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  1. Actually GG had a great game .. . I've never understood the hate some have for guys wearing burnt orange. . . . . Dallas' D finally came to play and Da Boys came within a nano of knocking off the Steelers. Worked out perfect for me as Da Boys went backward this year and for me, all about the draft picks.
  2. I actually have no idea. I am assuming some form of a spread since Oregon has been running a variation for years. Will see if I can dvr a game and check it out.
  3. Absolutely true. And I agree, Sam appears playing hurt and it shows. One misfire would have been an easy TD. On one series, we went bombs away, 3 straight plays, one throw off the mark, 2 which shoulda/coulda been caught. . . .not sure I like playing behind the chains or the 6 punts on 11 drives all 6 plays or less.
  4. After Urban there is no coach who is remotely close to a sure thing. While his resume is thin, the one name who seems to check most of the boxes is Mario Christobal from Oregon. He is a top flight recruiter, he's a former OL which might be our 2 biggest needs. But as I said, everybody but Urban is a gamble and I fear the 2021 class will be a shadow of what we once thought it would be.
  5. Couple of things 2 weeks in a row now, Chris Ash's charges have shut down a Top 10 running back. While OSU is a better passing team, WVU simply could not generate enough offense through the air. The play in the end zone had been called the same way all afternoon so props to the officials for not changing the "strike zone" as the game went on. Sam was screwed by WRs who simply were unable to catch contested balls. WVU's WRs did much better. We have no creativity in our play calling, I miss the Utah game plan of mis-direction etc.
  6. View from the Cheap Seats-WVU TEXAS wins another close one TEXAS football wakes up on Sunday morning with their #1 pre-season goal firmly within their grasp and a bye week to prep for their final 3 games. Win out TEXAS wins the conference. Pretty simple. Does not matter what anyone else does. Winning the conference is what we said will define success for the season in our pre-season edition. Make not mistake, this has been an ugly season, even in the games TEXAS has won. they have won ugly and needed 4th quarter/overtime heroics to win. And none of the wins (save the UTEP scrimmage) have seen TEXAS play a complete game. Was shocked to hear that WVU was 4-1 at DKR. . .well now they are 4-2 coming off the worst offensive performance of the year by TEXAS but easily the best defensive performance. Make no mistake, winning ugly is better than losing pretty. Many fear that by winning the conference, Coach Tom keeps his job for another year and we are going to offer an interesting consideration below. Some claim change is coming regardless. Not sure if this is based on “inside information” few have or simply hope. The Cheap Seats has seen enough, not unlike Shaka, we do not believe CTH is the answer and if he is retained, 2021 recruiting will take an even bigger hit. We are not sure the answer to CTH's future is clear nor do we believe CDC or President Haskell have completely decided. Regardless, that call is well above our pay grade so let examine what we are semi-qualified to discuss, the game on the field. It is near impossible to watch a TEXAS game and not pull for victory, even when positive results risk negative long term consequences. This was by far, the worst offensive game since Baylor (10 points) last year. OTOH, best defensive performance over all since the Alamo Bowl victory over Utah. Coach Ash has sold out the last two weeks to shut down very good run games and has been successful. Two weeks in a row now TEXAS has faced a Top 10 ranked RB. Two weeks in a row, those RBs have been knocked not only out of the Top 10, but out of the Top 20. Now the much more balanced OSU was able to do damage through the air but WVU simply did not have the passing attack to put enough points on the board ala Okie Lite as Coach Ash’s charges held them to less than 2 ypc after holding OSU to 3 ypc. Three times WVU went for it on 4th down. 3 times they were denied including BJ Foster’s biggest play of the year when he knocked a TD completion from the hands of the WVU TD in the end zone. Two of those 4th down attempts were chip shot FGs so you have to wonder in a 4 point game if Neal Brown is doing some 2nd guessing/woulda/shoulda/coulda this AM. And props to WVU. Even though they were significantly out-talented, they hung tough. Amazing how well a team can play above it’s weight class when you do the basics like tackling well and winning contested catches, on both offense and defense. As well as the D played, outside of Bijion “Break out game” Robinson, our offense was pretty weak. Sam was once again the 2nd best QB on the field. Let’s start with the positive. Bijion showed us why he was so highly touted registering his 1st 100 yard game. Half of which come on a 54 yard run. Still, the TEXAS running game relies very heavily on Sam the Man’s legs. And good news, no turnovers by the O. Very short list of offensive positives. One of the reasons Sam’s stats were so poor and the game so close, our WRs simply do not make contested catches. It is clear that Sam misses the efforts of Lil Jordan Humprey and Devin “Mr 3rd down” Duvernay, guys who won far more contested catches than they lost. Joshua Moore has been that guy this year but he was injured in the game and it’s clear teams scheme to take him away and dare the rest of our WRs to beat them. While BiJion had a good day, our rush game is sporadic at best. We wonder where the Utah game plan has been, lots of mis-direction to force D’s to play honest. Not sure the last time we saw Sam roll right and throw back to a TE or RB left. Where is Sam on the bootleg with the option to run or pass? We ran a great mesh route (WRs from opposite sides crossing to the other side of the field) early. . .worked so well we never went back to it. And what is the fascination with “bombs away” calls on 1st down? Sam has been hurt and has been less than accurate on those throws. When it is accurate, our WRs do not fight for the ball/win the contested challenge. Too many drives start with TEXAS behind the chains. Was very impressed with the way WVU’s WRs were more likely to bring down a contested ball. Why can’t TEXAS be a tad more creative? Special shout out to Ryan Bujcuvski, 6 punts, 43 ypp average but more importantly, pinning WVU 3 times inside the 20, twice inside the 3. Hopefully he will heal quickly in our bye week. End of the day, TEXAS won, ugly but it’s still HELLO win column. Crazy prediction of the weekend As we watched the game, an idea took hold. What is to stop Sam from coming back in 2021? Kid loves TEXAS, this year has done nothing but hurt his draft stock. Clearly he’s not 100% this year. He started this year on the Heisman watch list and really has not had a week where he has truly shown what he can do. Cheap Seats doesn’t think it’s as far fetched as many might think. Oh and what he would do to the record books with a bonus/COVID season. Offensive player of the Game BiJion Robinson 12 carries 114 yards. 9.4 ypc. Even without the 54 yard carry he was still well over 5 ypc. Well done young man and we LOVED the spin moves Defensive player of the game Demarvion Overshawn 8 tackles, 2 tackles for loss and a sack. Well done Stats that matter 8 of 17. TEXAS on 3rd down conversions, barely 50% and ranked a paltry 71st in the nation 4 Penalties on TEXAS. By far our cleanest game of the year. 6 of 11 TEXAS had 11 drives in the game with more than half of them ending in punts. Game Highlights On Deck Bye week before Kansas and then what shapes up to be a potential BigXII title elimination game with ISU. Fighting Mack Brown’s No comeback needed this week. Mack’s troops took an early lead and never took their boot off Duke’s neck. Wake up next then UNC faces Notre Dame and Miami in back to back weeks. Ranking the Big XII 1 loss teams. All 1 & 2 loss teams can win out and play for the BigXII title. Okie Lite-squeaked by KSU and controls their destiny with Bedlam on tap following this week’s bye. Has tiebreaker vs ISU & KSU ISU-Overcame 3 INTs including a pick 6 to come back and beat Baylor. This is the toughest team left on TEXAS’ schedule. Tie breaker vs OU 2 Loss Teams. 2 loss teams cannot afford another loss. OU- destroyed conference door mat Kansas. Tie breaker vs TEXAS TEXAS- Tie Breaker vs OSU KSU-Tie Breaker vs OU, playing with their QB2 The rest, hard to see a path to the conference for any West Virginia 3 conference losses TCU 3 conference losses TT 1 conference win Baylor 1 conference win Kansas 0 wins of any kind Playoff picks if we had a vote Bama ND tOSU Clemson Just a bit outside Unbeaten Cincy (Top 10) & BYU (Top 10?) Oregon/USC Florida
  7. View from the Cheap Seats-Okie Lite For Halloween, TEXAS fans got a treat instead of a trick Halloween is a very good day for the Cheap Seats. Not only my birthday which EVERYBODY celebrates but TEXAS has been berry berry good to me on Halloween. Travel back with us to 1998. Ricky was in the midst of his Heisman race and Mack Brown was taking his new Longhorns up to Lincoln where Nebraska was riding a 56 game home winning streak. For my birthday, Mack delivered a stunning upset and Ricky pretty much locked up the Heisman that day. Mack would finish 14-2 on the date closest to my birthday each year including going 4-0 vs Neb. Yet another reason I loved Mack. Now over all since Mack arrived, TEXAS has had 4 games on Halloween, starting with Ricky running over Neb in 1998. TEXAS is 3-1 since Mack on Halloween, the loss the ugly CFS (redundant I know) shut out on the road in Ames with one bye week. CTH produced what might be a season salvaging win in Stillwater in TEXAS’ 3rd overtime game of the year. We’re going to end up playing an extra game with all the OTs. This game featured the best performance by the TEXAS front 6 since the Alamo Bowl/Utah game. It might have been one of the worst performances by the back 5 and offense in the past 2 years. Halloween has been very good to TEXAS the past 2 decades. Now with 4 games to go, the path to the BigXII title game is still in play and the schedule takes a turn in TEXAS’ favor . . .sorta. The teams seem to get easier but remember, this is a team that lost to TCU and needed OT to beat TT, 2 of the conference mutts. TEXAS needs to win out. That turns Bedlam into the "who gets to replay TEXAS this year for the conference title". Convoluted for sure. And with all of that, CTH’s job is secure for now, so did TEXAS win the battle and lose the war? We don’t know but the can has been kicked down the road for at least another week. Win the conference and the season is a success despite all the bumps in the road. What we said pre-season. Win the conference and odds are high that CTH is the HC for 2021. This is reality. Does winning the conference fix the problems with recruiting? Likely not. A topic for another time. For now, fun game to watch as a fan, love Sam and Ossai’s complete lack of quit. Pros Joseph Ossai BEAST MODE. 3 Sacks, 6 tackles for loss (-30 yards), 1 forced fumble and the biggest sack closed out the win Bijion in the 1st half showed some flashes of his potential D’Shawn Jamison with a 100 yard KO return which could not have come at a better time 4-0 in the turnover dept Sam the Man in the 4th quarter/OT Jake Smith with his best day 7 for 70 and a TD Shut down the best RB in the nation to his worst day Ryan Bujcevski with a very good day punting Cons Lack of production by the offense Sam was the #2 QB on the field again. Secondary gave up 400 yards and 4 TDs, though they did come up with a pick Yet another team that tackles and plays defense better than we do 5 sacks allowed Stats that matter 17 to 32 1st downs TEXAS v OSU. Pretty ugly 2 of 15 3rd down conversion rate, putrid 21 Points off 4 short field turnovers. Otherwise, we get the trick 13-142 Penalties and yards lost. This is simply not a well coached team though the 2 OPI penalties were bogus. National ranking #88. 400/4/1 Yards, TDs and INTs. Spenser with a career day. While our DL/front shut down the run, out secondary gave up the pass 6 TFL/3 sacks/forced fumble/7 tackles Joseph Ossai, BEAST MODE Conclusion It's Halloween and TEXAS delivered a TREAT. Realized that as much as the Cheap Seats knows CTH isn’t the long term answer, we were thrilled with TEXAS 3rd OT game and 2nd win in OT. Win out, win the conference. At this point nothing else matters. We are not going to be plus 4 in turnovers every week so the offense had better get back on track cuz it wasn’t pretty. DL, this was what we expected to see all year, they were dominate. On Deck West Virginia which is coming off a strong home win vs KSU. Another team that turned turnovers into success. Glad this one at home. Better team than many thought earlier in the year. Game on Fox at 11AM Fighting Mack Browns Another furious comeback but the Tarheels could not over come being outscored by UVa in each of the 1st 3 quarters. Ranking the Big XII 1 loss teams ISU-win out and they play for the conference title, tie breaker vs OU, loss to OSU OSU-playoff dreams shot. Tie breaker vs ISU and WVU, win out and they play for the conference KSU-another team on the wrong end of the turnover battle this week, tie breaker vs OU 2 loss teams OU Tie breaker vs TEXAS, needs to win out and needs KSU or ISU to lose twice TEXAS Tie breaker vs OSU, needs to win out then they likely face the winner of Bedlam in the BigXII title game but still plenty of moving parts. WVU Tie Breaker vs KSU, win out and they play for the conference title 3 loss teams-all need to win out and get lots of help Baylor TCU Mutts TT Kansas Too early playoff projections Clemson Bama tOSU ND In the running Unbeaten Pac 12 BYU Cincy Winner of Florida/Georgia Cocktail party
  8. View from the Cheap Seats-Baylor Anybody too excited? If we are being candid, the season seems to have reached the “can we get it over with, fire CTH and try for the 3rd time since the Mack era to hire someone who knows how to coach fundamental football” stage of the season. ESPN’s guys project us to the Texas Bowl. Seems about right, ASSUMING, we win enough games to be eligible. More on that later. Back to Baylor, TEXAS used a 27 point to ZERO advantage in quarters 2 and 3 to put their foot on the Bears throat and not let them into the game. Baylor would open the 4th with a 9 play 75 yard drive and then would follow up punching in a short drive off a Sam INT to try to make things interesting late but simply not enough clock So let’s start with some positives. We won and are 3-2 this year. And yes, win out, we’ve got a really good shot (with some help) of playing for the BigXII title. So in theory, all the pre-season goals are in front of us even if not fully within our control. Sam got him a score (3 of them in all) vs Baylor, 1st time in 4 years. Most/many of the players stood for the Eyes without the band which is fine. To take a line from the great Nuke Laloosh, Jared Wiley announced his presence with authority. Very nice to see the TE being used as a weapon. Look forward to seeing more of Mr Wiley in the games/years to come. Facing a patchwork at best OL, the TEXAS D Line also made their presence known with the best effort this season. Generally speaking, the defense played better. Charlie Brewer is a pretty good QB and 1st QB at Baylor to start 4 years in a row. Among the things we’d have never believed pre-season Sam has for the most part been the #2 QB on the field week over week. Bijon Robinson had a pretty good day, 4.5 ypc on his busiest day of the year with 12 carries. Did not like seeing Sam hit so often and 15 carries for him, simply too much. At this pace he doesn’t last the year. Stats that matter 47-23 Run to pass ratio. Bad news 15 of those rushes were Sam 5 Penalties on TEXAS, lowest since UTEP. 2nd week I a row Derek K has recorded a stupid late hit. This time, with the ball on the Baylor side, kept the team from going for it on 4th & 3 vs punting 4th and 18. 5-14 Defense held Baylor on 3rd downs, best effort of the year 4-4 Red Zone scoring chances. Stat sheet say 4-5 but TEXAS took a knee to end the game at Baylor’s 17. That was the right call. 0-1 TEXAS turnovers gain vs Baylor Conclusions Beat a mutt, that is what good teams are supposed to to. Certainly, wasn’t flashy but had some flashes. This team’s strength is throwing the ball not rushing the ball, so the game plan was odd unless the plan was run till we have to throw. We hope we don’t see this same game plan next week. Our #1 concern, those in power are going to give CTH the rest of the season before deciding on his future. It is clear he’s out of his depth and is unable to coach fundamental football much less get the best out of his players. It's been 3 and a half seasons where we have wasted the career of an absolute warrior in Sam E. Cannot fault Sam, he truly bleeds Burnt Orange. TEXAS needs to win 2 of the next 5 to go bowling this year. Okie Lite, WVU Kansas (Cheap Seats projects we go 2-1 and are bowl eligible which CTH will try to spin as success in a COVID era) then ISU KSU. If we can keep Sam upright, which means we need to reduce his number of called runs, think we split the last 2 and finish 6-4, well out of the conference race. On Deck Conference leading Oklahoma State and the Mullet Mike Gundy who is 2-1 vs CTH so far. OSU coming off a big win over ISU to take the top of the BigXII for now. They have a great RB in Chuba Hubbard, #7 in the nation in rush yards per game. And it’s on the road where CTH only 6-7 at TEXAS. OSU is also #8 in the nation in scoring defense so TEXAS will have it’s hands full. Fighting Mack Brown’s Mack’s guys bounced back from a humbling though self inflicted loss to Miami to absolutely destroy #23 ranked (at the time) North Carolina St. They were rewarded by dropping 1 place in one poll. Playing a better opponent than we faced, they looked well coached. Oh how I miss Mack in his prime. Ranking the conference #1 Oklahoma State. Very good game vs a well coached ISU team. Big step for OSU to play for the conference title. They have TEXAS on deck #2 Kansas State. Destroyed the mutt of the conference. #3 ISU Tough loss for Mr Campbell’s crew #4 OU Beat up on TCU this weekend, not sure if they are the bottom of the top tier or the top of the mid tier Mid Tier for sure #5 TEXAS solely on a 2-2 conference record and the 2 wins vs 2 of the worst teams #6 WVU based on being 2-2 in conference, against 2 of the worst teams #7 TCU 1-3 in conference, their win over TEXAS. Gary simply owns CTH #8 TT #9 Baylor And the mutt of the conference #10 Kansas Way too early Playoff Projections #1 Clemson #2 Bama #3 tOSU #4 BYU (mostly because I think they run the table) In the mix Notre Dame-watch out for the fighting mack brown's Georgia Okie Lite (needs to run the table)
  9. Oh lord I hope not. Keep in mind, the caveat was "barring meltdown", not sure how CTH keeps this team together.
  10. View from the Cheap Seats-Red River War Coach tom on life support One of the hardest Cheap Seats we’ve had to write. Not because we saw anything we have not seen through 3 and a half seasons. Rather with a chance to “right the ship”, we saw the same old undisciplined team get out physical-ed yet again. And we see another week where defeat was snatched from the jaws of victory. Stop us if you have heard this before. For the 3rd week in a row, we see TEXAS let an inferior opponent not only hang around but take a double-digit lead in the 2nd half. For the past 2 weeks, Sam the Man’s miracles cannot overcome an unfocused, undisciplined football team. Sadly, the powers that matter are fine with this. Barring a complete meltdown, which frankly isn’t too far-fetched, get ready for Coach Tom Mensa to roll into 2021 as the Head Coach at TEXAS. Now 3 years ago, multiple fans got their panties in a wad when we mocked Coach Mensa, we’ll wager that doesn’t happen this week. The old adage is that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. Why we mock Coach Tom? For all his “mensa” IQ, he has now been outcoached 3 weeks in a row. Today saw the same old Longhorns we’ve seen the past 4 years. Coach Tom stated he wanted to be the most physical team on the field on both sides of the ball. Outside of a couple bowl games, it’s never happened. Certainly not with the season on the line and the most important game of the year at hand. Joel Klatt and Gus Johnson quote of the day: “This TEXAS team has no identity” We could not agree more THE DRIVE. . .And what “could have been”. Had TEXAS won, that would have been the title for the Cheap Seats this week. Actually, made a note of that before Sam gained a yard. 1:52 on the clock in the 4th quarter, ball on the TEXAS 16. It was Super Sam time, time to carry the team and 8 plays later, he does not disappoint as he throws to Josh Moore for his 2nd passing TD of the day to go with 4 rushing TDs. Now had CTH elected to go for 2 (we were thinking “what if”at the time), he’d have gotten no flack from the Cheap Seats for the call. So we understood kicking the PAT, we understood trying to win the game right there. Let us honor the efforts of an absolute WARRIOR. Sam Ehlinger did not play his best game by any means yet when it mattered most, he put the Longhorns on his strong shoulders and did everything in his power to carry them to victory. His passes were sometimes off the mark, he misfired to multiple open receivers and for the 3rd week in a row, he was not the best QB on the field. The other side of that coin, without Sam, TEXAS loses by double digits and is on a 3 game losing skid. He deserves FAR FAR better than what he is getting from staff and surrounding crew. As it stands now, the benchmark of success for this season is winning the conference and TEXAS sits 2 games back today behind a 2-0 team and 2 3-0 teams. The good news for TEXAS, if you want to call it that, the tiny sliver of hope is we get to face each of the leaders plus they all have to play each other. So while there is some small mathematical chance of getting to the conference title game, TEXAS needs to #1, start playing sound football and #2, get some help. We have seen NOTHING from Coach Mensa in 4 years to think the rest of the season will be any different than the last 3 years and 4 games. Where the game was lost From the last drive of the 1st quarter all the way through the 1st drive of the 4th quarter the 5 drives that DOOMED the Longhorns. Not sure how TEXAS came back to tie the game at 17 but with a minute and a half to go in the 1st, TEXAS had accomplished just that, stopped OU and had a chance to take the lead going into the half. Important as they would also get the last drive of the 1st half as well. So here’s how it went. Last drive of the 1st, great field position, ball on their own 44. Even if they just get a FG, they take the lead and start the 2nd with the ball. 6 plays 13 yards and instead of going for it on 4th and 2, a false start forces a punt from 4th and 7. 1st drive in the 3rd. Score here gives TEXAS the lead. 3 and out OU, 3 plays TD 2nd drive of the 3rd, 3 and out OU-17 plays, 83 yards to take a 2 TD lead 3rd drive of the 3rd quarter, 3 and out. . . . 1st drive of the 4th, 6-13 and punt Instead of putting away a dog when they had the chance, TEXAS turned turtle and would punt on 5 straight series. And continuing a pattern, our staff clearly failed to make adjustments at half. 3 weeks in a row Special teams were anything but special. Dicker the Kicker has a FG attempt blocked when the offensive line was shoved back into his face. How big was not getting those 3 points? Our Aussie punter double clutched a punt leading to it being blocked giving OU a very short fiel Still stinging from the blocked kick, he then proceeds to get a 15 yard penalty on a later OU put return. TEXAS had a great punt return called back when a blocker tackled an OU player. Just get in his way son. Conclusions & up next Not sure the bye week is a good thing or a bad thing. Not sure it matters. While the D played better, our D Line was simply not a force and got very little pressure on a Freshman QB with a history of getting rattled. Not to be outdone, our offensive line was even more offensive. Sam was constantly under duress and there was no push for the running game. It sucks to say but OU played like they wanted it. TEXAS simply didn’t. It is also clear that Sam badly misses WR like Lil Jordan, Collin Johnson and Devin “Mr 3rd Down” Duvernay. WRs who will make contested catches. Though it certainly did not help when Sam misfired multiple times to open WRs. Was Jake Smith hurt? Not sure he logged a snap. And what idiot kept calling “bombs away” and 1 or 2 WR routes when we only need 4-6 yards for a 1st down. Hey coach, have you seen the last 3 weeks how well tempo works? Newsflash, you don’t have to wait till the 4 minute mark of the game to use is. Oh and not to go full blown negative nellie, stand by for several guys entering the portal and the de-commits to continue. To make it worse, Jimbo Fisher and the Aggies just recorded a signature win beating Florida. Their season is officially a “success” regardless of how they finish out. Stats that matter 7 In the past 4 seasons, number of loses a ranked TEXAS has absorbed to un-ranked opponents. At least CTH leads the nation in something. 14-38 TEXAS v Opponent scoring in the 3rd quarter. In case you are wondering why we cannot put away some of our weak opponents. Mack wanted the ball to start the 3rd to score and take control of the game. Does anyone seriously think CTH is a better coach than Mack now? 29 Net rushing yards in the game taking out Sam’s rush totals 1 to 6 Sacks we gained, sacks we lost. Thought this was the best DL in the conference??? No pressure, QBs licking their chops to line up vs TEXAS 4 4 OT possessions by OU, 4 TDs + a 2 point conversion Fighting Mack Browns Speaking of Mack Brown, beat a Top 25 opponent today. His UNC charges are playing well. Oh yeah, Joel & Gus mentioned that as well. Mack has them ranked in the Top 10 Ranking the Big XII Top tier #1 Okie Lite 2-0 and ranked #10 #2 ISU 3-0 ranked #24 Put TT away early, that’s how you beat dogs #3 KSU 3-0 likely ranked this week. Won a close game against TCU 2nd Tier (order likely doesn’t matter) #4 Baylor 1-1 on the bye #5 WVU 1-1 on the bye #6 OU 1-2 Riley now 4-1 vs CTH, it’s a shorter list of coaches who don’t own CTH #7 TCU 1-2 #8 TEXAS 1-2 As Tuna once said, you are what your record says you are Bottom feeders #9 TT #10 Kansas Still too early playoff projections #1 Bama (as we type, tied at half with Ole Miss) #2 Clemson #3 tOSU #4 Georgia Just a bit outside: BYU USC ND Oregon One of the toughest Cheap Seats to write. The eternal optimist in me wants to think that after 3 and a half years, Coach Tom actually does something different. The pragmatic. . . ..if you think this is hell? Remember that we lose Sam & Sam after this year, our best offensive players as well as Joseph Ossai, our best defender. Also remember CDC has no intention of letting CTH go so maybe in Dec of 2021, we can have a serious conversation about “next” as it relates to our HC spot.
  11. Shaka Smart says hi. Many coaches get better after their 1st firing. Pete Carroll and Bill Belicheck leap to mind. CTH needs to win out and win the conference. Otherwise he never will. But CDC is going to give him 3 more years barring a Charlie style losing season. Personally, I'm ready to start calling agents behind the scenes but I don't get to make this call.
  12. View from the Cheap Seats-Horny Frogs Gary simply owns Tom Let’s start with the good news. For those eternal optimists, the TEXAS season is not over, in fact this loss doesn’t matter. Now full disclosure, TEXAS/CTH has already burned their mulligan and must now run the table to reach the ONLY goal that matters this season, winning the conference. While the “hope” for the year is still there, the faith is now gone. There is hope, perhaps with his back against the wall, CTH does something different. OTOH, CDC has made it clear, finish with a winning record and a bowl and you are safe till 2022 at the earliest. Other positive: For the 1st week this year, the announcers weren’t nails on a chalk board. And now for the rest of the story. What a kick in the nuts. If you let a dog hang around, he’ll bite you before it’s over. This isn’t really complicated; coaching matters and Gary Patterson simply owns Tom Herman on both sides of the ball. Once again, we see Coach Herman not having his troops ready to play. Despite enjoying a significant talent advantage vs TCU, Gary out schemed (both sides of the ball), coached up and was more creative than CTH. CTH also failed in another category. He has stated he wants to be the most physical team on the field. That mantra failed badly this week and frankly, has not really been seen all year. Compare and contrast with the Georgia/Auburn game. Georgia’s OL dominated. Not just physically but their offensive scheme was highly effective and creative. And Auburn is good, this wasn’t dominating some patsy. If we could pick one play and the following series to sum up the game, Ossai finally getting a strip sack to blunt a drive. TCU only up 23-21, time to take the lead and control of the game midway through the 3rd. TEXAS proceeds to go 3 and out when Jake Smith takes his eyes off an easy 3rd down catch for a 1st down. Granted this drive’s explosive blunted by a highly questionable “illegal man downfield” call but bad calls went both ways and that does not excuse dropping a ball that hits you in the hands. This game was an unpleasant reminder of Texas Tech in 2008. Fans will blame Ingraham for the loss (and it was a bone head fumble) like they blamed Blake Gideon but in both cases, there were at least a dozen game changing mistakes and in neither case, TEXAS should have been trailing in the 4th. There were simply too many examples of TEXAS players failing to execute and of the TEXAS staff not making adjustments or using schemes to highlight the talent. Sorry, while KI’s was a bone headed mistake he DID NOT cost us the game by himself. End of the day, CTH has been playing with fire. So far in 4 years, outside of 3 very nice bowl performances, he is far more likely to lose to a quality coached team than to win. And there is nothing happening to indicate any change. His teams are undisciplined and that’s on coaching. A comment made on the pre-game show, players have to WANT to tackle. Our former players point out we might have more highly ranked recruits but coaches like Gary inspire his players, scheme his players, coach up his players to play over their” talent level”. CTH simply does not do that. He does not inspire players to make plays consistently. Since tackling has been beaten to death, let’s discuss our pass catchers inability to help Sam. Passes aren’t always going to be perfect and even when they are, too often players cannot catch the damn ball. For the 2nd week in a row, Sam was the inferior QB on the field. Not sure we saw a single drop by a TCU pass catcher, we did see some spectacular passes. CTH isn’t going anywhere for another 3 years. Sadly we are not sure TEXAS is going anywhere for the next 3 years either. Yes, we’ll hang on and cheer and cross our fingers that TEXAS can stumble and bumble to a 1 loss season and a BigXII title bid. But we wouldn’t put money on it. We’re close to offering our seat on the CTH bandwagon to someone else. 4th quarter review It was there for the taking though TEXAS should have enjoyed a 10 point lead at this point Start of the 4th quarter, TEXAS’ D bows up in the red zone and holds TCU to a FG keeping the score 21-26 TCU TEXAS drives 75 yards in 11 plays to score to take their 1st lead of the day and tacks on a 2 point conversion. 29-26 TEXAS TEXAS’ D forces a 3 and out punt. Punt downed at the TEXAS 8 Needing a drive to put the game out of reach, TEXAS goes 3 and out Time for the D to bow up again. On 2nd and 5 from the TEXAS 26, Duggan runs untouched for 26 yards and what would be the go ahead score. 33-29 TCU TEXAS drives 74 yards to the TCU 1 where Ingham fumbles the ball trying to stretch. . . he wasn’t within 2 yards of the end zone. 1:29 left in the game. TEXAS burns their last time outs but cannot stop TCU from running out the clock as they gain a 1st down. Stats that matter 2-12 CTH’s record at TEXAS when trailing at halftime 5.2 vs 2.4 TCU v TEXAS average rush per carry in the 1st half 25-16 TCU 1st downs v TEXAS. 26-201 Combined penalties, which oddly balanced out in the end but it was a poorly called game. 7-2 Gary’s record v TEXAS in the BigXII 3-1 Gary’s record v CTH……can you say you are owned. 1 for ZERO Turnover created and points off turnover. Conclusion Well the CTH bandwagon is now thinning out at a fairly large pace. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results. We do not see CTH doing anything different based on is 1st 3 years at TEXAS. Yes he changed the staff yet it’s the same team. He’s a “player friendly coach” whose team sees no consequences for failure and mistakes. TEXAS is a highly undisciplined team on field and off. We are proud of the half dozen or more players who stayed for the Eyes. Can only assumed it was a recording being played and yes, for many it’s a bigger deal than some realize. For one thing, it’s about putting the team first. Having said that, we will repeat, TEXAS’ pre-season goal of winning the conference still under our control. No margin for error but the goal is there. Figure this out, win out all is forgiven. While we are no longer projecting that we are certainly hoping for that. On Deck We are stumbling bumbling our way into the Red River War (sorry, shootouts were with Arkansas). OU stumbling even harder. TEXAS now faces the best stretch of teams in the conference. Figure anything out on defense this game is winnable and lifting that gold hat will salvage some pride in this season. Not sure we tackle well enough to beat a very beatable OU. Fighting Mack Brown’s Would trade the new Mack for CTH in a heart beat. They beat a mid tier Boston College. They are a year or 2 away from an ACC title berth but in better shape than TEXAS. Ranking the BigXII. Tier I (you could make a case for the next 3 in any order) #1 Okie Lite as they are undefeated. #2 ISU, 1st home win vs OU since 1960 #3 KSU, Make no mistake, this is a well coached team Tier II (again, you can make a case for any order) #4 TCU Gary is under rated #5 TEXAS and this likely too high #6 OU #7 WVU #8 Baylor Tier III #9 TT though their losses were close #10 Kansas Way too early Playoff projections #1 Bama #2 Clemson #3 tOSU #4 winner of the Great Cocktail party unless a PAC goes unbeaten
  13. Thank you sir Yep I suspect Rhule had his eye on the NFL.
  14. This seems to be CTH's pattern. where as the elite coaches come off a bye week ready to go, as with OSU last year, we see Tom Troops not ready to go. This defense will not stand up if it does not improve quickly.
  15. View from the Cheap Seats-Texas Tech Great Googly Moogly’s What a roller coaster ride. It was a tale of two halves and a tale of two story lines. We would ALWAYS take an ugly, though exciting win over a well-played loss. TEXAS will move up in the National rankings as they now lead the BigXII. Deserved? No so fast my friends. We can also say that this team has more in common with 2019 than many will want to admit. Hey face it, it’s Lubbock, weird shit always happens in Lubbock. More than a few TEXAS seasons have died in Lubbock. 1999, we win, we play for the BigXII title. . . but we lost when Major went down with injury. 2008, we play for the National Title if any one of a dozen plays break right for us. So TEXAS won, which is awesome. That it needed an amazing and improbable comeback to do it? That the team could not put away another inferior opponent? The defense cannot tackle well nor is it pressuring our opponent’s QB much, the offense could not establish a consistent running game and Sam was sacked twice facing a 3 man D front. Sam had some poor throws but he also has pass catchers failing to catch balls. Special teams was a complete mixed bag. On the plus side, punt block for a TD, Dicker the Kicker was money and several nice KO returns. On the not so plus side, a punt block and a muffed punt into the endzone for an easy TT TD. TEXAS would record 3 INTs, in the end each proved critical which is offset by some really poor tackling. TEXAS badly lost the half time adjustment battle. TT came out and took advantage of what TEXAS was doing. After only punting twice in the 1st half, TEXAS would punt 4 times in the 3rd while giving up 34 points. . . in the 2nd half alone.. TEXAS offense went plain jane while TT flipped a 10 point deficit to a 15 point lead. 2 weeks in a row, 2 announcers that are simply hard to put up with. Spenser Tillman trying to create drama announced in the 4th “the season is on the line for TEXAS”. WHAT???? Even had TEXAS lost, win out and we are ASSURED of one seat in the BigXII title game. Now the Cheap Seats are glad we did not burn our mulligan but sorry, season was not “on the line” The game took almost 4 and a half hours to play, it featured some amazing plays as well some plays that you only expect to see in a pee wee game. TEXAS would take a 10 point lead 3 times in the 1st half but the pesky Raiders simply would not go away. Instead of getting a stop and a drive to grow the lead to 3 scores, TT would put together a drive and hang around through the 1st 3 quarters. Then at the end of the 3rd, Tech would capitalize on TEXAS’ off a Sam Ehlinger INT, punch it in from the 10 and take a 42-38 lead to start the 4th quarter. LET THE MAYHEM BEGIN. And what a wild 4th quarter it would be. 4th quarter/OT After TT had cut the lead to 38-35, Sam throws a pick, which TT converted to a TD on the last play of the 3rd quarter to take their 1st lead of the day. 38-42 TT TEXAS responds with a Dicker the Kicker 26 yard FG to cut the score 42-41 D bows up and stops TT 3 and out. TEXAS goes backwards 21 yards off a holding penalty, run stuff and sack then a short punt, the ugliest drive of the day TT starts at midfield and carves up the TEXAS D to take a 49-41 lead 49-41 TT TEXAS’ drive is snuffed out thanks to a personal foul penalty, punt TT drive starts at their 22, time for a stop and a score. Well we got half of that. A complete breakdown in tackling (which frankly was not good all day) sees TT score on a 75 yard run. How do you score on a 75 yard run?????? 56-41 Tech with 3:31 to go. All hope appears lost TEXAS Takes KO return out to our 41 then an excellent 34 second drive makes the score 48-56 TT 8 points down 2:30 or so on the clock but D has already burned 2 TOs. No Sweat for Dicker the kicker as he executes a great on side kick (assist from the TT player who alligator arms the ball) and a Malcom Epps recovery. Sam takes over and using other his arm and legs, get TEXAS to the 5 before penalties move it back to the 18. No problem, Sam to #1 WR Joshua Moore for his 2nd TD of the game. 56-54 TT The all important 2 point conversion. Excellent scheme to over load the right side and isolate Brennan Eagles 1 on 1. Very nice, simple get’tem leaning left, inside post right. Tie game 56-56 OT, TEXAS goes 1st, Sam to Josh Moore for his 3rd TD of the game. 63-56 The pressure was clearly getting to TT QB Bowman (karma??? See below) and TEXAS’ D blanket’s the TT pass catchers, TT goes -4 yards rushing before an INT seals an improbable win. We’ll TAKE IT. 63-56 FINAL 39 points scored by both teams in the 4th quarter. Offensive player of the game Co Players, Sam for his arm (5 TDs) and legs (saved several drives) and Josh Moore for his 3 TD performance including the game winner day. He climbed the ladder on his 1st for an amazing reception. Defensive player of the game Considering the tackling and giving up 56 points, we debated not awarding this but Chris Amidora was a bright spot with a 72 yard INT return, 5 tackles and 2 pass breakups. We will add the Cheap Seats picked him as our “under rated” defensive player of the year. Karma Son, sometimes it’s best not to tempt fate cuz she will bite you in the ass when you get cocky. Though up by 15 with 3 minutes to go. . . . . .perhaps just getting your guns up might have been a better idea.conference Running back rotation Before the game, one of the “hot sports takes” was fan boys claiming Roshon would be TEXAS most effective runner. We always hate when fans jump on a player’s bandwagon based on a great story instead of on field performance. Time to recognize the fact that Ingrham is and has been the most effective runner, Bjion is the future and Roshon has a clear role. We will need them all by year end but what we need is a more effective running game. Against a 2nd tier opponent, TEXAS could not extend drives with the running game and impose it’s will. Sam lead the team in carries and that is NOT a good sign. Stats that matter 3 Number of 10 point leads TEXAS reached but could not hold. 5-16 TEXAS on 3rd down. Not championship quality 7-7 Red Zone 6 TDs Championship quality 14 TT points off TEXAS turnovers Up Next Horny Frogs of TCU. So far CTH is 1-2 vs Gary Patterson and yet to show he can outcoach him. Lots to get fixed between now and then. Fighting Mack Brown’s Canceled with Boston College on deck Ranking the BigXII #1 TEXAS A shaky #1 at best #2 KSU They are a well coached football team and Chris Klienman is 2-0 vs OU #3 OSU 2-0 with a less than impressive win over WVU #4 OU Don’t expect them to be this low for long, Rattler can be rattled Next 5 in about any order, next two weeks should show some separation. #5 Baylor #6 TCU #7 WVU #8 ISU #9 TT Dragging the bottom #10 Kansas Too Early Playoff projections #1 Bama #2 Clemson #3 tOSU yes it sucks but they easily sweep the B1G #4 TEXAS on the strength of winning the conference with 1 loss .
  16. I hear you, we DVR the games and despite adding an extra 30 minutes, we missed the onside kick/FG. As I mentioned above, it was a brutal 1st quarter but damn if Da Boys O didn't sizzle once they went up tempo. And Zeke in the passing game? NICE.
  17. Degree from TEXAS v Degree from ISU Chicks at TEXAS v Chicks at ISU Winters at TEXAS v Winters at ISU And the kid has the GREATEST name in TEXAS football history. I will buy and wear his jersey.
  18. PS, this just in: 440-0 Before today that was the record of NFL teams scoring 39 points and committing ZERO turnovers. Just sayin'
  19. Great Googly Moogly. What a wild game. The most improbable win of the year but just the kind of confidence builder Da Boys need. Let's break down what went right and what went very wrong. The Good NFL Record setting day for Dak. 1st time an NFL QB scored 3 rushing TDs and threw for more than 300 yards. Dak would throw for 450 and add a passing TD 109.4 Passer rating. 2 100 yard or more WRs and Dalton Shulz with an 88 yard 1 TD game, his 1st in the NFL Zeke went BEAST MODE, Watching him truck that DB and carry Falcons for extra yards was awesome Not often you spot an NFL team the entire 1st quarter and 20 points and eek out a win. Oh yeah, and not only both your pro bowl level OTs but their #1 back up as well. Yes, there was some luck involved, always is. Big time kudos for a team that never quit Any question dirt burgler CeeDee Lamb was the steal of the NFL draft? 2nd rounder Diggs up against another Bama alum, he's still the best DB Dallas has. Playcalling after the 1st quarter. Oh yeah, passing on 1st down works, lots of pass rush, quick outs and screen plays. We LOVED the tempo offense. The Bad Execution. So many bone headed plays, 3 1st quarter fumbles (all of them sloppy failure to tuck the ball) lead to 20 HotLanta points. Dug a hole that frankly Dallas was lucky to get out of. Failure to execute wasted a PERFECT 1st fake punt call that was wide open. Defensive line play. ZERO pressure on Matt Ryan till the 4th quarter, that can't continue. Mike Nolan's scheme is POOR 1st quarter play calling. WTF was Moore/MM thinking????? 2 dropped INTs, one on Worley one on Riggs, gotta make those plays going forward. The Ugly 3 1st quarter fumbles lead to 20 unanswered Falcon points. Defensive line play, sorry it was so bad we're listing it twice. Giving up 39 generally gets you beat in the NFL. 2nd fake punt. WTF was Dallas thinking. Falcons had stacked the line and were not fooled. This one on the coaches. Falcon players watching the ball as it skids along to the 10 yard stripe. . . .. On Deck Trip to Seattle. Perhaps the toughest stadium in the NFL. Start slow up there and there will be no glorious comeback
  20. I wondered where he got off to. He has enjoyed great success with 2 post football careers and is now following his passion. Pass along my best wishes

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