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  1. I wondered where he got off to. He has enjoyed great success with 2 post football careers and is now following his passion. Pass along my best wishes
  2. Yep, will be the big story, I'll wager it gets worked out and I'll wager he has to sit out TT but who knows.
  3. So you are mocking people like you???????
  4. View from the Cheap Seats-Mad Miners of UTEP Could not have scripted it better. In a year where we have been deprived of sports, spring football etc, the 2020 college football season is finally here and with it a degree, of a return to normalcy. Coach Tom clearly has done a good job getting the team ready for the opener and TEXAS dominated an outmatched UTEP team of mad minors (miners?) from start to finish. On a day when the BigXII teams SERIOUSLY stubbed their toes, TEXAS, OU and WVU represented well against each’s respective tomato cans. ISU Kansas and KSU all were all beaten, a couple soundly, while TT eeked out a victory of Houston Baptist.(insert WHO? Gif here) No offense but we didn’t realize HB had a team. But props to them for playing great. Tuna (HoF coach Bill Parcells) had an expression. . .”don’t eat the cheese”. ISU CLEARLY ate the cheese, they were not just beaten but soundly beaten by the ragin' cajuns. CTH has moved to 2-2 in TEXAS openers, hopefully the days of Maryland like performances are gone. We could be here all day listing positives in what amounted to a controlled scrimmage and we will try to focus on the positive. It was a record setting night before a crowd that an average spring game would put to shame. Let us start with the negatives and this will not take long. Since we have not read any other evals or notes on the game (so we remain completely unbiased), we can only hope the biggest negatives are not that big a deal which were injuries to Defensive Player of the Game Josh Thompson and wunderkind recruit Whittington. And for as well as Tarik Black played, disaster was averted when Cade Brewer stole a ball at the bottom of the pile after Black fumbled fighting for more yardage. We LOVE Black’s fight but TUCK THE BALL SON. Only other negative from our view was Dicker The Kicker missing his 1st FG attempt of 2020. Sorry, one more negative. Andre Ware might be the worst announcer in football. Good lord his voice is the Michael Franks (jazz singer who makes elevator music sound exciting) of color men. Soft, bland, no inflections. So enough with the negatives, let’s get to the really good stuff. One cannot ask for a better start to a season than scoring off the 1st play. A 76 yard slant to Joshua Moore back from having to sit out a year due to a violation of team rules. With Jake Smith sitting out due to a hamstring concern (100% the right call), someone needed to step up. Many questioned the wisdom of adding not one but 2 transfers at WR to what maybe the most talented room on the team. Tarik Black wearing number Zero (loved it) has brought leadership, direction and more than a bit of talent. He would finish the night our #2 WR behind Mr Moore’s TEXAS debut of 127 yards. Brende Schooler a former Oregon transfer to Arizona (to play with his brother) only to have the PAC cancel football so then to TEXAS only 2 weeks ago, finished as the #3 WR and showed some nice moves leading to his 40 yard TD. In all 7 different pass catchers would long 1 TD each from 2 different QBs. This is how you kick off a Heisman season. Sam the Man kicked off his senior season with the finest football of a half of any QB in TEXAS history. 24 of 32, 429 yards and 6 TDs to 6 different pass catchers. Those were his 1st HALF NUMBERS. 1st half!!!! We fear this will be a bit of a broken record this year and that’s fine. Casey Thompson came on in relief after 1 series in the 3rd for Sam and was very efficient. 4-7 for 55 yards and 2 TDs. And he had one drop. We would be remiss if we did not mention the running back by committee room. As the season wears on, we expect to see the Horns run the ball more. All of the backs looked good. There were 2 plays where Bjion showed how elusive he is and why there is so much hype. He caught a swing pass and made a defender completely miss. It seemed effortless. Then on a running play, he changed direction again, effortlessly and gained another 5 yards. No RB had 10 carries but the RB by committee looked good. The best “human interest” story of the night was put on by walk on Kai “Show me the. . “ Money, a dual threat QB out of Brownsville. He would close out Sam’s 1st half with a very nice reception for a 1st down then follow it up with a TD catch, his 1st at TEXAS. Though he was not alone, Tarik Black, Joshue Moore, Brende Schooler and Marc Washington would also log their 1st TD grabs while back up Casey Thompson threw for his 1st two TDs at TEXAS. Not to be outdone, we should not lose sight of the performance of the D. Under Chris Ash’s new defensive scheme, TEXAS would hold UTEP to 233 total yards, 3.2 per play and only 3 points. And true freshman Alfred Collins would record TEXAS’ 1st sack of the season, in a minor quibble, not till the 4th quarter. He did so blowing up a double team, this young man will be a PLAYA for us, he’s good. And one change we noticed from last year, the TEXAS D actually tackling. It is a welcome change Josh Thompson was having a spectacular night and added the lone turnover of the game, an INT to snuff out a potential UTEP drive. He would head to the locker room with an injury, we only hope he’s OK. We can combine our praise of the new COs into one paragraph, the new schemes looked great. Again, tempering our excitement. But players seem to be in positions to make plays and on defense, what a pleasure it was to only see 2-3 missed tackles instead of a dozen. TEXAS played fundamentally very sound which is impressive given the off season restrictions. We welcome our new CO's to the 40. Offensive player of the game: Duh, Sam the man. Suspect he wins 10 of these out of 12 games (BigXII title and playoff/bowl) Honorable mention: Joshua Moore, way to start your TEXAS career, 76 yard slant for a TD on our 1st play of the season Defensive player of the game Josh Thompson, INT pass break up, generally all over the field till he left with injury HM: Joseph Ossai, lead team in tackles and half a TFL Stats that matter 7 7 different pass catchers caught 7 TD passes 7-8 8 1st half drives lead to 6 TDs a FG and a missed FG 6 In a great sight to see, Sam was only #6 in total rushing for TEXAS, we like him not getting beat up 8 Ash’s D held UTEP to 8 drives (12 total) of 5 plays or less. Conclusion Outside of 2 injuries, game could not have gone better if it were scripted. Before anyone gets too excited, it was a controlled scrimmage for all practical purposes against a tomato can. But you can only play who’s on the schedule and it could not have gone better. Sam off to a Heisman worthy season with a record 1st half and Casey Thompson showed 2 things, not yet Mr Card and if Sam gets hurt, we have a solid back up in 2020. It was good to see TEXAS allow him to run the offense, suspect it pays dividends down the road. TEXAS now has a week off before it faces Texas Tech. Prediction No one seemed to care about the eyes, but there were not many fans so end of the day, one of the great traditions in college football is gone. At least till next year. We suspect that next year, the players and fans miss it and it returns. Already beyond sick of ESPN trying to jam this SJW shit down our throats. Call me when someone starts backing solutions and ways to make ALL AMERICAN LIVES BETTER. Otherwise STFU Ranking the BigXII Tier I TEXAS, we know Sam can produce in a big game. OU beat up their Football Championship (FCS) tomato can Tier II WVU Beat up their tomato can OSU No game Tier III Baylor TCU Both in the same boat, didn’t play anyone so they couldn’t get embarrassed. Tier IV TT eecked out a win over Houston Baptist????? Well they won which is more than we can say for . .. ISU caught eating the cheese, early favorite for most over rated in the conference KSU you lost to Arkansas State Kansas Coastal Carolina, seriously???? By 2 touchdowns no less Fighting Mack Brown’s Nice win over Syracuse. Way too early playoff projections #1 Clemson #2 Bama #3 Georgia #4 TEXAS
  5. So you should know better than bringing up politics and talking shit.
  6. 220 views and no one has a comment????? Can a brother get some love.
  7. He doesn't understand we don't do politics here. But careful, he triggers easily.
  8. Well there goes the furking neighborhood. . . Just jacking with one of the posters who doesn't take this shit too seriously. Welcome to the crew, this board keeps getting better
  9. View from the Cheap Seats-2020 Pre-season Covid SUCKS If there has ever been a better time for the line “what a long strange trip it’s been”, it would be 2020. As one of our loyal followers’, sig pic shows, a guy taking out the trash labeled 2020. All is not lost though, as this is being typed, the sounds of Saturday afternoon football on TV fill the room. The morning air was finally cool, almost the smell of fall. A strong sense of “as close to normalcy as possible” returns as we are a week away from kickoff. The Pac and B1G have put their little girl panties on and screamed “run away run away”, the SEC is only playing Conference games while the BigXII has allowed one out of conference game so we get to see the Mad Miners from Texas @ El Paso (UTEP) as our tune up/controlled scrimmage. Sadly we will not get a shot at defending National Champs LSU, a great matchup and trip ruined by COVID. So enough whining about crap we can’t control, let’s talk . . . .. . LONGHORN FOOTBALL. . . THE SEASON IS HERE. For better or worse, Coach Tom Herman (CTH) is here for AT LEAST 3 more seasons, 2020, 2021 and 2022. Odds are even 2023 barring a CFS level meltdown, as that is how long he’ll be here thanks to his ill thought out extension given 2 years ago. And frankly, not ever sure who the “next” guy would be anyway. Now don’t get me wrong, I loved the CTH hire, I am cheering for him to show he can coach at the very highest levels, to move past Mack Brown into 2nd place among TEXAS head coaches. Dare I say it, to surpass DKR as our #1 HC????? The regulars of the Cheap Seats may have noticed a pattern especially in the Pre Season Addition, a serious concern and discussion about the coaching challenges facing CTH in the coming season. So what Is CTH’s coaching challenge for 2020? Easy, pretty much he is expected win to the conference. This season cannot be deemed SUCCESSFUL without the conference title. The biggest challenge to that? One of CTH’s biggest problems dating back to his Cougar High days is that he averages 2 losses per year to an unranked team he out talents. He has not shown he can have the team ready to play week after week. They once featured Mack (during the 2008 season) talking about the difficulty of getting a team ready to play week in and week out. Mack went to all the coaches on campus as well as his coaching buddies. Specific examples of CTH’s losses in stats that matter. And 2020 see CTH and TEXAS stepping on the field out talenting EVERYBODY. OU might be close, but while they might be “ close”, this year the superior talent is on the TEXAS side of the field. The ONLY measure of success for the TEXAS Longhorns this year is winning “the whole damn thing” to quote Major League. Anything short of a conference title. . . .you can spin some measure of positive but this is the year to get over the hump. Otherwise, it’s simply another year of watching someone else boof the prom queen. Face it, outside of the 60’s with DKR and that 9 year run of Mack Brown’s, CTH has yet to show in 3 years he is DA MAN. The eternal optimist in us recalls that Mack needed to change DCs to get over the hump and Greg Robinson did that in spades. Can CTH finally hiring a D 1 staff be the catalyst for change as we finish the last year of the decade (decades start with year 1 and finish with year Zero, you don’t count to ten starting at zero. . . sorry pet peeve)? So like the 1st glorious decade of the 21st century, will the changes CTH made lead us to glory in the Roaring 20’s? We think/hope so.. Make no mistake, 2020 is a “no excuses” kinda season. Senior QB who is a Heisman candidate, a strong stable of running backs, young but VERY talented WRs on the offensive side. 2019 marked the best TEXAS offense we have seen since 2009 but for 10 years now, we have not seen a TEXAS offense finish in the Top 20. During the Greg Davis years (save for 2010), we never saw a TEXAS offense finished outside the Top 20, usually finishing in the Top 10. 2019’s O finished #25. If the offense can simply hold serve and again, if the Utah game is any indication at all, our D looks to put incredibly talented players in a position to make plays and win games. That is what great coaches do, they build schemes that put players in the best position to succeed. Truth be told, the Cheaps Seats thinks the offense will be better than 2020. Now why are we so bullish on 2020 being different? Biggest reason was the Horns’ performance in the Alamo Bowl. Utah was an interesting opponent; we played a team at or maybe even above our level of talent. A well-coached (well until the 2nd half anyway) talented team trying to show their Oregon loss (which cost them a playoff spot) was a fluke. CTH said when he arrived on the 40 was that one of his goals was for TEXAS to always be the most physical team on the field. Against Utah, not unlike the Georgia game, TEXAS dominated both sides of the ball. More importantly, TEXAS consistently kept Utah off balance with both offensive and defensive play calling. CTH called the offense while unchained from whatever scheme Coach Todd offered, the TEXAS’ D was unleashed. The defensive line was disruptive, tackled well and stymied a stout Utah O. Joseph Ossai was a one man wrecking crew, where was that all season. We see this type of game plan from the Horns week over week, there is no reason TEXAS does not achieve all it’s goals in 2020. The challenge is that spring training was pretty much lost as new coordinators on both sides of the ball installed their new systems largely via zoom meetings. How fast can the Horns adapt and embrace the new schemes? They seem to have adapted pretty quickly to new coaches for the Alamo bowl, only now I wish our new COs had been on the sidelines. Sam’s Legacy Another issue to be decided in 2020 is where does Sam fit in terms of “best QBs at TEXAS”? The General consensus for the Top 5 is: Vince Young Colt McCoy Bobby Layne James Street James Brown or Marty Akins (Akins was an All American afterall) All of them have won the conference. While there will be no question Sam finishes statistically #1 or #2 on pretty much every category where he will be remembered in terms of being Top 5 QB on the 40 is where or not he wins a title. The one caveat for Sam without a title is being the 1st TEXAS QB to bring home the Heisman. That would vault him in the Cheap Seats top 5. Since we think he wins the title, the question then becomes, who does he remove from the list? Biggest loss from 2019 Devin Duvernay Mr 3rd down, Mr Tough Guy. Cannot confirm the stat but believe he lead the nation in receptions for 3rd downs. A disgrace he was not a Biletnikoff finalist. Wish the young man all the success in the NFL. We have oodles of talent at WR including Grad transfer Tarik Black who has been a blessing to a young WR crew. What we do not have today is a “go to, 3rd down WR”. Early projection to take over that role is Jake Smith who takes his 1st real steps to stardom in 2020. He was up and down in 2019 but flashed his talent. We’ve always said you learn more from failures than success, we think Mr Smith ARRIVES. By no means sleep on the talent around him either. Break out star of 2020 Joseph Ossai who’s break out started 6 hours short of 2020 (Alamo Bowl was played on New Year’s Eve). Young man follows up on his Utah performance and he likely pushes himself to a Day 1 NFL slot. Teams LOVE an athletic, explosive pass rusher. And FINALLY he’ll be playing in a scheme that fits him. For the 3rd time in the past 4 years, we predict Ossai is at least the BigXII D Linemen of the year if not D Player of the year. Under the radar Offensive Star The TE position. Oh, did you forget we use a TE at TEXAS? Under the radar Defensive Star Chris Adimora. Yes the D backfield is crowded but he simply makes plays when he’s on the field. Stats that matter: 1-2 TCU 1-2 Okie Lite 1-3 OU 0-2 Maryland That is why we have two new CO’s. It’s not the jimmies and joes, we proved that in the Alamo Bowl, the X’s and O’s really matter Prediction time: Cheap Seats is calling for a 10-1 season (loss to Okie Lite) Win the BigXII, we are exposed in the 1st round of the playoffs (sorry, just don’t think we can match up well with Clemson or Bama). BigXII title and a playoff berth = VERY SUCCESSFUL season and most likely puts the icing on a very nice recruiting cake. Ranking the BigXII Coaches: #1 sucks to type, Lincoln Riley in a class by himself Tier II guys #2 Mike Gundy, he owns CTH so far #3 Gary Patterson, he owns CTH without any real talent #4 Tom Herman Tier III guys #5 Matt Campbell ISU another does more with less guy #6 Chris Klieman KSU, question is can he get players to KSU Tier IV guys (couple are brand new) #7 Neal Brown WVU, guy who maybe moving on up if he lands some talent #8 Less Miles Kansas Played TEXAS tough, rings from LSU but can he get KU to a bowl? Are we even going to have bowls? #9 Matt Wells TT #10 Dave Aranda Baylor Suspect he will not be at the bottom long but he has no HC experience. He was an outstanding DC. Will re rank at the end of the year, will be interesting to see the changes Way to early playoff predictions #1 Clemson #2 Bama #3 Georgia #4 TEXAS
  10. TEXAS #14 Okie Lite #15 Fighting Mack Brown's #18 Agrioids at #13 (WTF????) https://collegefootballnews.com/lists/ap-top-25-preseason-college-football-poll-rankings-2020 TEXAS and blow U picked in a tie for 1st in teh conference. https://collegefootballnews.com/lists/big-12-college-football-preview-2020 5. College Football News Preview 2020: Texas Longhorns Offense 3 Things To Know – The 8-5 season might not have been as good as it should’ve been record-wise, but the offense was more explosive in 2019 after a good 2018. The Longhorns finished 14th in the nation in total offense, second in scoring offense, and the overall attack was generally strong, but it needed to do more. Texas was 7-1 when scoring more than 27 points, and 1-4 when it scored that many or fewer. Almost everyone is back on offense outside of the top two targets, Devin Duvernay and Collin Johnson. Losing Duvernay is the killer – he caught 106 passes, Johnson was second with 38 – but the rest of the parts were really young and are really talented. Junior Brennan Eagles and sophomore Jake Smith each caught six touchdown passes. In all, six of the key parts coming back were underclassmen for the nation’s 20th-best passing offense. And they have the quarterback to make them all shine. CFN in 60 Video: Texas Longhorns Preview Volume 0% Hide video – Sam Ehlinger would’ve been a mid-round draft pick, but the star quarterback returns after throwing all 32 of the team’s touchdown passes in what should be a more efficient and dangerous attack. He’s the veteran Face of the Franchise who threw for 3,663 yards, but the team needs to get the backups some more work. Ehlinger is a pounding of a runner – he takes a whole lot of big shots. 6-1, 190-pound sophomore Casey Thompson completed 8-of-12 passes for 84 yards and ran for a score, but star recruit Hudson Card is going to push hard for the No. 2 gig. – Is Bijan Robinson ready to be the main man for the running game? The five-star talent out of Arizona spurned all of the other big schools and left Pac-12 country for the Longhorns. The 6-1, 205-pounder can catch, has wonderful vision and balance, and he has the game-changing ability to get the ball and the work right out of the box. However, Texas already has good backs in place. 6-0, 235-pound junior Keaontay Ingram is a big back with nice hands, leading the team with 853 yards and seven scores, and catching 29 passes for 242 yards and three scores. He’s still going to be the No. 1 back, even if Robinson is thrown into the rotation early on. 6-2, 215-pound sophomore Roschon Johnson was third on the team with 649 yards and seven scores, averaging over five yards per carry. Now the offensive line has to do a bit more. Samuel Cosmi is one of the nation’s best left tackles – he has top ten overall NFL draft pick potential – and the rest of the line has to fill in around him. Derek Kerstetter can work at guard or center, senior Denzel Okafor should work at right tackle, and there are just enough decent options to fill in the spots. This group will power away for the ground game, but the pass protection has to be a whole lot stronger 4. College Football News Preview 2020: Texas Longhorns Defense 3 Things To Know – The defense STILL isn’t fixed. For all of the complaints and screams about how the D couldn’t tackle under Charlie Strong, it’s not like things have been a whole lot better under Tom Herman. Enter Chris Ash, the former Rutgers head coach who in a previous life was a whale of a defensive coordinator for Wisconsin and Ohio State. Now he takes over a defense that was 97th in the nation, allowing 437 yards per game and got ripped apart by most decent passing games. How bad have things been for the Texas defense? It allowed 4,753 yards in 2017 – Herman’s first year. It gave up 5,499 in 2018, and 5,609 last year. Worse yet, it allowed 5.19 yards per play in 2017, and 6.11 last season. – Injuries were a thing – but that’s been part of the equation for several years – and poor tackling has been a problem. The biggest issue? The Big 12 went Big 12, even in a bit of a down year, and LSU was on the schedule. However, giving up 569 yards to Kansas was very much not okay. It all starts in a secondary that loses safety Brandon Jones but returns a whole lot of guys who had a whole lot of stars next to their recruiting profiles. Caden Sterns is a terrific baller who gets in on just about everything – he misses four games and still finished third on the team in tackles – but it’s up to the corners to start coming up with more picks and more stops. More on that in the Key Player To The Season section. – The pass rush was fine, but it could do a whole lot more. Gone is Malcolm Roach from one of the ends, but Keondre Coburn is a massive tackle to work around, and Ta’Quon Graham is an NFL-sized interior pass rusher. More flash from the outside would be nice – Graham was second on the team with just 3.5 sacks. LB Joseph Ossai led the way with a mere five sacks, but he more than did his part. He bulked up, and it would be a huge plus if he turned into even more of a game-changer. Juwan Mitchell is back at his spot in the middle, and Ash will play around with the rest of the rotation, starting with 6-4, 215-pound junior DeMarvion Overshown on the outside. College Football News Preview 2020: Top Texas Longhorns Players Best Texas Longhorns Offensive Player QB Sam Ehlinger, Sr. Okay, okay, Sam Cosmi is actually the most talented and best player on the team – at least that’s what the NFL types are going to think come draft time – but Ehlinger is the heart-and-soul leader who has been through the wars and has been even better than he gets credit for. No, he hasn’t won a Big 12 Championship, and no, he hasn’t led the team to the College Football Playoff, but with 8,870 yards and 68 touchdowns with 22 picks – to go along with 1,525 rushing yards and 25 scores – has has been terrific. The 6-3, 230-pounder has the NFL size, arm, and toughness, and he should be in for another superstar statistical season again. 2. OT Sam Cosmi, Jr. 3. RB Bijan Robinson, Fr. 4. RB Keaontay Ingram, Jr. 5. WR Brennan Eagles, Jr. GALLERY College Football Attendance 5-Year Average For Every School view 131 images Best Texas Longhorns Defensive Player LB Joseph Ossai, Jr. The 6-4, 255-pounder had a nice first season with 20 tackles, and then last year it all came together with a team-high 90 stops with five sacks, 13.5 tackles for loss, and two picks. An all-star in the classroom and soon to be one on the field – at least, more than just receiving honorable mention recognition – he bulked up, should be even more dangerous at getting into the backfield, and he might just grow into even more of a hybrid pass rusher on the outside when he gets his chances. He’s a disruptive force. 2. S Caden Sterns, Jr. 3. DT Ta’Quon Graham, Sr. 4. CB D’Shawn Jamison, Jr. 5. LB Juwan Mitchell, Jr. Biggest Key To The Texas Longhorns Offense Dominate with the running game. Texas has the ability, the quarterback, and the receivers to throw with just about anyone, but the machine works better when the offensive line is battering away with the ground attack. The more the leaky Texas defense is off the field, the better. It wasn’t all about the ground attack last year, but it was a massive factor. The Longhorns ran for fewer than 150 yards four times – they lost all four games. The offense averaged 177 rushing yards per game last year – just keep doing that. Under Tom Herman, Texas is 18-2 when running for 160 yards or more, is 15-1 when running for 170 yards or more, and over the last three seasons it’s 9-0 when running for 200 yards or more. Biggest Key To The Texas Longhorns Defense Stop teams from bombing away so easily. It’s one thing to get hit by Joe Burrow and the epic 2019 LSU team for 471 yards and four scores, but Carter Stanley of Kansas threw for 310 yards and four touchdowns. West Virginia threw for over 275 yards just three times last season, and it hit Texas for 367 and three scores. On the year, Texas gave up 250 yards or more nine times and over 300 yards or more six times. Worse yet, the 7.9 yards per pass allowed were the most since 2012. To keep reiterating this, it’s the Big 12, and giving up big passing yards is the cost of doing business, but this is supposed to be one of those teams in the league with a defense. It all ties in together – lots of passing yards, not enough third down stops, more stress on an offense and a team that usually lost when it couldn’t score 40 points. And that means … Key Texas Longhorns Player To A Successful Season CB Jalen Green, Jr. Or junior D’Shawn Jamison, or sophomore Kenyatta Watson, or any of the corner options who might be able to do something, anything, to slow down a passing attack. Texas finished 127th in the nation in pass defense, allowing 3,803 yards and 28 touchdowns. The interceptions weren’t there over the second half of the year, picking off just two passes in the final seven games. The 6-1, 195-pound Green was banged up for part of last year, but he still made 30 tackles with five broken up passes. He was a big recruit who has been okay. The woeful pass D needs him to be fantastic. Key Game To The Texas Longhorns Season at Oklahoma State, Oct. 31 Of course the Oklahoma game on October 10th is the one everyone wants, but watch out – the Oklahoma State game a few weeks later might be even more dangerous. The Oklahoma game is in Dallas – as always. The Oklahoma State game is on the road. The Longhorns won 36-30 last season in Austin, but before that they dropped four straight in the series with the last win in 2014. This is a loaded Cowboy team, and this could be the game that decides who goes to the Big 12 Championship.
  11. If Bijion is what we think he is, KI likely never gets enough carries. He's a very good BigXII starter but I don't see him as a difference making player.
  12. Sucks but not a surprise. Assuming we have a season, CTH better get it together and win the conference. We are at the zero excuses point.
  13. They are changing it to Foreskins right? Or am I jumping the gun. Moral of this story, I'd have been screwed if I had any $$$$$$. 15 women accuse former Redskins employees of sexual harassment and verbal abuse More than a dozen women allege sexual harassment and verbal abuse by former team employees at Redskins Park A few months after Emily Applegate started working for the Washington Redskins in 2014, she settled into a daily routine: She would meet a female co-worker in the bathroom during their lunch breaks, she said, to commiserate and cry about the frequent sexual harassment and verbal abuse they endured. They cried about the former chief operating officer’s expletive-laced tirades, Applegate said, when she recalled him calling her “f-----g stupid” and then requesting she wear a tight dress for a meeting with clients, “so the men in the room have something to look at.” They cried about a wealthy suiteholder who grabbed her friend’s backside during a game, Applegate said, and the indifference the team’s top sales executive displayed when she complained. But most of all, Applegate said, they cried about the realization their dream job of working in the NFL came with what they characterized as relentless sexual harassment and verbal abuse that was ignored — and in some cases, condoned — by top team executives. Applegate is one of 15 former female Redskins employees who told The Washington Post they were sexually harassed during their time at the club. The other 14 women spoke on the condition of anonymity citing a fear of litigation, as some signed nondisclosure agreements with the team that threaten legal retribution if they speak negatively about the club. The team declined a request from The Post to release former female employees from these agreements so they could speak on the record without fear of legal reprisal. This story involved interviews with more than 40 current and former employees and a review of text messages and internal company documents. Team owner Daniel Snyder declined several requests for an interview. Over the past week, as The Post presented detailed allegations and findings to the club, three team employees accused of improper behavior abruptly departed, including Larry Michael, the club’s longtime radio voice, and Alex Santos, the team’s director of pro personnel. In a statement, the team said it had hired D.C. attorney Beth Wilkinson and her firm, Wilkinson Walsh, “to conduct a thorough independent review of this entire matter and help the team set new employee standards for the future.”
  14. Joseph Ossai and Caden Sterns both were named to the Chuck Bednarik Award Watch list. The Bednarik Award is given annually to the most outstanding defensive player in college football.
  15. I am friends with the CEO of the North Texas Food Bank. . .great organization making a REAL difference in the communities of North Texas. https://www.bloggingtheboys.com/2020/7/12/21321022/dallas-cowboys-rb-ezekiel-elliott-is-helping-to-feed-more-than-400000-families-this-summer Dallas Cowboys star RB (and sometime knucklehead) doing something to make a difference. He's actually been involved with NTFB for sometime and this is an annual donation as I understand it. Doubling down on his famous "feed me" move Way to go Zeke. .
  16. In an effort to keep the football content alive... . .here's the news that's fit to print. 3. Sam Ehlinger, Texas (Sr.) Sam Ehlinger worked his way into a starting role at Texas as a true freshman in 2017 and hasn’t looked back. Tom Herman gave him the keys to the UT offense as the program has tried to move back up the college football pecking order, and Ehlinger has led the Longhorns to three straight winning seasons and three bowl wins. In the process, Ehlinger has thrown for 8,870 yards, 68 touchdowns and 22 interceptions while showing his proficiency in a downhill running attack to the tune of 1,526 yards and 25 scores. The Sugar Bowl victory over Georgia was the high point so far, but Ehlinger wants to lead Texas to a Big 12 title as a senior. https://sports.yahoo.com/college-footballs-top-25-quarterbacks-entering-the-2020-season-150003760.html Mack's boy Sam Howell (true soph) is #4. . ..way to go Mack Brock Purdy #8 Shane Buchelle #12
  17. Hope everyone has a happy and safe one. As a military brat, 4th of July held a special significance though truth be told, it's was all about grilled hot dogs and fireworks for years for me. As I have grown older, the amazing vision of our Founding Fathers has become clearer and our nations impact on the world, truly amazing. The Great Experiment As we get ready to celebrate the 4th of July, our nation faces her greatest internal challenge since World War II. This time we are at war with an invisible virus as well as facing civil unrest not seen since the Viet Nam war era. What better time to reflect on the impact of the actions of men, 244 years ago with a vision which would radically change the world. Let us begin by thinking about who these men were, men we know and revere today as the Founding Fathers. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton John Jay and James Monroe just to name a few. Many of these men were landed men of significant wealth who risked their lives, their fortunes and their families lives (oh yes, the Brits would hang their families as well. They chained one church closed with several score of men women and children inside and burn it to the ground) for an obscure notion that men were "endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights". The idea that men should not be governed by dictators, kings and tyrants but that the people should govern themselves. Keeping in mind that in 1776, this idea had NEVER been attempted, outside of the very small Greek City/States in the over 6 millennia we consider the history of "mankind". Today many in our nation take the risks and vision of our Founding Fathers for granted. Sadly too many citizens seem to lack a sense of "skin in the game", rather their rights are mere birthright entitlements. Worse, they try to hold the Founding Fathers accountable for actions 244 years ago, based on modern day standards.. The reality is we have enjoyed 244 years of progress, of building upon that vision to create the freest nation today, the world has ever known. We are truly the shining city on the hill but the job is not done. Nor do I hope we ever stop striving to be a better version of oursleves. And we have no problem candidly stating the Founding Fathers did not get it 100% right out of the box, but then no organization ever does. We did not get it right out of the gates for women, slaves, Asians who would be brought to America for work on the railroads and in port cities, certainly not for our Native Americans, for the Irish, the Italians etc etc. We took in the huddled masses, we did not always treat them well but with each generation that came, we saw the individuals grow or fail, thrive, build and stamp their own culture and flair on the melting pot known as America. For some perspective, starting in 1776 and going forward over the next 100 years, we see a world where less than 5% of the population would live in self governance:: By 1875 Less than 5% of the world would enjoy self rule By 1918 (the end of World War I) 20% of the world would enjoy self rule By 1940, just before the start of World War II, that number would fall to less than 15% By 1949, just after World War II, the number of nations enjoying self rule spikes to over 35% By 1988, Reagan demanded the USSR "Tear down this wall" and the cold war was won/ended, the world reached it's highest point of self rule with just over 40% of the world. It is interesting that each jump worldwide freedom and self governance and followed America taking the lead in stopping powers bent on forcing people to live under tyrants, dictators and powers that would oppress them. These are battles paid for with the lives of American citizens and the resources of our great land. In almost 2 and a half centuries we still see less than half the world enjoying the freedoms that our Founding Fathers envisioned, that Americans fought for and spread across the globe. . And we built this nation around the concepts of individual rights and capitalism. These two critical to America's success. But we go way beyond America's success. By exporting capitalism around the world, even in totalitarian nations like China, we have seen something else happen. Per the UN, in 1800 more than 60% of the world lived in "extreme poverty". Today that number has fallen to less than 20%. What has driven the fall? Simple, capitalism. How have we spread this? Largely based on the 3 most significant military conflicts of the last 100 years, World War I, World War II and the fight for global dominance vs the forces of Communism referred to as the Cold War. The US stood with her allies against the forces of tyranny and oppression and won each time. The by product, more nations adopting some form of self rule and with it, the opportunity capitalism brings for individuals to grow and create their own opportunities. For 244 years, we have struggled and fought and with each passing year our nation has grown better. We have found solutions, we have banded together. You see the VERY best of us in crisis. The way we rallied around New York CIty after 9/11, the outpouring of support when New Orleans and Houston were hit with hurricanes and floods or the Northeast when Sandy hit. When northern California was ravaged by fire, cities from across the nation sent crews to help. They called them the Cajun Navy when thousands of fishermen descended upon Houston with their flat bottom boats with one thought in their hearts, help fellow Americans. They did not ask about race or creed, they simply rushed to help without orders or even requests. This is America at her best when we step up to try and fix problems. We are at our worst when we try to tear things down. Remember the incredible vision of our Founding Fathers as we watch fireworks explode. Remember the sacrifices of our men and women who answered the call to serve our nation. Be they in the military, be they our law enforcement officers and firemen who without thought to their own safety, walk into harm's way to bring aid. And we remember another too often over looked group, those healthcare workers trying to heal the wounds and the ills that threaten us today. Forgive me for my unabashed and unashamedly cheerleading of our Shining City on the Hill. As I get older and reflect on travels across the world, to visits in 3rd world nations where people no longer live under the yoke of tyranny, I am forever thankful that our Founding Fathers risked everything, their lives their families and their fortune to embark on what we now call "The Great Experiment"
  18. PFF at it again. Clearly they hate the Dak haters and will say anything to draw them out. Damn facts. https://insidethestar.com/pff-grades-dak-prescott-as-the-5th-best-qb-against-2019-playoff-teams/ One of the main points detractors of Prescott like to bring up is that the Cowboys performed poorly against playoff teams in 2019. Sure his numbers look good, but Prescott was a “stat padder” during blowout wins against bad teams. Not only do the raw numbers show this isn’t true, but Pro Football Focus’ player grades dispute this point as well. PFF released their top five highest graded quarterbacks against playoff teams in 2019, with Prescott ranking fifth best in the league. The only players above him were Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson, Ryan Tannehill, and Patrick Mahomes. Outside of Tannehill, who became an advanced stats darling last season, these are some of the most consistently recognized top quarterbacks in the league. The exact kind of company Prescott has placed himself with year after year. Sorry, do not have a direct link to the PFF article. PS, Another question came up.. .. if you knew CeeDee would fall to Da Boys, would you have signed Cooper? I lean yes and Coop's contract is really only a 3 year deal if Coop does not perform. In fact Dallas can bail on all their big contracts in 3-4 years. Which means Dallas controls it's top players in their prime and can re-tool in 3-4 years.
  19. Going to enjoy some Blulleit after dinner, I drank all my white label TX. Sampled a new one last year, Jefferson's Ocean. very small batch from Virginia. They put the casks in cargo ships and let them travel around the world. The motion of the ocean sloshes the bourbon around and really helps pull the taste of the oak cask. Good stuff
  20. We remain the Shining city on the hill. The last true beacon of freedom for the world.

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