait. We still haven't hired the TE coach.
  14. Yeah, but relationships matter. The ones being built for 2016 as well. Maybe we upgrade, who knows.
  15. Are contracts still year-to-year? This one sucks and the reactions justifiable. PR nightmare.
  16. I think it depends on how many we take next year...whether we save the 2 from this year and what we get from attrition this/next year. Our rankings are a function of 29 signees. Regardless of how many we sign next year, we need to get the average rating up. I believe we were a little above 89 and Alabama near 93, which is unreal.
  17. Johnnie (Dad) said the same thing during an interview on the LHN (of course he's biased!). He said Strong is looking primarily at him as a RB. Can't wait to get his brother as well. I think 2015 looks the best we have been in a while (since 2005?) on RB talent.
  18. Excellent point. When other teams are not trying to hire your assistants (GDGD), then that could be a sign as well.

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