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  1. View from the Cheap Seats Sark Snatches defeat from the Jaws of Victory No other way to say it. In the history of the Red River War, neither team has ever overcome a 21 point deficit, that is until TEXAS took a 21 point lead in the 1st quarter. In a game that saw lots of records set, the Longhorns will be stuck with coulda/shoulda/woulda for another year . This game was a nut kicker/gut punch and Sark faces a huge coaching challenge this week as the Oklahoma State Cowboys come into Austin and they will arrive enjoying a bye week to get ready. Now win or lose, this would be a big coaching challenge but the Horns confidence took a beating on Sat. Can Sark get his young charges ready? It was a tale of two halves. TEXAS jumped out to a 14-0 lead behind a 75 yard pitch and catch to Xavier Worthy on the 1st play of the game. TEXAS D, not to be outdown, bows up and forces OU to punt after a 3 and out and Overshawn blocked the punt giving TEXAS the ball at the 2. TEXAS would take a 38-20 lead into halftime behind three 3 and out drives forced by our defense which included an INT and a Spenser fumble recovered by you guess it Overshown. Casey Thompson looked very good in the 1st half, pitching 3 TD passes OU would get an important TD drive thanks to a horrid missed review where the OU WR ran out of bounds and illegally caught a long 3rd down pass to keep a drive alive. Oddly, that blown call may have been the most significant of the day. One of the marks of great coaching is the ability to make adjustments at halftime to counter what the opposition is doing. No other way to spin this one sports fans, Sark & Company failed badly while dirt his burgler counterparts gave our coaches a lesson on how to make adjustments. After taking a 38-20 leat halftime, TEXAS would be outscored 35-10 in the 2nd half. TEXAS could not sustain drives in the 2nd half nor could it score another touchdown till their last drive of the game. It was a combination of very “turtle like” play calling and the ugly penalty bugaboo rearing it’s ugly head. TEXAS simply could not get ahead of the chains, leaving themselves in 3rd and long regularly in the 2nd half. That’s 2 games now, both loses where Sark has gone away from what created his offensive success. A trend we don’t like Worst loss in RRW history? Interesting point of discussion Despite the pressure on Casey getting worse in the 2nd half, the game plan seemed to be to turn him into a pocket passer and throw deep. In our pre-game keys to victory, two were quick passing to blunt their pass rush and getting BiJan the ball in space as a pass catcher out of the backfield. He would record only 1 reception and it’s clear Sark does not read the Cheap Seats. We also thought this would be a big game for our TEs but they only had 3 receptions. It is clear that our offensive line is not a team strength but to expect them to hold up under pressure and to not counter with better play calling is a major question mark. The good news in the 1st half, we ended any faint hope Rattler had at a Heisman season. The bad news, we made his true freshman back up (who played part of the 2nd quarter and all the 2nd half) look like a star. Note to J Sanders. Pass rushers get drafted much higher and make MILLIONS more in the NFL than TEs and we don’t use TEs anyway. OTOH, we have a deep need for a pass rusher. After a great 1st half of pressuring OU, our D failed to get pressure and effect play from our front 6/7 in the 2nd. TEXAS would win the turnover battle 3-1, scoring 21 points. This is an oddity in that the team winning the turnover battle generally wins the RRW. Of course another long time trend in winning is rushing over 200 yards. OU rushed for 339, most in the 2nd half. Our keys to the loss: · Poor 2nd half play calling by Sark/failure to sustain drives and score TDs · Poor offensive line play · Poor tackling in the 2nd half · OU ran 81 plays to our 61, our defense (really no defense) can hold up to that but ours isn’t the team strength. Now we have seen thread titles where fans are blaming the D. Before you get the pitchforks out, be reminded that on 5 OU drives inside the red zone, the D bowed up and forced 3 FGs. Given our half time lead, that should have been enough. Of course we should have controlled the clock in the 2nd half but we constantly found ourselves behind the chains. We hate going deep on 1st down. We love going deep on 2nd and 2-4, 2nd and short. Anyone who did not realize this D is not the strength of the team is simply not paying attention. Sadly in the 2nd half, the old problem of missed tackles became more pronounced. Glass half empty Potential to be a season wrecking loss. Sark’s honeymoon was a short one, zero margin for error. Glass half full Every team goal still on the table. And win out, guaranteed shot at the conference title, most likely with a RRW re-match Offensive players of the game: Casey Thompson, even without the 75 yard opening play, he still threw for 300+ yards. He also threw 5 TD passes, tying the RRW record (Sam Bradford 2008) and setting the mark for TEXAS QBs. We had said pre-season he had some James Brown in him, he backed that up. Xavier Worthy, after having a “less than sterling” day vs TCU, the young man almost went completely beast mode. 9 receptions, 261 yards and 2 TDs. Top game EVER for a TEXAS freshman WR. He did have a major blunder which was a significant factor in the outcome of the game. 5 yards deep he decided to run back a kickoff which resulted in a fumble. OU would score a TD almost immediately. Have to say, we LOVE the way Sark handled him. Defensive player of the game DeMarvion Overshown Outstanding 1st half which included a punt block, fumble recovery. He would finish the day with 2 TFL and a sack. And largely he was making plays all over the field. Why one should never take Brian Jones seriously, shock jock who doesn’t have a clue. Stats that Matter · 103 Most points scored in the RRW history by both teams · 4 of 12 TEXAS on 3rd down. The most telling stat of the 2nd half · 39 Yards by BiJan in the 2nd half on 8 carries, includes a 33 yarder · 339/129 OU rushing yardage/TEXAS rushing yardage · 5 Touchdown passes by Casey, tied for most in RRW history with Sam Bradford · 90 number of prospect TEXAS had at the game. The good news, every OL has to know he walks on campus as a potential starter On Deck Sark faces a tough task this week. His team just had their guts ripped out. They know they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. He will need to get his team focused on Okie Lite and not let 1 loss become 2. The good news, TEXAS has 100% of it’s season’s goals in front of them. They are better than everyone else on the schedule and they can face OU again in Dallas if they run the table. Plenty to play for. But it all starts Sat. Beat the Pokes, head into a bye week then emerge a week later to face a vastly improved Baylor team. Fighting Mack Brown’s Mack/UNC’s season might be circling the drain after he goes 0-11 vs his alma mater, FSU. With ND, Wake Pitt and UNCst still on the schedule, it’s a crap shoot if Mack can even take the Tarheels bowling. Ranking the BigXII #1 OU, alone on top. Riley now owns Sark. 2nd tier teams, today you can rank in pretty much any order #2 Okie Lite on the strength of their 2-0 confernce record. #3 Baylor Drubbed WVU today #4 TEXAS #5 ISU Bye week 3rd tier all fighting to go bowling #6 KSU bye week CU pounded TT #7 TCU pounded TT #8 WVU pounded by Baylor Mutts # 9 TT back to back beat downs, Matt Wells time in Lubbock circling the drain #10 Kansas Playoff projections #1 Georgia , Georgia looks like the best of the SEC #2 B1G champion Winner of the Iowa vs Mich/tOSU game? Unless PSU pulls an upset along the way #3 OU, sucks to type. #4 SEC runner up as long as they have one loss? 4th spot pretty open right now On the outside looking in: Is this the group of 5 year with Cincy? 1 loss PAC winner? Arizona State or Oregon? Wake unbeaten but still must face Clemson, then likely Pitt in the ACC title game Still a good deal of football to play.
  2. View from the Cheap Seats-Horny Toads (or as DKR said. . . Cockroaches) BEAST MODE Thank the good lord for BiJan Robinson. TEXAS/Sark put the game on his back and he delivered with a career day as TEXAS narrowly escapes Ft Worth with a much needed win. TCU is 2nd only to OU as TEXAS’ biggest bugaboo in the BigXII, the frogs enjoying a 7-2 record over the Horns over the last decade. This was not the same TEXAS team we saw vs a couple of tomato cans. In some ways, this was exactly the game TEXAS needed heading into the Red River War. Classic trap game, on the road with the biggest game of the season the following week against an opponent that can lose every other game of the season but if they beat us, their season a success. And TEXAS (outside of BiJan) played almost as poorly as they did vs the Pigs. Dropped passes, poor execution and penalties not to mention our worst red zone performance of the year turned what should have been a blown out into a nail biter. Having said that and given the struggles we have had against the Frogs, we’ll take the win, ugly as it was. Thank you Stan Drayton for your work recruiting BiJan. Young man was absolutely amazing producing in his heaviest workload day of his career. 35 carries for 216 yards and 2 TDs to go with 2 receptions. BEAST MODE He is leading the nation in forcing missed tackles too. He is simply an amazing back and we suspect by the end of the year, the debate becomes is he or Jammal Charles our #3 RB of all time. With apologies to former players like Ernie Koy and Chris Gilbert. Hopefully this is a game where Sark can grow as a coach. We have been spoiled for 2 weeks seeing a gameplan where all the weapons are used, we’re used to seeing not only a high octane offense but a creative one as well. This we did not see vs the Frogs. We saw what might have been the most vanilla game plan of the year this side of Fayetteville. Not sure we ever saw Casey asked to roll out to stress their front and their front is very good. We saw one pass route utilizing our TEs and little use of mis direction. Though the jet sweep to K Robinson was excellent. So good we never ran it again. Maybe we’re saving something for OU but against 2 good defenses this year, we have not seen the best Sark has to offer. Speaking of people who will grow from this, we have no doubt some of the naysayers are calling for Casey Thompson’s head. That would be a very bad move. Casey had easily his worst day but he lead TEXAS to a tough win on the road. Granted, helps when you line up with BiJan beside you. He also had at least 4 drops and 2 (maybe more) of those on 3rd down which would have kept drives alive. TEXAS enjoyed 6 trips to the red zone. The good news, 5-6 scoring. The bad news 4 scores were FGs, one trip saw us stuffed on 4th and 1, which would lead to a TCU 99 yard drive and a TD. Had no problem with Sark going for it on 4th down to go from a 12 to a 19 point (2 scores vs 3) lead. But with TCU stacked to stop BiJan, we slammed him into the line twice. Later in the day Bama would go for it on 4th and 1 from the 1. They faked a run left, rolled their QB right behind play action and completed an easy TD to their pass catcher. Getting stuffed at the 1 with a 32-20 lead should not have been the worst thing in the world. Except TEXAS’ D would give up all 99 yards to see TCU pull within 5 points. Oddly, TCU took their sweet time on the drive and ate up a bunch of the clock. TCU then kicked deep counting on their D to stop TEXAS. Not today Gary, Sark put the ball in BiJan’s hands 6 straight times gaining 33 of his 216 yards none more important than his last carry gaining 6 on a 3rd and 6 to allow TEXAS to go into victory formation for the final 3 plays. While it may not sound like it, a win on the road is a win and TCU has been a major thorn in Bevo’s side. We had multiple chances to put a fork in the Frogs. We left points on the field settling for FGs. This team should never have to lean on one RB for 35 carries, even as good as BR is. Having said that, this team needed to face adversity and this they did today. Casey threw what at first looked like an ugly INT into triple coverage. Upon further review, Worthy was held (rather obviously) or he’s most likely running open. Refs missed that call, it was a game of some questionable calls but Casey bounced back from his 2nd INT of the season to play well, though certainly not great. Our pass catchers struggled at time catching the ball and as stated above, it was a pretty vanilla game plan. We lost Okafor to injury, adjusted the OL on the fly and again, we won. Might have been ugly but we won. This was the type of game TEXAS would have lost over the past 8-10 years. Offensive Player of the Game BiJan Robinson. Easiest pick of the year. All he did was carry the team. Herculean performance 35 Carries 216 yards and 2 TDs. Add 2 receptions for another 22 yards. Could not find his yards after contact but at least half would be our guess today. Defensive Player of the Game Anthony Cook His sack force fumble of Max Duggin would lead to a field goal and TEXAS 1st 2 score lead of the day. Stats that Matter 5 of 6 6 Trips into the TCU red zone, 4 field goals and only 1 TD, not good 6-15 TEXAS on 3rd down, 1-5 in the 1st half 9 Penalties on TEXAS for 97 yards. Shades of Mensa 3 Turnovers gained by TEXAS but only turned into 9 points 6.2 BiJan's average yards per carry On Deck Simply the biggest game of the year, the Red River War, against the most talented team TEXAS will face. And we’ll say it now, we think this is game one of two vs OU this year. We think the team will grow thanks to the adversity it faced vs TCU. Make no mistake, OU will look to expose our secondary. We’ll need red zone TDs not FGs to win and we’ll need to tackle well and limit yards after the catch. Our too early key to victory. . . .execution. TEXAS brings it’s A game, it will leave on top of the conference. ALL GAS NO BRAKES Fighting Mack Brown’s UNC really needed a slump buster and they found one in Duke. Tarheel’s high hopes for the season have largely been dashed but Mack continues to recruit well and add talent. They will go bowling and Mack has clearly improved UNC’s performance. Ranking the BigXII #1 OU. . . . they played their best game of the year so far vs KSU. They remain on the Top tier of the BigXII but they lack the invincibility they have enjoyed in the past. The next 3 teams are the 2nd Tier of the BigXII today, you can largely rank them in any order. #2 OSU Battle of the ranked teams, Cowboys come out on top #3 TEXAS You can make the case for #2 but with the Red River War on the horizon and #2 the winner of a pair of ranked teams, #3 fits for now #4 ISU Throttled hapless Kansas The mid tier of the BigXII, these are teams good enough to upset anyone. #5 Baylor Dave Aranda is another very good hire for Baylor #6 KSU Skyler Thompson is back which gives KSU a chance vs the rest of the BigXII #7 Texas Tech Nice win on the road vs WVU #8 TCU #9 WVU Coulda/shoulda/Woulda And now alone at the bottom #10 Kansas Maybe not so early Playoff projections. #1 Bama They make it look easy #2 Georgia Looking forward to the SEC title game but we think at this point, both get in. #3 B1G champ Even with 1 loss. Top 3 teams play each other then likely face Iowa for the title. #4 Oklahoma sucks to type, though we think they will have to beat TEXAS twice to get there. Wild cards Cincinnati beat previously unbeaten ND, could this be the year for Group of 5? Oregon is most likely done. Same for ND This was “separation weekend” as the race just got a good deal clearer on the 1st weekend in Oct. And a final note, the Pirate headed into Kyle Field and downs the Aggies yet again. Couldn’t happen to a better bunch. Nor will it be ACES last loss of the season. Wonder if the Aggies are still talking playoffs.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGQBNnSeeK4
  4. View from the Cheap Seats-Texas Tech Chancellor Spurs Game Starting in 1996, the two teams began competing for the “Chancellor Spurs” trophy, a very nice looking pair of engraved spurs held by the winning team. The teams began play against each other in 1928 but it was not until 1960 when Tech joined the Southwest conference, the teams played every year. With this win, TEXAS takes an overall 52-17 overall lead in the “rivalry”. For the record, Tech is the only team from the Orphan 8 the Cheap Seats cares if we play on a regular or even semi-regular basis. There are rumors of this being made official but so far, we have not seen any details. So what does Coach Sark do to open BigXII play? Matched the most points TEXAS has ever scored vs a BigXII opponent. Was in attendance at the last 70 point game, Vince and the National Title winning Longhorns simply destroyed Colo in the 2005 BigXII title game. Did we mention, we are a big fan of club level seats?. It’s hard to believe some pundits were claiming that Tech should win the game or that TEXAS did not match up well vs the Red Raiders. Clearly was not the case as TEXAS’ much maligned offensive line simply DOMINATED the vaunted TT front 7. Outside of 1 sack in the 2nd quarter, Casey had time to throw and the multi headed RB group had room to run. Coach Sark mentioned that being able to run the ball was a key to victory. Did he ever call that one. And it was a GREAT game plan as Tech’s defense was off balance all afternoon. Worth mentioning that Sark’s use of different personnel groups and motion has paid big dividends for the Horns this year. We frequently saw 2 TE sets. What a stable of running backs Sark enjoys. Let’s start with BiJan who keeps this pace up the rest of the season and he’s traveling to NYC for the Heisman presentation as a finalist. 6.7 ypc on 18 carries (137 yards), 54 more on 2 receptions. We believe his optimal work load is 18-22 touches vs the weaker teams on the schedule RoShon “Mr Do it all/Mr Anything for the Team” Johnson clocked in at 4.9 ypc on 13 attempts and added 2 hard earned Touchdowns. Keilan Robinson once again showed off his speed in the 4th quarter, 4 carries, 10+ ypc with a TD, cannot wait to see the Robinson/Robinson back field. Not to be forgotten, true freshman Jonathan Brooks with 7 carries for 48 yards, 6.7 ypc. Casey Thompson had a great performance in his 2nd start. 303 yards passing, 5 Touchdowns and added a rushing touch down. So far he has lead TEXAS on 23 drives netting 20 TDs and a FG in the 2021 season. The Cheap Seats said last year that Casey needed to be the starter. Now we fully admit, he doesn’t change the outcome of the Pigs game but we believed from last season he was more ready to start and lead TEXAS than Hudson. TEXAS 1st Native American (Kiowa Tribe) QB is locking down the QB1 spot. At least through 2 games vs a tomato can and a team that came in just a bit overhyped. Perhaps the best sign of his maturity came after he threw an UGLY INT which cost Dicker a chance to be the kicker. The game also marked the debut of QB3, Charles Wright, the QB/Longhorn player with the greatest name in TEXAS football history. We would be remiss if we did not note this important event. Special teams were the length of a helmet from earning a helmet sticker, Keilan Robinson went for blocked punts in back to back games. This would have been a scoop and score for a 21-0 lead but he was in the neutral zone by the length of his head gear. Instead he gave Tech a 4th and 2, they went for it, made it which lead to their 1st score of the 1st half. D Jamison with another GREAT punt return to give TEXAS a short field score. Our defense played a very impressive 1st half but seemed to lose it’s mental edge in the 2nd. 1st half we won 42-14 but we would only win the 2nd half 28-21. With Sonny Cumbie calling plays, Tech can score some points. In fact the worst 1st half play for the Horns was when TT’s highly rated, transfer from Oregon starting QB Taylor Shroud would injure his own shoulder diving into the end zone. Back up (and 4 time starter in 2020) Henri Colombi came in and began to light up the Horn secondary throwing for 324 yards, 3 TDs but an INT (that was 100% on his WR who he hit in the hands). Tech would pass for just under 400 yards (392). We have no doubt our opponents will review that tape. Offensive player of the game Coach Flood and his Offensive Line with BY FAR their most dominating performance of the young season after opening with much maligned first 3 games. The negative press was earned but their performance today was impressive. Remains to be seen if Tech D is as good as they were hyped. Honorable Mention: BiJan Robinson continues to impress and dazzle. 18 carries for 137 yards and 2 Receptions where he added a TD. Defensive Player of the game Josh Thompson for his pick 6 return On Deck and coaching challenge of the week. So far Coach Sark has had the team ready for a well-coached La La team to open the season. He would flubb badly vs the Pigs but made the very tough call to change QB1 to Casey who has rewarded him by leading the offense in back-to-back dominate performances. Clearly Coach Sark took a bad loss and did not allow it to become 2. This week’s coaching challenge are two fold. First he must now manage the “success” of two BIG wins, even if neither vs a quality opponent. And second, he faces the 2nd biggest Longhorn nemesis in the BigXII. TCU and it’s well coached squad lead by Gary “Mr Defense” Patterson and an offense lead by one of the top QBs in the conference. And he must do this on the road for only the 2nd times this season. Would not put much stock in TCU’s loss to SMU, this game will be the biggest on the Frog schedule. Coach Sark must also keep the Horns focused on this week’s opponent with the BIGGEST game of the year, the Red River War “in the hole”. This game screams “trap”, on the road, coming off a big, head swelling TEXAS victory and the Frogs coming off a loss. Oh yeah, will TEXAS be peaking forward to the Red River War?. And it’s about to get real. TCU, OU and Okie Lite are up before a bye week. The easy part of the schedule is over. Stats that Matter · 9 of 11 11 offensive drives for the Horns. 9 Touchdowns, 1 INT and one “run the clock out” drive at the end of the game · 6 of 6 Red zone success offense with 6 TDs. The INT came from the 23. · 10 of 14 TEXAS on 3rd down · 5 of 13 TT on 3rd down. Though they would convert 3 of 5 on 4th down · 336/303 Yards rushing/Yards passing Pretty balanced attacked · 1 Number of negative plays prior to the “run out the clock” drive · 0 Number of punts by TEXAS · 6 Drives of 9 plays or more by TEXAS, TT’s D was DRAGGING · 10 Cheap Seats had TEXAS over TT for 10 points in the ESPN confidence ESPN Pick’em Poll. All Gas No Brakes. Bad news, had ISU for 9 over Baylor UGH. Fighting Mack Brown’s Ugly loss on the road to Atlanta. What coulda/shoulda/woulda been UNC’s year to take a shot at the title. . . .is slipping away into a “they’ll be lucky to go bowling/finish the year ranked” Pigs pull off the Texas 3 step Beat Rice,beat us and beat Aggie. We were assured Arkie was “meh” and that Aggie was a playoff contender. Clearly not the case, Pigs are 4-0 after winning their SEC opener and most likely go bowling this year. Aggie? ACES. Figure this is a 4 loss Aggie team. Can only help the Longhorns with recruiting. BTW, Cheap Seats had Pigs over ACES, though only for 3 Ranking the BigXII-Separation week. Most teams faced conference opponents this week and we should start knowing more about who ranks where. #1 Oklahoma eecked out the win vs WVU. They have not looked great all year. #2 TEXAS on the strength of a big win but we won’t know much until the end of the next 3 weeks. #3 Okie Lite. . . nice win over ranked KSU #4 WVU Coulda/shoulda/woulda beat OU. Why they are running a two QB system is a mystery and cost them dearly #5 Baylor Pulled off the upset of ISU at home. We went the wrong way in College Pick’em and lost 9 points #6 ISU They have not been impressive this year. Too much cheese eating in the offseason? Will Campbell regret not taking an NFL offer that would have set him up financially for life? #7 KSU Dropping out of Top 25 ranking after this loss. They are really hurting without Skyler Thompson #8 TCU Really? You lost to SMU? #9 TT You learn nothing playing weak teams. #10 Kansas, blown out by Duke. Better luck come basketball season Way too early playoff projections #1 Bama a scare vs Florida but #1 continues to roll. #2 Norte Dame Big win over Whiskey, Brian Kelly becomes all time winningest coach at ND #3 B1G winner tOSU? Pedophile State? Michigan? Frankly Iowa needs a bit of love, we see a 1 loss B1G getting in #4 Oregon Above assumes all go unbeaten, upsets make things REALLY interesting Just a bit outside OU They have looked beatable, can they run the table? wouldn't bet on it. Georgia They have a shot if they make the SEC title game unbeaten and lose to Bama. Same for Bama if they lose that game to Georgia BYU They would need to run the table though not sure how strong their SOS would be. PS, posted this last night but did not realize I wasn't signed in. Silly me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGQBNnSeeK4
  5. Kiowa http://www.ndnsports.com/no-7-ranked-dual-threat-qb-casey-thompson-kiowa-tribe-commits-to-the-texas-longhorns/
  6. View from the Cheap Seats-Rice Slump Buster And did this Longhorn team ever need a slump buster after the worst defeat of the past decade, a tomato can a stalking horse, a stat padder, call Rice whatever you wish. Almost feel sorry for Rice, which was once a proud program and some of the brightest kids in Texas played their hearts out. (Rice refers to itself as the Harvard of the Southwest for good reason). The biggest story of the night, for the 1st time since 3 Nov 2017, Casey Thompson was QB1 for his team. After 4 years at TEXAS, Casey got his chance to start and he shined. Granted, he was playing Rice so don’t get too excited. Having said that, he was decisive, his throws were on the money and outside of an Interception, he had an outstanding night. Though the interception was interesting as he came back complete unphased. In fact the biggest negative from the offense was that Casey was hit 3 or 4 times so the offensive line still has some work to do. Interesting trivia, until Sat night, we did not know that Casey was half Native American. Casey’s evening was aided by both scheme and by our ground attack. Clearly the strength of the Longhorn offense is it is lead by 2 outstanding running backs in BiJan Robinson and Roshon Johnson who each had amazing nights. And it was clear the job #1 for Coach Sark was to establish the run early and wear out Rice. Mission accomplished. 4 Running backs combined for 427 yards rushing including a 72 yard run by Roshon Johnson from the wildcat in the 1st quarter, a 62 yard run by BiJan in the 2nd quarter and a 65 yard run by Keilan Robinson in the 3rd quarter. BiJan Robinson gained 9.8 yards a carry and was only 3rd on the team in yards per carry on a 127 yard night. He also showed great power on several runs highlighted by a stiff arm where he threw the Rice defender to the ground. The 1st play of the highlights below features both the stiff arm and the replay of the stiff arm. BRUTAL This was clearly an All Gas, No Brakes night for Coach Sark who’s scheme featured a great deal of misdirection, opening with a jet sweep to get the ball in the hands of Xaiver Worthy. The slender (160 lbs) WR would have his biggest night of his young career. Jared Wiley recorded his 1st receptions for the 2021 season and maybe showed us a glimpse of the tight end position in this offense going forward. No series highlighted TEXAS/Sark was playing to win as much as our next to the last series in the 1st half. A Rice punt pinned TEXAS back at her 11. Following the only negative play (1 yard rushing loss) of the evening, Sark dials up 3 straight pass plays. The 3rd down play results in a holding call against TEXAS pinning us back at the 7. (btw, one of only 2 penalties on TEXAS on the evening) Most coaches would have run a safe play, punted and lived to fight another day considering we were already up 23-0. Nope, not Sark, he showed great faith in Casey who drops back and fires a 22 yard strike to Kelovanty Dixon setting up 1st down and then BiJan’s 62 yard TD run where he featured his speed, vision and cut back ability. Not to jinx him but at TEXAS, we know our great RBs by one name, they don’t need 2. Earl, Ricky, Ced, Jamaal, Priest (though more for his NFL success) and now BiJan. We have him for 2 more seasons before he’s a 1st round NFL pick, appreciate and enjoy him now. And we REALLY hope we haven’t jinxed him. Great things in the young man’s future. We would be remiss if we did not mention Kelien Robinson’s punt block which was the biggest special teams play of the evening and lead to a safety then a TEXAS TD drive so really a 9 point play. Defense had a good night, forcing Rice into 7 drives of 4 plays or less on Rice’s 10 drives (we don’t count the drive immediately before half as it was simply running out the clock) They did give up 3 drives of 9 plays or more. One of the biggest advantages of a tomato can game is getting snaps for a large number of players who will be needed as the season grinds on. Overall, doubt if you could have drawn up a better game or game plan for a badly needed slump buster. We hope that the QB issue is now resolved for the season though we doubt Coach Sark will say anything but “week to week” which we understand. There was only one player who left the field due to injury so hope he’s OK but fairly high on the pre-game check list was “no injuries” Not a game to get too excited about, Rice was outclassed. But certainly a great confidence builder game for the Horns Offensive player of the Game BiJan Robinson 127 yards 14 yard reception 3 TDs Honorable Mention: Roshon Johnson and Casey Thompson. Defensive player of the game Ovie Ogaphour Tackle and a half for loss + a sack Up Next Texas Tech comes to town. They will be a better opponent than Rice though they still will not tell us who this Longhorn team is. TT in Austin is seldom the same team as TT in Lubbock. We look for a somewhat similar game plan, plenty of mis direction and leaning hard on the run game with Casey throwing 18-25 times. 2 weeks until TCU on the road, which will be TEXAS’ “big test” of the season before we face OU in the Red River War then Oklahoma State before a bye week. We hope we see more passing to the TEs, we certainly have enough of them on the roster. One of Coach Sark’s challenges is to continue to rebuild this young team’s confidence. Stats that Matter 0 TEXAS’ D pitched it’s 1st shutout since 2017 427 TEXAS’ combined rushing yards with only 1 negative play a -1 yard run. 5-6 Six trips into the redzone coming away with 5 TDs and a late 4th quarter turnover on downs 0-2 Two Rice red zone trips resulting in ZERO scores 6 Number of TEXAS players who scored touchdowns in the game 0 Number of punts TEXAS needed Mack Attack Loss to Va Tech now looks worse with their loss to WVU. Facing Virginia, UNC took an early lead, lost the lead going into half time then came roaring back scoring 5 TDs in the 2nd half to win going away. Up next they face a Georgia Tech team that gave Clemson all they can handle Ranking the BigXII #1 Oklahoma while not an impressive win vs Neb, they are the champs and remain on top until someone knocks them off Standard caveat, until we know more, 2-7 can be ranked in any order today #2 ISU Big win vs a tomato can. #3 TEXAS We certainly know TEXAS can beat the weak teams on the schedule, #4 West Virginia on the strength of the best win (vs #15) on the BigXII schedule this week #5 TCU Horn Frogs on an early bye week #6 Okie Lite Neither team scored in the 2nd half, eeked out a win over Boise State #7 KSU 21 4th quarter points lead to a 21 point victory #8 Baylor Blew out Kansas #9 Texas Tech Blew out Florida International #10 Baylor Is it basketball season yet? Way too early Playoff projections #1 Bama Faced a real test in the swamp, simply too much talent but might not be their last game with Florida #2 Oregon Blew out a tomato can. Can anyone in the Pac stop their run? #3 tOSU Bumbling, stumbling but continues to win. B1G play should be very interesting #4 Oklahoma For now, they run the table, they are in the playoffs Just a bit outside Georgia Cocktail party likely determines who plays Bama for the SEC title. Need some of the front runner sin the nation to lose a game so SEC can get 2 teams Penn St Beat a better than we thought Auburn team who’s role this year might be spoiler Michigan Harbaugh’s year to win the B1G? Iowa Looking good early Clemson Not looking impressive but just win baby https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YY_c5eWZhuE
  7. Pretty clear that for all of Hudson's hype, he was not ready for the bright lights. Not one of the 3 missed deep balls was on anyone but Hudson, sorry that's just reality. Now J Witt dropped a ball we needed but in the grand scheme, even if he catches it we aren't winning the game. The bright lights got to Card, just reality. He will learn from it but I suspect we have our QB1 for the season. Neither Rice nor TT mean much, other than adding wins. TCU will be the 1st real test.
  8. View from the Cheap Seats-Arkansas Pigs play “line football”, SOOIE Let’s make no mistake, TEXAS went to Arkansas and got their backsides beaten. It started with both sides of the lines where the Pig OL & DL dominated the game. We’ll break down some problems, but line play is at the head of the list. BTW, the comment about “playing line football” came from the Pigs staff before the game. Lots of truth to this. Neither TEXAS line played well while the Pigs simply dominated. . . . we might be repeating ourselves. And this one of the hardest Cheap Seats to author. It was sad to see so many TEXAS fans drinking the kool aid and boasting we’d win this game going away. Too much Nintendo and too little understand of real football. Real football is a highly emotional game, played in front of raucous crowds, played by angry men. TEXAS certainly faced that last night as the Arkansas fans set a record for home attendance and volume. Our first problem was badly underrating a very good defense the Pigs brought to the table along with an outstanding running game. Our second problem was getting seriously out coached. Seems that last year, Sark had no answer for the Pigs D as they would hand Bama their lowest scoring and yardage output of the season. Not just by a little bit but by around half. Not sure what Sark was thinking constantly trying to run the way he did vs an excellent run D. Sorry, we love Sark but this was a poorly schemed/called offensive game plan. Thursday night, the Dallas Cowboys opened against Tampa Bay featuring one of the best run D’s in the NFL. Dallas did not stubbornly pound the ball into the line, Dallas threw early and often, short throws to talented WRs and TEs, keeping the Tampa Bay D off balance. And they threw quickly, not giving the TB line time to pressure Dak. They bootlegged away from pressure with throws to TEs and RBs. We could have used a bit of this Sat night. But then again, we could have used a bit of anything that worked. Basically, Sark did his young QB few favors with the game plan and the by product is going to be a full blown QB controversy. For the 2nd week in a row, Casey Thompson was the best QB on the Longhorn side of things. Granted in both games Casey’s snaps came during garbage time but it’s hard to ignore how he lit up the offense with both his passing and running when he was on the field. This is the next BIG test for Sark, how to get his young QBs confidence back up as well as the confidence of the entire team. Can he keep 1 loss from becoming 2. Good news on that front, tomato can Rice next up. Bad news, we then must travel to TCU, another team that gets “geeked up” (to quote Nate Newton) for TEXAS. And even thought TCU looks like crap this year, they ALWAYS play TEXAS hard. We called it pre-season, Hudson was going to have a time where the game was too big for him. It came very early in the season. At one point, there were 3 long passes where receivers were running wide open for touchdowns, explosive plays that certainly would have helped. Card missed each of them badly. Though there was one long beautiful pass to Jordan Whittington, hit him in both hands only to be dropped. Card never looked comfortable in the game. Defense Defense played well in the 1st half, limiting the Pigs to FGs on 3 of their 4 scoring drives including off their very short field blocked punt. Well not great with no real help from the offense. 2nd half those figures would flip as the D gave up 3 TDs and a FG on 4 drives and were unable to stop the Arkie rushing attack. We are simply not physical enough to play a strong rushing team. And sadly, our 2nd half adjustments were poor. BJ Foster did have a great INT to blunt the Pigs 1st drive of the 2nd half that the offense turned into 7 but it simply wasn’t enough. 2nd Half adjustments One of the biggest gripes about Mensa was a lack of halftime adjustments. Sark and Coach K lost this battle to Barry Odom and Kendall Briles. We would lose the 3rd quarter 17-7. Not a good sign 2 plays that defined the night Football is a game of inches and TEXAS blew a chance to take an early lead when by the length of a big toe, Arkansas muffed a punt but the TEXAS player was out of bounds at the 3 by the narrowest of margins. Minus 7 (at least 3) and an early lead after TEXAS 1st 3 and out Early in the 2nd quarter, at his own 16, Cameron Dicker DROPS the ball where it is blocked then scooped and returned to the TEXAS 11. The D bowed up and forced a FG for the 2nd time that night in the Red Zone but the swing of the two plays was 10 points. Would it have mattered in the end? Football is a funny game that way and the best way to take a loud crowd out is to take an early lead. TEXAS trailed wire to wire. Refs In a fairly well called game, have to bitch about 2 BLATANT targeting calls which were not made. 1st one on BiJan would have turned a 3rd down stuff into a 1st down. The 2nd did not impact the drive as it happened on the goal line but if it’s about player safety then stop worrying about the fans and call the game right. Offensive player of the game Casey Thompson shined leading TEXAS to 2 TDs on the 2 drives he had the reigns Defensive player of the Game BJ Foster His INT was the highlight of the night and he came up with 2 big tackles on 3rd down. Stats that matter 333 Arkansas’ total rushing yards, not one Pig player broke 100 7.1 Average Yards per carry for the Pigs 4-13 3rd down conversions for the Horns 6 Drives of 3 plays and out or less (ugh) 9 Number of times Pigs kicked off (double ugh) 3-1 Turnover ratio, another stat line we lost 10/3 Tackles for Losses/Sacks recorded by Arkie 0-19 Sark’s record as a HC when down by 10 or more at half. Summation No way to sugar coat the azz beating the Pigs put on us. Make no mistake, the Pigs are a good team with a stout defense. Anyone who said otherwise, well doesn’t know football very well. Best D the Horns face all season? We hope so. Rice on deck so we have our slump buster but TCU before OU is a bit of a concern today. Sark needs to work some QB magic on young Mr Card. He is the future, is he the present? And does Casey have some James Brown in him, a guy who shines brighter under the lights not in practice? At least we can dispense with the “we’ll be 5-0 and Top 10 ranked when we face OU”. One comment, watched some of Tennessee’s game, South Carolina’s game and obviously the Pigs game. This is why we are moving to the SEC. Fans get jacked up for the games, they fill the stadiums and the stadiums are not 45,000 seat cracker boxes (except for Vandy). Hopefully by the time we get there, we show up with a better team. Mack and the Tar Heels Always good to have a tomato can on deck after an ugly loss. Tar Heels bounce back against Georgia Southern. They will need some help to win their division. Ranking the BigXII #1 OU Torched a tomato can Fair to say NO ONE in the BigXII is very impressive today, not really sure after 2 weeks who deserves to be ranked where from 2 to 8. Frankly put them in any order 9 & 10 are easy, TT barely beat FCS Stephen F while Kansas was abused by Coastal Carolina. #2 KSU 2-0 #3 TCU by virtue of a 2-0 record. Beat a poor Cal team #4 Okie Lite Another 2-0 record coming from behind to beat Tulsa with 21 in the 4th #5 ISU Pounded by Top 10 Iowa #6 TEXAS, prison raped by the pigs but solid win vs a ranked opponent in week 1 #7 WVU Put a whipping on Long Island High School. Oh wait, Long Island has a college and a football team. . . .who knew? #8 Baylor Whipped Texas Southern. . . . who cares? #9 Texas Tech You barely beat Stephen “FCS” Austin? #10 Kansas Way too early playoff picture #1 Bama #2 Oregon New kid in the mix proves they are for real beating tOSU on the road. Must say, many scoffed at the idea of Mario Christobal as a Mensa replacement candidate. Does a great job with OLs, wins (back to back Pac12 champ) and now in the drivers seat to win 3 years in a row/make the playoffs. #3 Norte Dame Biggest beneficiary of the tOSU loss #4 Georgia If both Bama and Georgia run the table, both most likely in Outside looking in? Oklahoma Clemson Penn State USC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tGTpuTyDaQ
  9. Proud day, got to buy the Great Man himself buds and enchiladas at Matt's El Rancho in Austin.   Joining us was All American QB Marty Akins

  10. View from the Cheap Seats ULaLa All Gas No Brakes What is likely the most significant off season in TEXAS Longhorn history opened with plenty of questions being answered by new Coach Steve “Sark” Sarkisian and his young charges. Not sure you could have scripted a better opening for Coach Sark, his brand new staff and the debut of Hudson Card. Let’s quickly start with the off season changes. As most are aware by now, TEXAS and Oklahoma shook the college football world by announcing they were joining the SEC. This announcement would come after TEXAS chose to fire Coach Tom “Mensa” Herman who had not done poorly, but he had not done well either. And after very publicly courting Urban Meyer who would bolt for the NFL, TEXAS would “settle” by plucking Coach Sark from the Bama staff, along with 3 other Bama coaches. The move to changes conferences that supposedly had been blocked for years (decades?) by the TEXAS administration was now seen as the most obvious move by a new AD, President and head of our board of Regents. Big time props to AD, CDC (now know by his initials), UT President Jay Hartzell and Board of Regent chair Kevin P. Eltife. History will be the judge of the wisdom of these moves but these men should be credited with the vision and courage to not stand with the status quo. ACES. So 2 quick digs at our friends down in College Station before we get into Sat's game. 1st, as great as the news of the move from the lackluster BigXII to the SEC was to real CFB fans, almost as joyous was listening to the howls and whines of our former “rival” (how much of a rival are you really when you lost 3/4ers of the games you play?) who realized they were going right back into the shadow of TEXAS. It was interesting that Aggie would also give Jimbo Fisher a raise after going 33-16 over 4 years, failing to win 10 games in a season and not even winning their division. TEXAS would fire their head coach who would go 32-18 over 4 years, producing a 10 win season and playing for the conference title. The standards are not the same Back to the game at hand TEXAS opened their season facing a Nationally ranked opponent that returned 20 of 22 starters from last year, a team which finished the year with a well-deserved Top 25 ranking. This is a team that upset Iowa State in the opener last year. This was also the game many pundits picked as their ”upset special” to kick off the season. Coach Sark and company would put the quick kibosh on that, jumping out to a 14-6 half time lead and never looking back. TEXAS would open the season forcing a 3 and out then registering their own 3 and out. . . .TEXAS would then go long TD drive, long missed FG drive then long TD drive to take a 14-6 half time lead. Did you read that right? Only 4 drives in the 1st half? Get used to Sark’s ball control offense where he’ll change plays at the line but will eat up much of the clock on every play. While the motto is “All gas no brakes”, this is not an up tempo offense many are used to seeing. To highlight that ball control, TEXAS would convert 10 of 15 chances on 3rd down. Not that Sark will not go uptempo from time to time, something he did several times in the game to keep the LaLa D off balance. If we were to pick one word for this offense? Methodical. Speaking of “methodical”, after the opening 3 and out, TEXAS would score or attempt to score, missed FG on drive #3, on every drive it had until the very last drive of the game where TEXAS was simply trying to run out the clock. Along the way, Coach Sark showed why he was so highly regarded and such a desirable candidate for the job. He put his talented players in a position to succeed and when asked to, his players made plays. The difference in not just play calling but play design as well. We’ll focus on BiJan’s 1st TD pass. TEXAS lines up with 2 tight ends tight on the left side of the formation with no WR to that side and BR in the backfield. Both TEs run routes into the center of the field, the Corner back follows the TEs leaving BR wide open to leak out into the flat where he outruns the D to the end zone. Of course nothing helps a play caller more than talented players and in BiJan Robinson TEXAS is blessed with a dynamic ball carrier with the power to break tackles as well as the quickness to leave defenders trying to find their underwear on the field. Think larger, stronger version of Jamaal Charles. As we saw at the end of last year, BR will be a special RB for TEXAS if he can stay healthy. The biggest story of the off season (on the field) was who would win the job as QB1 for the Horns. Hudson Card served notice the job was his while he lived up to advanced billing with a very impressive performance. Through one game, he showed why he deserved QB1 status. He delivered a calm, cool demeanor, frequently extending plays displaying good elusiveness in the pocket. He certainly displayed a “live arm” with pinpoint throws. He reminds us of another redshirt freshman QB, Colt McCoy, who enjoyed an on field maturity beyond his years. Not to mention a frame that could use another 10-15 pounds of muscle. Card did something not sure many noticed, when he scrambled, he kept his eyes down field. He never lost awareness of what was going on and where his targets were. Just one game but Card did everything he was asked including not turning the ball over.' Applaud Coach Sark for getting Casey Thompson into the game late in the 3rd and giving him the entire 4th quarter. Move should pay big dividends. He also managed to get RB3 Kelian Robinson plenty of snaps and he responded with a 5.1 ypc performance. Not everything was wine and roses. The TEXAS offensive line gave up 4 sacks on the day. Having watched the OU game with their DL wrecking havoc on the Tulane offense at times, this is a concern. Largely the only negative we can find with the offense but it’s pretty important one. While not as impressive or dominate as the O, the D acquitted itself well and we think Coach K is going to pay strong dividends. Without blitzing much, the TEXAS D contained a very good LaLa offense. Of particular note was limiting 5th year Senior QB Levi Lewis to his worst game in 2 years. A true dual threat QB, one of the big concerns was not letting Lewis beat the Horns with his legs. La La was never able to establish their run game and by the 2nd half, they became largely 1 dimensional. La La did manage 2 long drives in the 2nd half but by then the game was largely out of reach. Offensive Player of the game: #1 BiJan Robinson. 176 total yards from scrimmage, 2 TDs and showed off both great cutting ability, great power and great speed. #2 Hudson Card. 177 QB rating on a 14 for 21 224 yard night with 2 passing TDs to go with a rushing TD and not INTs. Well done young man. #3 Jordan Whittington J-Witt to his friends. 7 catches 113 yards and a TD. Defensive Player of the game Co D-MVPs, DeMarvion Overshown & Luke Brockemeyer would record 24 tackles (8 solo) and 2 sacks combined. Stats that matter 5-5 Red Zone scoring and 4 of 5, 4 TDs and 1 FG. 10-15 3rd down conversion rate. 4-13 LaLa’s 3rd down conversion rate, 0-9 through 3 quarters. 4/3 Good news bad news. We gave up 4 sacks and recorded 3. 7-64 Penalties on TEXAS. Will be a coaching focus this week 177 Hudson Card's QB rating through game 1 On Deck So Sark faces an early coaching challenge. He takes the Horns on the road to visit old SWC rival (now this a real rivalry) Arkansas who will be sky high for the game. His young team will be tested in a very hostile environment as the fans. Arkie’s QB is a big guy, 250 lbs and more known for being a rusher not passer. Avoid turnovers, take an early lead and another methodical game will be next week’s keys to victory. Ranking the BigXII Big Dog 1 Oklahoma. Lots of teams guilty of reading their press clippings/eating the cheese, OU appeared to be one of them. OU’s front is scary, their secondary not so much. They remain #1 until someone knocks them off their perch Chasing the title 2 TEXAS Great debut for Sark over a ranked opponent. Best BigXII win of the weekend 3 ISU Speaking of eating the cheese, expect ISU to be formidable and improve from a lackluster performance vs a good FCS level school 4 TCU Strong showing vs a tomato can. TEXAS BigXII opener 5 KSU Looked good vs Stanford. 2nd best BigXII win of the weekend 6 OSU Did not look good beating an FCS opponent, Mizzu State Also rans 7 TT Beat Cougar High 8 WVU Lost to Maryland, shades of Mensa 9 Kansas Eeked out a win vs FCS opponent (sensing a week 1 pattern?) 10 Baylor Did not look good beating FCS opponent Texas State Way too early playoff picks: #1 Bama Stop me if you have heard this before, new QB, New OC. . .same ole Bama #2 tOSU Best of the rest but a step below Bama #3 Dawgs Hard to believe Clemson and Dawgs would play a game without scoring an offensive TD #4 Field is open. Today the Land Thieves fill this spot but Clemson’s playoff bid took a shot this weekend. Game highlights https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBwVTk7rRPo

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