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  1. View from the Cheap Seats-Sark’s 1st spring game All Gas . . .No Brakes One could not ask for a better day weather wise for new HC Steve Sarkisian and the TEXAS Longhorns to host their 2021 Spring game. New Motto: All Gas . . No Brakes which given Sark’s offensive history is very fitting. TEXAS is where expectations are sky high but it’s been over a decade since the team has come close to said expectations. Sark inherits a team which is very talented (last 4 years recruiting ranking is #4 #4 #14 and #14 with only one year less than an average of 3.6 star per class, well above average) but with a long history of poor development. Likely the #1 reason each of the last 2 HCs has been canned. We at the Cheap Seats are trying not to jinx Coach Sark as we were very high early on with the last 2 hires. Frankly starting in 2010, TEXAS football had regressed to the bad old days of mediocrity coupled with high expectations. The 1st thing worth mentioning is the staff that Sark has put together. The quality of these coaches has been significantly upgraded. Perhaps the most exciting part of the new staff for many Horn fans is seeing highly rated recruits’ talent truly developed. Not to mention Sark’s reputation as one of the finest play callers/designers of offense in the land. Now Spring games are always a zero sum game but we liked that Sark featured the 1’s v 1’s (largely) and the 2 v 2’s. One thing that was clear, this was an opportunity for one of the 2 QBs to grabs the QB1 title going into the fall. Both looked outstanding at times and inconsistent at others. Casey started on fire but slid into inconsistency and both QBs were plagued by too many dropped passes. One thing that is clear, this team has no WR1 or WR2 today. Great hopes rest on the shoulders of Troy Omerie who is recovering from ACL. Jake Smith was also out. Jordan Whittington continues to tease us with flashes Card has a GREAT arm but needs a clean pocket. While he can move well to avoid the rush, one he moves, his accuracy drops dramatically. End of the day, Casey’s superior mobility in extending plays and ability to rush put him in a tenuous lead on the QB1 spot heading into fall. Basically anyone saying one QB clearly ahead of the other is pushing some confirmation bias. One observation, 70 total passes thrown in the game vs 46 rushes. Clearly Sark was giving the QBs a chance to separate and come September, expect to see those totals closer to 50/50 leaning more run than pass. Beast Mode Sark loves the great running back and it’s fitting that the best player on the team is Sophomore Bijion Robinson. While limited to only 10 carries, he showed flashes several times. He was also featured in the passing game with 4 receptions on 5 targets. Not to be outdone, Roshon Johnson showed improvement from an impressive 2020 campaign and is clearly RB2. A very pleasant surprise from the RB spot came from transfer Gabriel Watson who ran well, 6.5 ypc on 8 totes of the rock. We may have a new RB3. In the “zero sum” department, thought the offensive line and the defensive line showed pretty well. Each was missing at least one key projected starter but performed fairly well. These two units will go a long way to determining TEXAS’ success in 2021. Biggest disappointment Lack of production from the WRs. Too many drops, they struggled at times to get open. So far, no dominate player. And Sark loves his QB1, his RB1 and his WR1. Biggest Positive How refreshing was it to see a defense playing in position and fundamentally sound. We are not worried about TEXAS generating offense but our first glimpse of Coach K coupled with his history is a great reason for optimism. We have to be an above average to great D to win at the highest levels. Offensive player of the game BiJion Robinson. Would not be shocked if he earned this nod at least 8-10 times in 2021. Really hoping he gets 14 games. Defensive Player of the Game Prince Doborah. 6 tackles, 2 for losses and a sack Stats that Matter 70/116 Passes to total plays. Do not expect to see that this season 2 Total offensive TDs in the game, 1 rushing 1 Passing. J Moore did drop an easy TD in the endzone but TEXAS will need more red zone consistency 3 / 5 Sacks per QBs. Card had 2 on back to back plays during a 2 minute drill to take TEXAS out of FG range. While Casey with a pick 6 in the red zone. Better in the Spring Game to learn from it. TEXAS has to close out scoring drives better 6.5 Watson’s average yards per carry. Welcome to the 40 Acres Mr Watson. Charles Wright For the player with the greatest name in Longhorn history, not a very impressive debut. 0-1 passing and -10 rushing on a sack Conclusions Zero sum game. TEXAS is a team in rebuilding mode. Honestly far less worried about the QB than the WR corps. Today we see a high side of 9-3 and a low side of 7-5. Nope, this is NOT why we hired Sark but we do think it may take a year to get “his players” in place. Now the wild card for this is Sark has talked about 7-9 transfers and we have already seen the impact of Watson and LB Ray Thornton from LSU. There is no question TEXAS is suddenly one of the hot spots for players looking to make a 1-2 year impact. Next up Fall camp then Louisiana. TEXAS opens with one of the better Non Power 5 teams in the Raging Cajuns returning a ton of talent and riding a Top 25 pre season ranking. Then TEXAS has to travel to Arkansas which will view TEXAS as their Super Bowl (who doesn’t) 4 Months and a week till the next version of the Cheap Seats. Meanwhile, our way too early Big XII-2 rankings #1 OU Sadly today, big drop to the next tier of teams. #2 ISU Coming off a Top 10 finish, they open ranked #5. They also boast Brock Purdy back and the #1 RB in the BigXII. Top team today in that 2nd tier of teams #3 TEXAS based on talent and new improved coaching #4 TCU Is this Gary Patterson’s best team in years? #5 OSU rounding out the Second tier in the BigXII, Mike “The Mullet” Gundy returns Jr QB Spenser who flashes great talent but has 19 INTs in the past 2 seasons #6 WVY Quality coaching in Neal Brown coupled with a solid D has WVU leading Tier 3 of the BigXII #7 KSU Always well coached, KSU has their top QB and Top RB to lead them in 2021. #8 Baylor. Not sure if this is the last team in Tier 3 of the 1st team in Tier 4 but expect Baylor to be better in Coach Dave Aranda’s 2nd year #9 TT Final season for Matt Wells? #10 Kansas Is it basketball season yet? Hope you enjoy Shout out to all of you who helped get the JimsTexas Scholarship fund over the Top Very proud of the TEXAS Longhorn Volleyball team.
  2. Way to go staff. Seems Shaka wanted to take a shot at TEXAS as his sorry ass headed out the door. He was bragging about how he ALWAYS played in front of sell out crowds at VCU (capacity 7100) but never at TEXAS . .. . where he averaged over 9,000 fans a game. Sorry I can't post the tweet but very well played: Smart & Strong were two of the WORST hires TEXAS ever made. I for one was all in on Strong (shows you what I know) though tepid on Smart as he had all the ear marks of a one hit wonder. 0-6 in the Big Dance at TEXAS. Care to wager it only takes Beard or whomever 1 year to top that mark?
  3. Not sure if everyone say this article from our super staff here. Charles Wright, we've never had a recruit with such a top flight name. Mark my words, kid will make a difference for us down the road.
  4. IT is the go to board for Longhorn news it seems.
  5. Doritos had 6 or 9 organizations put together a video and picked only 1.
  6. Watch this commercial just past the Doritos "Bold" logo at the end for this to really make sense. My buddy Dave Vabora created the Adaptive Training foundation after his NFL career He was Mr Irrelevant in 2008, drafted by the St Louis Rams. He would finish his career at Seattle. Incredible guy. Many of the people in the video are friends.
  7. I'm going to post my response to a part of the War Room. The breakdown was the scholarship players by position group. Then below I added some commentary (ie WAY to many LBs). This is more the discussion I am interested in having. Thoughts on the numbers, strengths and weaknesses by position group. Some interesting takeaways: From the Alamo Bowl, we return 21 of 22 starters. Only 12 of 81 Juniors or Seniors Room for 4 more ships BEFORE we lose anyone else [QUOTE="Ketchum, post: 15258896, member: 20"] Quarterbacks (3) Casey Thompson, So. Hudson Card, Fr. Charles Wright, QB, incoming freshman Running Backs (4) Gabriel Watson, Super Senior Daniel Young, Senior Roschon Johnson, So. Bijan Robinson, Fr. Jonathon Brooks, RB, incoming freshman Wide Receivers (13) Brenden Schooler, Super Senior Joshua Moore, R-So. Kai Money, So. Jake Smith, So. Marcus Washington, So. Al’Vonte Woodard, So. Kennedy Lewis, R-Fr. Jordan Whittington, R-Fr. Kelvontay Dixon, Fr. Dajon Harrison, Fr. Troy Omeire, Fr. Jaden Alexis, WR, incoming freshman Casey Cain, WR, incoming freshman Keithron Lee, WR, incoming freshman Tight Ends (5) Cade Brewer, Super Senior Malcolm Epps, So. Jared Wiley, So. Brayeden Liebrock, R-Fr. Juan Davis, TE, incoming freshman Gunnar Helm, TE, incoming freshman Offensive Line (11) Top Imade, Super Senior Derek Kerstetter, Super Senior Denzel Okafor, Super Senior Junior Angilau, So. Rafiti Ghirmai, So. Christian Jones, So. Isaiah Hookfin, R-Fr. Tyler Johnson, R-Fr. Jaylen Garth, Fr. Andrej Karic, Fr. Jake Majors, Fr. Logan Parr, Fr. Hayden Conner, OL, incoming freshman Max Merril, OL, incoming freshman Defensive Linemen (13) Jacoby Jones, Super Senior Marqez Bimage, Senior Keondre Coburn, So. Moro Ojomo, So. T’Vondre Sweat, So. Myron Warren, R-Fr. Vernon Broughton, Fr. Alfred Collins, Fr. Sawyer Goram-Welch, Fr. David Abiara, incoming freshman Byron Murphy, incoming freshman Ja’tavion Sanders, incoming freshman Barryn Sorrell, Incoming freshman. Jordon Thomas, incoming freshman Linebackers (13) Ray Thornton, LB, graduate senior Juwan Mitchell, Jr. DeMarvion Overshown, Jr. Luke Brockermeyer, So. Jett Bush, So. David Gbenda, R-Fr. Prince Dorbah, Fr. Marcus Tillman, R-Fr. Jaylan Ford, Fr. Jaden Hullaby, Fr. Morice Blackwell Jr., LB, incoming freshman Terrence Cooks II, LB, incoming freshman Derrick Harris Jr., LB, incoming freshman Defensive Backs (15) Darion Dunn, DB, Sr. Josh Thompson, R-Jr. Anthony Cook, Jr. Montrell Estell, Jr. B.J. Foster, Jr. D’Shawn Jaminson, Jr. Chris Adimora, So. Tyler Owens, So. Marques Caldwell, R-Fr. Jahdae Barron, Fr. Kitan Crawford, Fr. Jerrin Thompson, Fr. JD Coffey III, DB, incoming freshman Ishmael Ibraheem, DB, incoming freshman Jamier Johnson, DB, incoming freshman Special Teams (4) Cameron Dicker, K, Jr. Ryan Bujcevski, P, Jr. Justin Mader, Jr., LS Isaac Pearson, P, incoming freshman Total: 81 Perhaps more fodder for [USER=8160]@Alex Dunlap[/USER] but I'm curious what these numbers mean to us, what conclusions you draw. Where we are strongest, weakest etc. And some "cheap seats" level observations. And will the super seniors hinder the development of younger more talented players? And there are not many Juniors listed. I get part of that is a "last year didn't count" but found that odd. And in a good way, these guys now have time to develop and a staff that actually understands development QB Shouldn't this be 4 as we landed a preferred walk on though I get he does not count against the ship limits. Sounds like we are taking advantage of Jim Bob's wealth (and smart way to go) And we have to mention, Charles Wright, greatest name in TEXAS football history. WR We have a bunch and outside of one Super Senior, they are all sophs or newer. Do we have too many? TE Here's hoping Jared Wiley gets to shine in 2021. Numbers look about right OL And in what has been a decades long (one of my few Mack complaints) problem, we seem to be shorting OL in favor of positions like WR DL The ND transfer not listed, will he be a senior with 1 year left or a Jr with 2? Does he project to start? Did not realize we added 5 this year. It's a full room but numbers would appear about right. Curious how Alex ranks them talent wise after spring drills. LB 13??? Seems high though we seem headed to a 2-4-5 style D. And clearly several will play a LB/DE hybrid. Does Thornton project to start immediately and does Mitchell really have 2 more years? DB 15 Given our history of injuries, a position that is likely good to be a bit over weighted. The most "experienced" position group on the roster with a Senior (brand new here) and 5 Juniors And all this with 4 spots left. Final question, we already have a DB, LB, RB and DE transfer (he's not on the list yet). Clearly OL is a transfer target, do they target 2? And can you rank by position (realize there will be a bit of BPA to who we add as well) the priorities/biggest needs for transfers Oh I lied, another question. By position groups, can you rank them from strongest to weakest?
  8. https://www.texasfootball.com/article/2021/02/03/he-was-homeless-and-worked-from-3-7-am-to-make-ends-meet-now-he-s-signed-to-play-college-football?ref=home_feature_article Simply an awesome story. Kid was living in a shelter in Ft Worth, working from 3am-7am before school to make ends meet. Now he's getting a shot. Homeless. The sheer thought of the word makes you shudder and immediately count your blessings. For Fort Worth Arlington Heights’ Leslie Adindu, it is his reality. A family dispute culminating in his father’s move to New Orleans left Adindu without a place to live in Fort Worth. The 19-year-old found himself living in a shelter. It’s at this point where this story could go one of two ways: Adindu, down on his luck, could have simply thrown up his hands, torn up the cards he’d been dealt and faded into the background. Or, or, he could have authored one of the most inspirational stories you’ll ever hear. Guess which path Adindu chose? “He didn’t know how to put pads on” Arlington Heights defensive line coach Charles Perry won’t soon forget the first time he laid eyes on Adindu, who had moved to Texas from Nigeria with his father in the fall of 2019. It was during PE class when Perry noticed a well-put-together 6-foot-1, 190-pound kid he didn’t recognize. Perry approached him about playing football; Adindu was more interested in soccer. After some convincing, Adindu wound up playing junior varsity football as a junior on the defensive line.
  9. Looks like Choate is an excellent pick up. Had not intended to direct this at you but appreciate the feedback none the less.
  10. Well said. Yes, most of the schools were pissed Sark stole their guys. I think Saban blessed teh Flood move as he knew he'd lose at least one but certainly not happy about Mr "Pole Assassin" Banks. UDub PISSED at losing Coach K. PS, rumors on the interwebs abound that the LB coach will be Jimmy Nansen from UCLA will be nabbed. His rep is as a 1st rate recruiter. This staff can land some talent.
  11. Screw it, I'm drinking the kool aid with extra sugar. PS, this from my boy Cujo posted elsewhere and shamelessly stolen If you have some time, go and check UDub's game vs Bama in the CFPlayoffs from 2016. Mind you, it was 4 years ago, but man what a defensive clinic. Bama came into the game Averaging over 471 yds per game Averging over 40.5 pts per game vs UW Bama offense 17 pts 324 yds Jalen Hurts went 7/14 for 57 ds. The only thing good for bama that day was Bo Scarborough UW offense did them no favors with 3 TO (one being a pick 6) and only having 194 yds of total offense.
  12. I'm sure we'll get a breakdown from the really smart guys but from the Cheap Seats, it looks like Sark has landed an outstanding group of coaches moving forward. And let's be candid (I'm always honest), #1 problem of both CFS & CTH was far too many "comfort hires" out of the gate. I will even argue (and did so years ago) that had Mack hired a DC on the level of GD or even close, he would have enjoyed even more success. Like most casual observers of CFB, I had no clue who Coach Pete Kwiatkowski (Quick-cow-ski) was or his background. I did know UDub played some serious and fundementally sound defense but I gave now UDub HC Coach Lake most of the credit. Seems that was short sighted and Coach K deserves more than a little acclaim himself. He is also a DC interested in being a DC, he turned down returning to Boise St as the head man. Coach K also seems fine with Sark lining up his staff for him, his rep is as a non-ego kinda guy. What is also interesting is that he is extremely well regarded as a DC but Sark was too busy looking East till he finally looked West. Hope that back story comes out one day, I'm curious when was the 1st time Sark reached out to him. Coach K has Bo Davis (2nd time as the TEXAS DL coach) along the DL. He's solid and a good recruiter. Asumming Coach K takes the LBs Terry Joseph and Blake Gideon will coach the secondary. Joseph from ND and comes with a good reputation as both recruiter and talent developer. He will be the "passing game coordinator" Blake is considered a rising star in coaching circles. Rumors have Oscar Giles staying on board in an analyst role. Clearly the offense runs through Sark who has brought his "right hand man" at Bama over as the QB coach AJ Milwee TE's & STs will be run by uber recruiting star Jeff Banks. I'm guessing we'll finally start using TEs in our offense. Stan Drayton, RBs & Andre Coleman, WRs have been retained. Coleman was rewarded with the commit of a 4 Star WR out of Flower Mound with Sark's announcment as HC. Nice way to kick of the new era. Not sure if it has been announced but I believe Sark is still pursuing Holman Wiggings, WR coach at Bama (another uber recruiter). If he's hired, Coleman moves to an analyst spot we assume. Saving my favorite (after Sark, but Coach K might be there too) new hire for last. Kyle Flood has come over to coach the OL. He is considered one of the Top 5 OL coaches in the nation, is adept at recruiting OLs and coaching them up to be high NFL draft picks. So that's the 8 Sark wants to play and I have to say, it's nice to see an HC bring in some of the best in the land at their positions than to hire his "not ready for prime time" players like the last two. Especially on defense, will be interesting to see how fast the team gels around a new system as Coach K runs a 2-4-5 as a base D, though it does look a great deal like a 4-3 or a 4-2-5 at times.

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