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  1. I wonder if we will ever know the extent of Saban/Sexton's real interest in TEXAS. . .


    Having said that and having read Bobby's comments on Jimbo. . .the #1 thing I like about him is the staff he'd bring including a return of Tim Brewster. . .


    Short term. ..he'd have a great shot at a repeat title but long term . .sorry FSU isn't TEXAS nor is it a Top 10 job (11-12? maybe) and Tallahassee isn't Austin. . .not to mention we can pay better than they can and by that I mean $10-$20 million more 1st contract alone. . .that is a great deal of coin. .

  2. We don't have a QB ...granted. ..couple of decent transfer prospects. .


    We are losing 3 of our top 5 OLs. . .and their backups haven't looked great . ..


    We have one of the best RB stables in the nation but do we have blockers . .we have a great WR corps. . .but do we have a QB who can get them the ball?


    We lose 2 great DEs but we do have depth there . ..our DTs look sound. . .our LBs??? not so sure ..


    While I have been branded a huge sunshine pumper . ..I don't see the playoffs with this hand. . .I can see a new HC adding to an already impressive 2015 recruiting class. .


    OTOH. . .if we are forced to play Heard (who today is the top QB on the 2014 depth chart). . .I can see us surprising some. . .but schedule is no cakewalk. . .UCLA early. .will be tough. . OU is better. . .OSU will be on the road. . .Baylor doesn't lose too much. . .those I see as our 4 toughest games today.. .with KSU at 5 (BYU loses a bunch and in Austin)

  3. Hopefully in that scenario Brewster is on staff in some capacity.


    Agreed. .is this my old friend uni? if so. Merry Christmas and haven't heard from you in a while. . .speaking of friends. . have you heard from DND in awhile? I cannot raise him . .hopefully he is OK.




    Does this mean Harbaugh is no longer an option (yes, I realize a long shot. . .one can dream). . .

  4. Oregon State not in the Top 30? They only lose 2 or 3 starters. ..UCLA will depend a good deal on whether Hundley jumps to the NFL. . .if he stays. . .they could be very good.


    Pac 12 has stepped solidly into the #2 conference which is not their history at all. ..traditionally they were a 2 horse conference. .2 good teams at the top then everyone else.


    TEXAS. . .don't really care who the HC is. . .no QB today ...have to replace 3 best OLs with no clear backups (a big disappointment to me was the lack of backup reps we saw)

  5. I have deleted my esecpn bookmark and started using cnnsi as my source for sports information simply because I am so sick of the bias. This 7 year run by the sec would not have been possible without their overt fellating of the sec.


    While I share the concern about ESPN. . . .the only year you can make a good argument someone else deserved to be there (really deserved) was OSU in 2011 which had a better SOS than Bama but a worse "loss".


    In those 7 years. . .the SEC has not only won but often won in DOMINATING fashion. (Bama ND Fla tOSU etc)


    But that is not to say such bias isn't a problem going forward.

  6. I think it's more about Mack's loyalty to the seniors and legacy players rather that actually putting the best players on the field and developing the players we recruit. I'm sure Conner Wood and Conner Brewer would have given us a better chance to beat Baylor if the time and effort was put into developing them instead of awarding the backup job to the McCoy family. Mack is loyal to a fault and has proven time and time again that he is unwilling to change in this regard.


    We need to hire a coach that will develop and install a system and recruit the players for that system. Mack has shown that he will flip flop depending on the players we recruit and that is why Texas doesn't have an identity.


    Not sure that old myth hasn't long been proven false.


    There isn't anyone on the bench I'd put in over the players out there. . . now I'd have used them differently (see Daje) Sanders and Marcus start at WR over John Harris. . .maybe Evans over Mikkele but both are juniors.


    Wood? he wasn't very good but Brewer left because an even younger player passed him on the depth chart. . .but I agree. . .letting him get away. . .letting GJ Kinne get away. . .those were misses.


    Evaluation and development has been Mack's Achilles heel. Too many topped out 4 and 5 stars. . .to many underwear champions. . .too few football players.

  7. One word summation: E-X-E-C-U-T-I-O-N




    First let's start with some accolades. . . beginning with. . .. Greg Robinson and his defense. . . .had you told me the D would only give up 23 . ..that only 3 would be scored in the 1st half . . .I'd have lost a great deal of money betting. But GR's unit executed. . .they largely shut down Baylor's O. . .yeah, I get it. .it was cold. ..same for both teams.


    Malcom Brown. . . .great effort young man. . .simply a great effort. . .you tried to put the team on your back. 25 carries 131 yards 5.2 per .. . outstanding . . . . OL. . pretty impressive yourselves . ..that includes Mr Swaim who has been a quiet but solid performer all year.


    Key stat of the game .. ...17-0. . . .that was the 3rd quarter scoring by Baylor. . . .TEXAS would go 3 and out, 3 and out and 4 and out in the 3rd. Too big a hill to climb for this offense. This is also the quarter where Baylor would put up more than half their passing yardage.


    TEXAS would open the 4th with a long TD drive to make the score 17-10. . .Baylor FG 20-10. . .still a ball game. . .and Baylor makes a HUGE mistake muffing a punt at the 3. . . .2 TEXAS players on top of it. . .ball rolls out of bounds.. .. .



    This was the story of the game. . . . TEXAS had it's chances. . . they blew it.. . they failed to execute .. . big punt return. . . .holding. . ..Baylor fumbles . ..Santos tries to pick it up instead of falling on the ball .. . . .muffed punt .. . 2 players right their . ..neither secures is at the 2.



    At the end of the day. . ..Baylor's players made plays. . .TEXAS players didn't. It was really pretty simple.


    Case is Case. . . .he played his heart out but it just wasn't enough and can we be honest. . .he's a back up QB at best. When our WRs were open, he misfired.. . ..2 of those (maybe 3) would have been TDs . . now not all on him. . ..3 of our WRs dropped passes we needed to extend drives. . .QBR rating 4. ..not sure I've ever seen a single digit QBR.


    But in all fairness. ..he did lead the team to the BigXII title game. . .so from that stand point. . .will always appreciate what he did to win games.. . .and he'll always be 27-25.


    Baylor. . . .Petty's really good. . .maybe the best QB in the BigXII. . . .but his WRs came up with tough catches for him.


    Again. . .difference in the game was E-X-E-C-U-T-I-O-N They had it, we didn't.


    Greg Robinson vs Art Briles? TEXAS won that coaching battle


    Phil Bennett vs Major Applewhite? TEXAS lost that one. ... . .Daje Johnson is your best weapon. ..you handed him the ball up the middle once . ..you ran 2 toss sweeps. . .and he logged another carry. . .that's it. . .your best weapon touched the ball 4 times. Keep in mind. . .we lost Joe Bergeron in the 2nd (1st?) to an ankle injury


    All season long the area inside the hash marks has been a toxic wasteland. . .really weird since Phil sold out to stop the run often going Zero coverage (no safety over the top). Do you know who our WRs are? Marcus Johnson. . .Kendall Sanders . .Jaxson shipley. . .Mike Davis. . .John Harris. ..not a smurf in the bunch . ..this creates a natural mismatch in our favor. .we failed to exploit said advantage. . . .nothing new. . .been that way all year.



    Some will hate this but had you told me pre-season we would not have Ash after game 2.. . I'd have told you 6-6/7-5 at best. . .playing for the BigXII title was some great coaching. . .of course a huge part of that was bringing in Greg Robinson who I firmly believe is the best DC of the Mack era. It is also a testament to our players who dug deep and didn't quit on each other. How much better would we have been if we'd have made the GR switch after last year? 10-2/9-3. . .we still lose OSU and Baylor... we still don't win the BigXII.


    Sadly this loss and the BigXII title slipping away is on the O. More specifically. . ..mistakes we've made at QB dating back to betting on Chiles over GJ Kinne. . .I have zero doubt Kinne could have replaced Colt in the Rose Bowl and won the title in 2009. . . .2008. . .no QB taken .. .I don't blame Mack for taking the #2 QB in the nation. . .I do blame him for having to play him as a true freshman. . .same with Ash. . same with Simms. . .fast forward to this spring. . .Swoopes over Brewer????


    Going forward. . .CFB is largely a QB driven game. . . .iced in. ..I watched football from 8 PM on Friday till past midnight. last night. .what did I see. . ..GOOD QB play from all the winning teams and most of the losing teams (sorry Case. . .you were easily the weakest link of the day)


    The future of the Longhorns is with a QB centric offense. . .at least is Major is still here. He and Harsin had some GREAT RBs and used them poorly. Bitch about GD all you wish. . .his RBs? Heisman's Doak Walker's


    Final Big XII standings


    #1 Baylor


    #2-#4 TEXAS OSU all with 2 conf losses. . .each beat crap out of each other


    #5 KSU


    #6 Texas Tech. . .largely only because they are going bowling.


    #7-#10 Kansas ISU . . .. .sucked




    National title prediction:


    FSU 41 Auburn 38


    Think it's a great game. ..just think FSU is a better team.

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