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  1. Way to go staff. Seems Shaka wanted to take a shot at TEXAS as his sorry ass headed out the door. He was bragging about how he ALWAYS played in front of sell out crowds at VCU (capacity 7100) but never at TEXAS . .. . where he averaged over 9,000 fans a game. Sorry I can't post the tweet but very well played: Smart & Strong were two of the WORST hires TEXAS ever made. I for one was all in on Strong (shows you what I know) though tepid on Smart as he had all the ear marks of a one hit wonder. 0-6 in the Big Dance at TEXAS. Care to wage
  2. Not sure if everyone say this article from our super staff here. Charles Wright, we've never had a recruit with such a top flight name. Mark my words, kid will make a difference for us down the road.
  3. IT is the go to board for Longhorn news it seems.
  4. Doritos had 6 or 9 organizations put together a video and picked only 1.
  5. Watch this commercial just past the Doritos "Bold" logo at the end for this to really make sense. My buddy Dave Vabora created the Adaptive Training foundation after his NFL career He was Mr Irrelevant in 2008, drafted by the St Louis Rams. He would finish his career at Seattle. Incredible guy. Many of the people in the video are friends.
  6. I'm going to post my response to a part of the War Room. The breakdown was the scholarship players by position group. Then below I added some commentary (ie WAY to many LBs). This is more the discussion I am interested in having. Thoughts on the numbers, strengths and weaknesses by position group. Some interesting takeaways: From the Alamo Bowl, we return 21 of 22 starters. Only 12 of 81 Juniors or Seniors Room for 4 more ships BEFORE we lose anyone else [QUOTE="Ketchum, post: 15258896, member: 20"] Quarterbacks (3) Cas
  7. https://www.texasfootball.com/article/2021/02/03/he-was-homeless-and-worked-from-3-7-am-to-make-ends-meet-now-he-s-signed-to-play-college-football?ref=home_feature_article Simply an awesome story. Kid was living in a shelter in Ft Worth, working from 3am-7am before school to make ends meet. Now he's getting a shot. Homeless. The sheer thought of the word makes you shudder and immediately count your blessings. For Fort Worth Arlington Heights’ Leslie Adindu, it is his reality. A family dispute culminating in his father’s move to New Orle
  8. Looks like Choate is an excellent pick up. Had not intended to direct this at you but appreciate the feedback none the less.
  9. Well said. Yes, most of the schools were pissed Sark stole their guys. I think Saban blessed teh Flood move as he knew he'd lose at least one but certainly not happy about Mr "Pole Assassin" Banks. UDub PISSED at losing Coach K. PS, rumors on the interwebs abound that the LB coach will be Jimmy Nansen from UCLA will be nabbed. His rep is as a 1st rate recruiter. This staff can land some talent.
  10. Screw it, I'm drinking the kool aid with extra sugar. PS, this from my boy Cujo posted elsewhere and shamelessly stolen If you have some time, go and check UDub's game vs Bama in the CFPlayoffs from 2016. Mind you, it was 4 years ago, but man what a defensive clinic. Bama came into the game Averaging over 471 yds per game Averging over 40.5 pts per game vs UW Bama offense 17 pts 324 yds Jalen Hurts went 7/14 for 57 ds. The only thing good for bama that day was Bo Scarborough
  11. I'm sure we'll get a breakdown from the really smart guys but from the Cheap Seats, it looks like Sark has landed an outstanding group of coaches moving forward. And let's be candid (I'm always honest), #1 problem of both CFS & CTH was far too many "comfort hires" out of the gate. I will even argue (and did so years ago) that had Mack hired a DC on the level of GD or even close, he would have enjoyed even more success. Like most casual observers of CFB, I had no clue who Coach Pete Kwiatkowski (Quick-cow-ski) was or his background. I did know UDub played some serious and fundem
  12. Brock Purdy is back and outside of their RB, they pretty much have everyone back. If we run the KSU offensive scheme vs ISU, we play in the CCG. BiJon stays healthy, 9-3/10-2 Hate to say this because I loved Sam but think our O is better. Also think the D is better. We will be a very attractive target for 2021 portals/Grad transfers. Predict we land 7-10
  13. I heard Hamilton is back on the TEXAS internet boards, where did he land?
  14. And yet we were in position to win every game under Herman with OU save the CCG. They have been much better coached, especially on defense than we have been. Keeping CTH simply kicks the can down the road for another year and further reduces our talent levels with our 2022 class.

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