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  1. As fans we tend to want to find one "boogy man" to blame, it can be multiple things. JMHO but based on clear patterns that are starting to emerge, the biggest failure came from our coaches. The offensive game plan went turtle in the 2nd half and we went away from our best plays. Our Defense shut down the run and when we brought pressure (as sadly we cannot get pressure from our front 3 or 4 depending on alignment), their QB got flustered. Worked so well we stopped doing it. Why in the wide wide world of sports would we stop running BiJan's best plays. Either a stretch run (to either side) where he can cut back and break defenders ankles or the counter sweep (where we pull an OL or 2 to lead the play outside) which is the play that went for 40 and a TD. BiJan had 9 carries and was not used in the passing game in the 2nd half. 1 play, 40 yards, 8 plays 17 yards. . . WHY WHY WHY constantly run BiJan up the middle. So is the offense to blame? Yes Is the defense to blame? Yes Was Card perfect? Of course not, there is a reason he is QB2. But you want to bitch about Card?, then don't ignore the play calls he's handed. Don't ignore that without him going off script, we don't over come 2nd and 19, he doesn't complete 3rd and 9 to set up our sole TD in the 2nd half. And did you see him lead the drive for the game tying FG? Yeah, pretty damn good. Spare me the "X was out" excuse. NEXT. Sark can't go bombs away??? OK, you have great RBs in the passing game, you have a 5 star, emerging TE, J Whitt, 4 catches (3 for 1st downs). Would love to see more of Cain. You have options. USE THEM. And before this rant is over, if you have not seen this, watch. A HS coach was gloating and talking shit about Sark/TEXAS. Hope we never return to Lubbock (we've had some ugly losses in that shit hole) and I hope Sark hangs another 70 on Mr HS Coach of the Year when we play them for the last time in Austin.
  2. This is where I have issue with the play calling. You want to load the box? Fine, we throw the ball to the flats or to a back coming out of the backfield. We run the stretch play or counter sweep (which went for 40 so we stopped using it), you don't run up the middle. Oh yeah, we use the TEs too. Helm and Sanders had 1 catch each. Sad
  3. View from the Cheap Seats-Texas Tech DeJa'Vu all over again. Well shades of 2021 all over again. Full disclosure, like this loss, this write up will be stark and not fun. We saw the same TEXAS team with the same really weak 2nd half offense blow a double-digit lead after the half. Penalties at the worst of times, missed tackles, dropped passes and you can forget TEXAS getting a penalty call from the BigXII refs, it’s just not going to happen this year or next. TEXAS was outscored 23 to 10 in the 2nd half plus one overtime period. Granted, this is not all on the offense as the defense reverted back 2021 form as well, featuring missed tackles blown assignments, not getting off the field/making a play on 3rd/4th down and penalties at the worst possible times too. Defense would force two fumbles, one near the goal line where instead of falling on it, the DB tries to pick it up and run. Net resutl, TT OL jumps on the ball and they retain possession. Other time we strip Smith and he falls on it. Team loss not question but with a 10 point lead, with 2 of the best running backs in the nation, why do does Sark constantly run up the middle in the 2nd half? Same turtle play calling as 2021. Jerry MaGuire would become only the 2nd Texas Tech coach in their history to win their 1st game against TEXAS. The other? David McWilliams. Here’s another embarrassing stat, in their entire time in the BigXII, TT has only come from behind down 10 at half twice. Yep, you guessed it (if you didn’t see it) both against TEXAS. The pressure of the game clearly got to Sark, late in the 4th with a chance to drive for the win, Sark goes ballistic on the sideline on a 3rd down call. Confusion on the play but good lord, don’t let your team see you go nuts, call time out (which he eventually had to do anyway), re-group and run the right play. Zero excuses as you sent a clear message to the team. Make no mistake Jerry McGuire out coached you Sark just like DeRuyter was the better DC on the day. In his 1st tortilla bowl (and likely his last), McGuire played to win, going for it on 4th down 8 times in the game. Bad news, he made 6 of them, frequently relying on TEXAS missed tackles and the one great stop at the goal line, dug TEXAS into an offensive hole. Choke. You want one word to describe the game, choke. We were outplayed, we were out adjusted, and we were outcoached by a team that likely finishes in the middle of the BigXII pack this year at best. All you people squawking about a visit to Dallas in December? This isn’t even the best BigXII team we’ll have to face. When Rod Gilmore (the color man) was calling the plays by formation, when he had spotted our tendencies, we realized this game was going to be a challenge. And on the topic of adjustments/scheme after the 1st 2 offensive series by Tech, it seemed the PK/Gary brain trust found that TT’s QB, Dennis Smith, does not respond well to pressure. When they applied it, it worked but they kept reverting back to rush 3 or 4 and drop 7 or 8, which Smith picked apart. Wonder if anyone else on TEXAS’ schedule is going to scout this game? Tech would finish running 100 plays, thanks in part of 6 successful 4th down conversions. TEXAS would run 60. In the 2nd half, Texas would have 6 drives. On their 1st drive of the 2nd half, Sark went for it 4th and 2. No problem going for it, been doing that all year. Sark calls Wildcat, stop me if you have heard this before, runs RoJo right up the middle. Tech was sitting on it. In a year and a half, we’re not sure RoJo has ever thrown the ball from wildcat or done anything but run right up the middle. Don’t make me go watch this game again but I think Wildcat (with the same play called each time) was stuffed the last 4 or 5 times it’s been run. On TEXAS’ 2nd drive of the 2nd half, we thought we saw a BiJan Heisman moment, he ran a counter sweep right, which frankly is one of his and TEXAS best plays, for 40 yards and a TD. Highlight moment. Pretty sure that was the last stretch or sweep play Sark would call. De Javu, same thing we saw last year. We stop running our best plays in the 2nd half for some reason. Give Tech credit, their D is coached by Tim DeRuyter who is an excellent defensive coordinator. No way to spin it, he owned Sark and the TEXAS offense in the 2nd half. 6 TEXAS drives in the 2nd half, 1 lost 4th down on downs, 3 more 3 and out punts and one excellent TD drive where candidly, credit to Card who improvised on two plays to overcome a holding call and a great 14 yard completion to Cain off a scramble on 3rd and 6. Then capped off by BiJan running what might be BiJan’s best play, the counter sweep for 40 and TEXAS sole TD of the 2nd half. And despite all that, TEXAS pulled off an amazing drive at the end of the game to put Bert Auburn in a position to kick a 47 yard field goal. Which the wild haired freshman kicker promptly converted with no time on the clock. Was it time to rip Tech’s heart out? Nope, 1st play of OT, running right up the middle again, BiJan loses the very rare for him fumble. There was no joy in Austin-ville, the mighty Horns had struck out. Want some good news? It is likely that TEXAS never has to travel to Lubbock again. We have had some ugly losses in Lubbock, this isn’t 2008 ugly but it’s in the bottom 5. Stats that matter 6 Texas Tech converted 6 4th down attempts, that will make for a long day 100 Total plays Texas Tech ran. 100 8-17 Taking out the 40 yard 3rd quarter TD run, this is what BiJan accounted for yardage wise in the 2nd half. No receptions 2.8 TEXAS points per drive, 12 drives 34 points. Not very good 37 TEXAS gave up almost twice the points given up in their previous most allowed. 3-9 TEXAS on 3rd down. Though they were 1-2 on 4th down. This is not good. This team will win by running the ball and sustaining drives. Same problem seen during last years, worst in 50 years 6 game losing streak 2 TEXAS’ trips to the red zone resulting in a TD and a FG, not good. Offensive player of the Game: Hudson Card played very well. The one big mistake he made was on the 4th quarter/3rd down and 3 pass to Whittington, he had Gunner Helm running wide open on a drag route for an easy 1st down. On TEXAS sole TD drive on the 2nd half, he played some of his best football, avoiding the pass rush to make a big completion then bailing TEXAS out of a 2nd and 19 hole with a 22 yard scrable setting up BiJan’s 40 yard TD run. Honorable Mention: Jordan Whittington, 4 catches, 54 yards 3 1st downs, Ja’Tavion Sanders, 4 catches for 40 but this is about his blocking and he made key blocks on 3 of TEXAS TDs. Keileen Robinson 1 reception, stubling bumbling rumbling 33 yards to a TD. Did not touch the ball again. Why? Defensive player of the Game Jaylan Ford 12 tackles and a tackle for loss. Special teams player of the game Bert Auburn, hair and all, 47 yard FG to force OT. 2-2 on FGs in the game Conclusions Many wanted to give Sark a pass for 2021 as he opened with the first losing record ever recorded by a 1st year TEXAS coach. This game showed some of the same problems rearing their ugly head. Sark & TEXAS have to face another team that showed it could score on the road in West Virginia, which also features a talented QB in JT Daniels. Let’s hope he has nightmares of his last time to face TEXAS, he was Georgia’s QB in the Sugar Bowl. The season is not over by any means but the floor is 8-4 and TEXAS already has half that many losses. Card played more than well enough to win, losing Worthy did not help, hope he’s ready for WVU and OU. We have to find a way to establish a consistent running game. We’re better than WVU but then we are better than TT too. . . at least on paper. While Card did not lose this game, we are ready to see Quinn Ewers back at the helm. Time for a TX White label or maybe 10. This was ugly. Fighting Mack Brown’s No way to sugar coat it, UNC got their butts beat by Norte Dame. 3-1 so Mack likely gets them to a bowl but they are now playing spoiler in the ACC Ranking the BigXII Many games still underway and KSU up 14-7 on OU as this is being typed so will edit this in the morning, time to do some drinking and pull for KSU and Arkansas to beat ACES. Lowlights https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0qMYg_MRe0
  4. It's been funny when it's been brought up. For the most part, no one cares but a few take themselves WAY too seriously. TEXAS dodged a classic trap game and now must go on the road to what will be a very hostile environment. Trying not to drink too much of the kool aid but outside of Ewers going down, not sure this season could be scripted much better so far.
  5. View from the Cheap Seats-UTSA Beep Beep Tale of two halves Clearly a tale of two halves. UTSA outplayed TEXAS in the 1st half. Plain and simple. The Roadrunners are not as talented as TEXAS but they wanted it more, played better fundamental football and executed far better. And make no mistake, this is a talented well coached team. This was also a game TEXAS would have lost last year. This is not the same TEXAS team. The Horns did not play with the Bama level of intensity. This team was eating the poison cheese. A reference to a Mack warning that he got from Bill Parcells. DKR would have called it reading your press clippings. Lots of coaching points to clean up as we enter BigXII play. Penalties, miss tackles and blown assignments all re-reared their ugly heads. Those have to be fixed. Our defensive line largely got outplayed till late in the game. Those are the negatives. The positives, #1 this team continued to battle, they continued to make plays, outscoring UTSA 24-3 in the 2nd half. Granted, aided by a bit of luck. UTSA’s nation leading in total offense QB Frank Harris threw one bad pass all night, which TEXAS turned into a pick 6 late in the 3rd quarter which was likely the turning point of the game. At the time, TEXAS nursing a 24-20 lead. UTSA was fighting back, 4th and 1, Harris with a perfect slant pass to his top WR who turns his head up field too quickly, takes his eyes off the ball and drops it. TEXAS just kept grinding, leaning on BiJan Robinson’s 1st 100 yard game in the last 5 and RoShon continuing his self-less play including a highlight hurdle. While Hudson Card did not have a sterling night, the gimpy dual threat QB turned 1st and 20 into a 1st down off a 32 yard run. Good news for the Horns, they don’t have to face 5th year senior Frank Harris again. Bad news, Oklahoma has a very good dual threat QB as well. Game changing sequence. UTSA deferred the coin flip and took the ball in the 2nd half. They opened the game with 2 long sustained drives, 20 plays 74 yards and 10 plays 65 yards which accounted for 10 points then fooled TEXAS badly with an on side kick they recovered and used a double pass for their final TD of the game. TEXAS’ D had not stopped their offense in the 2nd half to this point and now were faced with UTSA having the ball with time to score before half-time then facing their offense again to start the 2nd half. The D bowed up, forced 3 straight punts, 2 to start the 2nd half then gave up a long drive but held the birds to just a FG. That FG would be their only 2nd half points. On UTSA’s next offensive series, Jahdae Barron would take what seemed to be Frank Harris’ only bad pass to the house with a pick 6 which also marked TEXAS only turnover in the past two games. While TEXAS fans were still scarred by last year's 2nd half meltdowns, this would be the final straw in the game. Offensive player of the game BiJan turned in a Heisman worthy performance logging 183 yards rushing, with 3 TDs to go with a 19 yard catch and run that left a trail of broken ankles in his wake. He also recorded his longest run of his career, with a 78 yarder where he cut back against the grain behind a terrific seal block from Travion Sanders. While Sanders only logged 1 6 yard catch, he was spotted frequently throwing key blocks. Honorable mention: RoShon Johnson 11 carries, 81 yards with 3 receptions and a TD. Defensive player of the game: Jahdae Barron He added 6 total tackles to his pick 6 but the pick 6 at the end of the 3rd quarter was key to victory Honorable Mention: Would have been new dad DeMarvion Overshawn but his maybe/maybe not targeting negated TEXAS’ sole sack of the game. He added a pass break up and half a tackle for loss. Stats that matter 4-11 TEXAS on 3rd down, not getting it done 9 Penalties on TEXAS, 4 created 1st downs for UTSA, not good enough, some really dumb 17 TEXAS’ D average points allowed through 3 games, that’s getting it done. Last year, 31 ppg 2-3 Red Zone TDs. Better than last week, other was a FG 0 Sacks by TEXAS. Should have been 1, still not sure Overshawn targeted Harris. Still, not good enough. And this against a patch work OL featuring a walk on Conclusions Sark has shown this year he is better in the 2nd half than he showed last year. This was a big coaching challenge, after the 1st half, we’ll make no bones, we were concerned. While the 1st 30 weren’t impressive, football is a 60 minute game and judged at the end of 60 not the end of 30. The defense? Lots of “coachable moments” on that side of the ball. Too many blown tackles (7-10 at least), too many mistakes. Sorrell’s roughing the passer penalty was pure bone head which kept their drive alive. But the key is that this is not last year’s TEXAS team. This is a team that is learning to play 2nd half football. The offense stepped up in a big way while the D bent but didn’t break. A 24-3 2nd half will win you lots of games. One nitpick, Card still in the game with 8 minutes to go. Should have pulled him since we were just handing off anyway. Or said more simply, nicer to win ugly than lose pretty and at the end of the night, Sark's young charges got the job done with a great 2nd half. On Deck The dreaded road trip to tortilla slinging Texas Tech. Texas Tech played fairly well in losing to North Carolina State on the road. NCSt is in the mix for their division in the ACC so a good test. Stop us if you have heard this before but TEXAS traveling to Lubbock is Tech’s biggest game of the year. No offense, Card played with heart but we’re really hoping that Ewers is ready for WVU after Tech. Would be nice to see him get a tune up game before OU. Sam Acho Props to Sam Acho for being inducted into the TEXAS Hall of Honor for his contributions on the field, in the classroom and in the community. One of 2 TEXAS players to win the coveted Campbell Award for his work in all 3 areas. Often called the Academic Heisman. Nice video tribute from Mack Brown. Full Disclosure I am a UTSA grad. Never made any secret about it though some people are bothered by it. I had the foolish notion coming out of high school I could play college ball so I enrolled in tiny Texas Lutheran. That dream lasted about 15 minutes and my only contribution to the program was helping a couple of players through a few classes. I had the choice of Austin and the University of TEXAS or UTSA. The catch was I was working my way through college and had a good job in SA and no jobs in Austin. I’ve never regrated the call. It allowed me to be elected to student government and to be the 1st Marine officer commissioned from UTSA. So I confess it was bitter sweet watching UTSA outplay TEXAS in the 1st half. OTOH, the 1st TEXAS game I watched was 6 Dec 1969. Older fans and history buffs will recall the game, the Great Shootout where TEXAS earned the National Title against Arkansas. Been a TEXAS fan ever since. Ranking the BigXII #1 Oklahoma Their QB concerns me and their defense plays fast. They crushed potentially the worst Nebraska team in 50 years #2a Baylor shook off a tough loss to BYU to pummel a 2nd tier tomato can 2b OSU Beat up a tomato can 2c TEXAS beat one of the better 2nd tier teams after an ugly 1st half 2d Iowa State Pummelled a weak 2nd tier team (seems to be a theme this week) 6 Kansas Don’t look now, they beat a team ranked through week 2, 3 and 0 7 Texas Tech Lost to NCSt, will be sky high for TEXAS coming to town. 8 TCU Bye week 9 WVU Beat up a tomato can 10 KSU Lost to Tulane. WTH? Game Highlights https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hX0Kaj6HGc
  6. View from the Cheap Seats-Alabama Coulda/shoulda/woulda Deja vu all over again. Stop us if you have heard this before, 1st quarter, at their goal line and Bama knocks out the TEXAS QB with a shoulder injury. Shades of the 2010 National Title game. In a million years, we’d have never called TEXAS not just beating the spread but being in a position to argue coulda/shoulda/woulda won the game. There have been 3 MASSIVE games at DKR in the 21st century, when Norte Dame came calling, LSU in 2019 and Bama in 2022. If you want to add Top 10 Mizzu in 2008, we will not argue. TEXAS showed incredibly well in all 4. Frankly, should have won all 4. In a million years, we did not expect to type that in 2022. In a game which has been anticipated since it was scheduled, with a build up to the game which was off the charts, the TEXAS Longhorns quite simply played their Bevo loving backsides off. In a million years we’d have never called TEXAS being more poised, more ready for prime time and making more plays than Bama. Even without his QB1, Sark called a great game. We’ll nit pick a couple play calls later but for now, outstanding game plan. He was the superior coach on the field. We had thought this would come down to a discussion of Jimmies & Joes vs X’s an O’s but Sark/PK/Patterson and crew had their guys more ready and honestly were superior to Nick and company. And make no mistake, Nick had this game dialed up for sometime. Bama seemed like the young inexperienced team. They were not sharp highlighted by dropped passes and a Saban era record 15 penalties and the zebras missed more 3 obvious violations. So one Jimmy & Joe who was the difference for Bama, Bryce Young. Gotta give the Heisman QB credit, interesting he was a high school point guard and a player Sark recruited. He played like a high school point guard on grass. He was poised despite at least 3 maybe more drops by Bama WRs and Bama’s miscues. Despite a relentless at times pass rush and without Bama’s vaunted rushing game, Bryce Young put the Bama team on his back. Our hats off to him, without him TEXAS wins. PK or Patterson? One of TEXAS’ biggest off season story lines was “Special Assistant to the HC” Gary Patterson joining the TEXAS staff after being let go by TCU. So who gets the credit for TEXAS’ almost perfect game on D against a more talented offensive line, Georgia Tech transfer Jamyher Gibbs (one of the top transfer backs in the nation) and the aforementioned, Bryce “Mr Heisman” Young at QB? Well let’s start by giving the players the lion’s share of the credit as they played almost flawless football. A team with a horrid past of allowing broken tackles and busted coverage came up with the best defensive effort since. . . .. ? It’s been sometime. TEXAS would force Bama to punt 6 straight possessions covering both the 2nd and 3rd quarters. TEXAS would hold Bama to 161 yards rushing, with 81 of them coming on one run. Whether it was PK or Patterson, we think they both deserve credit, this game will push Patterson even higher on the “hot coaches for 2023” list. It was clear, the defense went up against one of the best offenses in the nation and did more than enough to win the game. Before Quinn Ewers went down with a shoulder injury, the TEXAS offense was humming. 2 scoring drives of 65 and 75 yards to open the game saw some of Sark’s best play calling at TEXAS, and this against arguably the #1 defense in CFB. While TEXAS came up with 10 points on those first 2 drives, a blown/obvious/WTF were they watching, non-pass interference call on Sanders should have had TEXAS 1st and goal at the 2 not trying a FG. In a 1 point game, clearly every point matters. Hudson Card got the call as QB2 and it wasn’t long before he would injure his ankle. This might have been what would end up costing TEXAS the game as he was good after injury but clearly could not get the velocity on his throws, including a pass to Xavier Worthy in the 4th quarter which should have been an easy TD/at least a long gainer. But with a bum ankle Card could not drive the ball. Kid left it all on the field for TEXAS. It’s his team until Ewers returns. One battle that TEXAS lost was the field position battle with 3 of their 11 drives starting at/near the 25 and 5 drives starting at the 15. Tough to win games against a great D having to drive the length of the field. We would be remiss if we did not give some props to the offensive line which we felt damned TEXAS’ chances. They still have much growing to do but overall, we saw improvement compared with last year. Stats that matter 1 of 5 Touchdowns scored by TEXAS red zone trips, if you want one stat that cost TEXAS the game, this is the one. 15 Number of penalties by Bama (we did not find a single bad call). A Saban era record. 3-12 TEXAS on 3rd down. Granted this against the Alabama D but you cannot win games without sustaining drives 1-2 Bama on 4th down. We highlight this to focus on a key 4th down stop. We heard one announcer claim “well the Bama back tripped over a linemen’s feet”. True. Upon further review, on that 4th down play, the TEXAS DL had actually pushed the Bama line back. 0 Turnover gained/committed. TEXAS’ best shot was when D’Shawn Jamison dropped what should have been an easy pick for him. Offensive player of the game Jordan Whittington, 7 catches 3 of them for 1st downs and several of the catches contested. He became the safety blanket for both QBs. Honorable Mention: Xavier Worthy, 5 catches 97 yards. Defensive player of the game Kaylan Ford 2 tackles for loss (-18 yards) and a sack to go with a team leading 10 tackles. Honorable Mention: The defensive, we came into the season thinking major liability and they came up big. Special teams Daniel Trejo 5 punts with a 46 yards per punt + average. The highlight was a punt pinning Bama at their 1 and flipping the field position game. Conclusions: Sark now faces a new coaching challenge. He still has a largely young and inexperienced team. There is no question he had his charges up for the Bama challenge. Can he continue this level of performance week in and week out? Can he keep the Longhorns from “eating the cheese”/”reading their press clippings”? Let us not forget 2019 where TEXAS had another coulda/shoulda/woulda style game with LSU and that loss was part of 4 additional losses that year. UTSA will come into DKR this week playing their biggest game in history, the roles will be reversed before TEXAS gets on the road to Lubbock and TT. We are going to offer one small nit pick, we ran wildcat with Roshon on 3rd down near the red zone. At some point, let Roshon throw. The Bama defense collapsed on RJ but replayed showed there was a TEXAS receiver wide open for a short pass/1st down. Overall, both CO’s called great games. X’s & O’s did not beat TEXAS. Fighting Mack Brown’s Gene Chizik doesn’t seem to be helping Mack much. After giving up 40 4th quarter points to App State last week, this week it was Georgia State scoring 18 in the 3rd quarter to make things way too interesting. Tar Heels are 3-0 but today we don’t see them making too much noise in the ACC. Ranking the BigXII This is still way early. #1 Oklahoma Beat up another tomato can. They have Nebraska on deck. Upset might save Scott Frost’s job but do the Bugeaters have the horses? #2 Oklahoma State Nice win vs Herm Edwards Zona State Devils #3a Baylor tough OT loss on the road at BYU #3b KSU Took Mizzu out behind the woodshed #3c TEXAS If Sark can hold TEXAS near this level of play, they should earn a trip to Dallas. . . we shall see #3d Texas Tech OT win vs ranked Houston in OT #7 Kansas SAY WHAT? Yep, OT win over WVU #8 ISU Win over Iowa with a baseball like 10-7 score #9 TCU 2-0 after beating tomato can Tarlton #10 WVU Note: May take a few more weeks to separate the BigXII teams. Right now even the traditionally weak teams are playing well. Game Highlights https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_faYnQBM0A
  7. View from the Cheap Seats-Louisiana Monroe 130 Years of TEXAS football The season is finally here and TEXAS, lead by Steve Sarkisian tees up TEXAS’ 130th season of College Football. TEXAS enters the season ranked #6 in the Nation on the All Time wins list. Sadly we were ranked #4 when Mack Brown left. Coach Sark certainly fixing the talent issues, bringing in a #16 recruiting class his 1st year, #5 ranked class his second and currently sitting at #5. These classes include 2 QBs each ranked #1 in the nation along with arguably 14 of the best offensive linemen ever recruited on the 40 acres. Before we jump into the Horns game, a word about week 1 and some great matchups. There was some amazing College Football which is the best sport in the world. The Fighting Mack Brown's went on a 35-0 run against Appalachian State to take what appeared a game winning lead only to see a 62 point 4th quarter where UNC hung on by the skin of their teeth. Other great games included tOSU opening with Norte Dame as Marcus Freeman returns home in his ND coaching debut only to lose 21-10. West Virginia faced ranked Pitt in what may have been the best opening game. Florida used 2 goal line stands to blunt Utah's efforts. Watch out SEC East, Richardson is the real deal at QB. #13 UNCSt survived a game winning missed FG vs East Carolina. In the clunker of the "big games", Georgia showed Oregon they are not ready for prime time. The Sunday night game featured an amazing finish by LSU against FSU, ending with the 2nd blocked kick of the night by FSU ending LSU's upset bid. It was a great Saturday of channel surfing. Back to the Horns. Let’s face it, this game amounts to a controlled scrimmage against a D 1 tomato can. Though a controlled scrimmage is important as QB1 Quinn ‘hasn’t thrown a game pass in 2 season’ Ewers needs all the reps he can get. And Quinn delivered the type of game one expects from a guy who hasn’t thrown a real pass in two years, great at times and rusty in others. This is why you schedule tomato cans. The low light, on his 2nd pass as a Longhorn, Quinn forced a poor pass into double coverage to see his first INT. The highlight of the evening was the Ja’Tavion Sanders break out party. It was clear that Quinn has found a friend on the team, a very talented friend who after not recording a catch in 2021, broke out vs Louisiana Monroe in 2022 with 6 catches for 85 yards and a TD. 5 of those 6 catches were for 1st downs or a TD and 2 were 4th down conversions. TEXAS fans know the value of a great QB/TE relationship and very early indications are that Mr Sanders came ready to play this season. His break out becomes more important as it was announced that Bama transfer Jahleel Billingsly will be suspended for 6 games due to infractions committed at Bama so he will miss half the season. Gunner Helm/Juan Davis, you are up. Hard to call a night where he logged 113 yards from scrimmage and 2 TDs quiet, but BiJan Robinson’s Heisman campaign kicked off quietly. If by “quiet” you mean averaging 7 yards a tote quiet. He had one play that highlighted his amazing ability where on an inside zone, he made a quick move in tight space, you could see the DBs ankles seem to break as he sped past the hapless defender on the way to 6 more yards. Classic BiJan, barring injury, he should finish his TEXAS career easily one of the Top 5 RBs in TEXAS history. He is an amazing combination of power, pass catching and elusiveness on his way to being the highest drafted RB by the NFL in years. Defense was not about to be outdone and featured both a name we know and a couple of new players. Now temper the enthusiasm as we have little doubt TEXAS could have lined up it’s 2nd team and beaten tonight’s tomato can but several things stood out. First and foremost, TEXAS tackled well and seemed to be playing much more disciplined assignment football. DeMarvion Overshown picked up where he left off from last year and was in beast mode. 6 tackles, 2 tackles for loss recorded and he seemed all over the field. Joining him was Barryn Sorrel who recorded a sack and a half and 2 more TFL. New faces who showed up from the secondary were transfer Ryan Watts (TFL) though we thought he had a Pass Break up but not officially and true freshman Jaylon Guilbeau. All 3 were new starters from last year’s KSU game. Stop me if you have heard this before, DeShawn Jamison took a KO/Punt/INT to the house. This time a pick 6 to go with his 1st quarter punt block leading to a Keillen Robinson scoop and score. Special teams were very much a mixed bag. Xaiver Worthy is now returning punts and you saw why when he took one punt back 21 yards. Bert “world’s record fro” Auburn connected on a 41 yard FG but his 38 yard try saw new punter Issac Pearson fumble the snap. It would be Issac’s 2nd miss handle as he dropped his 1st punt attempt but managed to escape the rush to get off a 15 yarder. Daniel Trejo handled the 2nd punt attempt recording a 40 yarder. We call them as we see them, special teams has us nervous. Overall As we said, you can’t tell much beating up a tomato can. This was a controlled scrimmage for all practical purposes. We needed it. After Sark bragging about Quinn’s deep ball ability, he badly overthrew 3 deep ball chances. On the plus side, his short and intermediate throws were much better than his deep balls and we though Quinn went through his projections well. Defense held La Monroe to 2.2 yards per rush. #1 positive, no injuries but did anyone else suck in hard when Kelvin Banks left the game? Fortunately for only 1 play. #2 positive, lots of young players received reps. Offensive Player of the Game Ja’Tavion Sanders gets the nod just barely over BiJan with his break out performance where he established himself as Quinn’s new best friend. 6 receptions, 85 yards 1 TD (all but one for a 1st down or TD) Honorable mention: BiJan 7 yards per carry, 2 TDs on what seemed a “quiet” night for him Defensive Player of the Game DeMarvion Overshown for his beast mode game with some love for DeShawn Jamison with his punt block and pick 6. Barryl Sorrell needs some honorable mention love too Stats that Matter 3 3 4th down conversions 5-25 We did not like 5 penalties but an improvement from last year and all of the 5 yard variety 5-6 Red Zone scoring, 4 TDs 1 FG (we didn’t count the punt block). Missed FG outside the Red Zone 130 130th season of TEXAS football On Deck The most anticipated home game since Norte Dame came calling, TEXAS faces Alabama with their Heisman QB and a defensive lineman who Is a Top 3 NFL pick in the spring trying to lead their team back to a National Title. We would love to blow some smoke at our readers backsides but there is literally not one match up where the Horns have an advantage. Nick “Satan” Saban has simply stockpiled too much experienced talent. A page Sark is working on but today we are still 2-3 years away from this level of competition. On the plus side, this is a very young team and young teams grow. State of the BigXII Other than West Virginia, the BigXII opened with a slate of tomato cans. Even Kansas beat up their tomato can. Oklahoma State did get into a bit of a shoot out with a quality Central Michigan club and WVU opened with ranked Pitt, had the only loss in of the BigXII but against a quality opponent. Baylor, OU and OSU appear the class of the conference, for now. TEXAS is in a pack of teams today in the 2nd tier. Might take another week or two before we are comfortable actually ranking teams. Game highlights [MEDIA=youtube]nxF8WoTK9HI[/MEDIA]
  8. The failure to sustain drives in the 2nd half of games with the lead is my #1 concern. Even with fairly dramatic improvement in the D (I don't see them that much better) our D will still be average. We should be winning with offense not defense with our weapons and we should be a run first, dare you to stop us team. Our best play is the outside zone but Sark ran way too much inside zone in the 2nd half of games. Sark is the biggest opportunity for improvement in the off season, glad he's meeting with Sean. Now if we can just get Dallas' K Moore to do the same.
  9. Hope he ask Sean how to not go turtle in the 2nd half of games with his play calling. My #1 concern in 2022, can Sark self evaluate and figure out how to run the best plays and sustain drives.
  10. So our opinion, this was not a WOW draft where really good players/star players fell to the Cowboys. Not much sizzle in this draft for Dallas but lots of good steak. No CeeDee Lamb/Trevon Diggs falling our way this year. In fact Dallas would see reported targets constantly come off the board just before they were on the clock. We see this as a solid draft where Dallas landed guys who fit their needs. B to B- as a grade only in that they did not land any obvious stars but they did land 2-4 starters down the road. The indented write ups from NFL.com. Dallas stuck to finding highly athletic kids but really went away from their normal drafting pattern of avoiding the small school guys. Clearly Dallas was focused more on the player's traits. PS, rumors fly that Tristen Hill is on the trading block, especially with the pick of Ridgeway in the 5th. Round 1 #24 Tyler Smith OG/OT On the plus side, kid (only 21) has great size, intelligence (30 wunderlick) and athletic ability. Absolute road grader in the run game and plays with a nasty streak. Not as strong in pass pro but will be moving inside for year's 1 and likely 2. Biggest need for Dallas in the draft. Jerry/Stephen Jones thinks he can kick out to OT eventually. My #4 favorite pick of this draft for Da Boys On the negative side, Smith tends to "catch" defenders instead of exploding into them and draws too many penalties. Look for him to push Conner McGovern week 1 as our starter at LG. With the UND OT in the 5th, Dallas has gotten bigger and nastier along the OL with this draft. Ferguson the TE fits this mold as well. Power merchant who plays the game with a field demeanor that can work in his favor on one play and against him on the next snap. Smith is able to displace defenders as a run blocker despite lacking proper hand usage for leverage. He's explosive and athletic but struggles to sustain and finish what he starts. He's too quick to discard any semblance of technique in favor of bear-hugging the opponent and drawing a penalty. A move from tackle to guard would allow teams to feature his downhill power in the rushing attack while reducing exposure in pass protection. The holes in his game can all be filled if he accepts coaching and brings it to the field on Sundays. There is some bust potential present, but the ceiling could draw a team to him on Day 2 of the draft. Round 2 #56 Sam Williams DE #1 reason he fell into the 2nd round was a domestic violence arrest so a bit of a character issue. Dallas believes in their system and has enjoyed some success turning around some of these "problem children" around. Top pick of the draft (IMHO) for Da Boys. Marcus Spears LOVES this pick too. As we said at the time, Randy did us a favor by rejecting Dallas' larger contract. Williams was considered an elite junior college prospect after earning first-team JUCO All-American honors at Northeast Mississippi Community College in 2018 (28.5 tackles for loss, 17.5 sacks). His pass rush skills translated to the SEC in 2019, as the Montgomery, Alabama, native led the Rebels with six sacks among his 37 total tackles (9.5 for loss). He also intercepted a pass and forced a fumble in 12 appearances (eight starts). Williams was suspended from the team in July 2020 after he was charged with sexual battery. He was reinstated to the team in September of that year after the charge was dropped. He started six of 10 games played in 2020, posting 39 tackles, eight for loss with a team-high four sacks on the year. Williams garnered 2021 third-team Associated Press All-American and first-team All-SEC honors by ranking fifth in the FBS with a school-record 12.5 sacks (among 57 total tackles, 16 for loss) and tying for 10th in the country with four forced fumbles in 13 starts. -- by Chad Reuter NFL.com Round 3 #88 Jalen Tolbert WR South Alabama Make no mistake, big runs on WRs this year. Dallas missed on their top targets though they did land a kid they liked who will be a plus WR for them and has WR2 potential. This was the Cheap Seats 2nd favorite pick. Silky smooth athlete who has morphed into a monster over the last two seasons. Tolbert is a high-character prospect with skill elements that are dripping with NFL potential. He gave work to everyone he faced, including SEC cover corners at Tennessee. His three-sport background offers unique perspective to pull from at his position, and his route-running gives him a leg up in camp battles early on. His traits, talent and production should push him up the board, and dialing up the competitive spirit could turn him into a top-flight WR2. Round 4 #129 Jake Ferguson TE Whiskey Baltimore traded up to #128 to take Charlie Kolar so one might speculate that is who Dallas really wanted but Jake was on Dallas' radar too. He's a solid TE who will move into the TE2 roll rather quickly. He is a good pass catcher and blocker. Face it, Whiskey does a great job with OLs and TEs. We'll rank him as our #5 favorite pick of this draft Durable, reliable and consistent, Ferguson comes from a football family. He had copy-and-paste receiving production throughout his career despite playing in a limited passing attack with inconsistent quarterback play. He has outstanding ball skills, including a rare level of concentration to make challenging catches in the face of oncoming collisions. While he gives effort as a blocker, he wasn't a great fit for what Wisconsin asks of their tight ends in the running game and he's likely to be overmatched if asked to take on defensive ends in the NFL. He is a solid receiver and a below-average blocker with TE2/3 potential. Round 5 #155 Matt Waletzko OT Rumblings from the talking heads, this was very good value in the 5th. #9 ranked (of 1200) OT's test this year for athletic ability. Clearly a developmental type. This was Dallas' pick from the Amari Cooper trade with Cleveland Skyscraping FCS tackle with tremendous length but there are too many holes in the physical profile to project NFL success at this stage. Waletzko's length and upper-body power are traits that teams will want to cultivate, but his pad-level issues and average foot quickness are limitations that could be difficult to work around. The run blocking should improve with more experience and coaching but his habit of leaning in pass protection reflects core strength concerns. If his pass posture isn't fixed as a right tackle prospect, power rushers will eat him up. Round 5 #167 Deron Bland CB Fresno State Very athletic CB with excellent size. Coaches like him a good deal. Likely biggest contributions in Year 1 are on Special Teams. Dane Brugler says he "smothers receivers" and had mocked Bland to Dallas. There's plenty to like about Bland's physical traits and potential but holes in both man and zone coverage could create some doubt about his future success. Bland lacks coverage fluidity but his physical cover style should work in his favor if he can play with better discipline. He could be a zone corner fit and has the physical tools for safety consideration if he can charge up his tackle toughness. Round 5 #176 Comp pick Damone Clark LB LSU This is a 2nd/3rd round talent but had surgery and is not available till Nov this year at the earliest. If you are going to gamble on injury, better 5th round than 2nd. Full recovery is expected. Brian Broaddus (former Cowboy & NFL scout) loved the pick and his play. Loved the line "there is some violence to his game". Sideline to sideline player. Large LB who moves well. Top 100 talent Long, well-built inside linebacker packed into an athletic frame. Athleticism, toughness and tackling talent helped Clark piled up production in 2021 despite a lack of game-to-game consistency. Play recognition and instincts are erratic and could continue to be, but his game against Alabama should be weighed more heavily in his favor, as it shows what he's capable of against bigger, better opponents. Clark profiles as an early backup and special teams performer with projectable upside in the middle. However, the spinal fusion surgery he underwent in March is likely to sideline him for the 2022 season and could cause him to drop lower than his tools warrant on draft day. Round 5 #178 Comp pick John Ridgeway DT Pigs For only the 2nd time since buying the team, Jerry nabs an Arkansas player. More of a 2 Tech/NT type. Another Top 100 talent. This is an outstanding pick in the 5th round and our #5 pick of this draft for Dallas, again IMHO. He is a guy who "plays with an edge" very much an old school style DT. Very much one of our mock draft pet cats. Our #3 favorite pick of the draft College nose tackle with the size and length for consideration along the interior or as an odd front defensive end. Ridgeway is more wrestler than gap-eater when taking on blocks as a nose. He's likely to be coveted by traits-based evaluators eager to develop the physical ingredients into a more polished product. While most of his experience has come at nose tackle, the sum of his parts might make more sense as a 3-4 defensive end, where his long arms and natural power would become more beneficial as an edge-setter. Regardless of position, he won't offer much help as a pass rusher, so rotational lineman with upside is likely to become his tag as a Day 3 prospect. Round 6 #163 Devin Harper LB Okie Lite A player Dallas did not want to fight for in UDFA. Very athletic. Would have like Marquese Bell (S) better here but this is another player who will be an instant Special Team contributor and could grow into a regular player. Harper is a 4-3 Will linebacker candidate whose strong athletic traits could outweigh his lack of starting experience for some teams. His pursuit of the ball is bolstered by his speed and agility, providing him with NFL-caliber range. However, his lack of instincts and play recognition will require a much-needed upgrade. Harper's special teams potential could give him a chance to make a practice squad.
  11. Call me around signing day in Dec. . . .
  12. Yes, Poorly written on my part. The wins/losses/toss ups are for TEXAS. I graduated from UTSA, thus the source of the commentary Thanks for the comments and reading my passion project.
  13. View from the Cheap Seats-Spring Game So full disclosure, more a very controlled scrimmage than an actual game. And never forget, spring games are largely zero sum games. If the offense looks good, that then highlights potential problems with the D and vice versa. What we often can glean is insight into specific players and this spring game was very interesting from that standpoint. Clearly the #1 concern for most is the QB race. Spoiler alert, All World wunderkid Quinn Ewers is QB1 for TEXAS in 2022. Sark is being polite (and smart) claiming Card has a shot but that ship sailed the day Ewers committed. Barring Ewers completely melting down or injury of course. Sorry not sorry if we are bursting any bubbles or providing any spoilers. Still, Card will spend 2022 as QB2 and is one heart beat away from taking the reins. Both QBs had their moments, just based on this performance, neither took the job. Ewers had some great completions (the best likely a pass to J Sanders with a defender in his face) but an ugly/never should have been thrown INT. Card has a very nice arm and is more a threat in the running game than Ewers. He recorded some nice completions as well So other than seeing some specific players in action, we will learn little to nothing from the Spring Game though ANY chance to see the Horns on the field is a great excuse to write a Cheap Seats. Will start focusing on players who stood out to us, our view of Sark and 2022 then break down our thoughts on the offensive position groups. Honestly, the D is such a question mark right now, not sure we’ll know much until we are deeper into the season. They gotta be better than last year but will they be good enough to keep an offense that will score lots points from winning? And if it starts rough, how long does Sark wait to turn it over to Gary Patterson? Top players Biggest head turner to the Cheap Seats was Isaiah Neyor who showed why he was so highly touted as a transfer kid. Recorded the 1st catch of the game where he caught a pass in the flat and juked a DB for a 17 yard gain. He also would record a beautiful slant TD from Ewers. A very lightly recruited 2 star coming out of Ft Worth (boy did Rivals miss on this one), he showed he has serious game. He would be our Offensive Player of the Game. Roschon Johnson- Stop us if you have heard this before but the young man is simply a beast. Biggest play was a 55 yard run for a TD through the middle of the D. As we said, often a zero sum game. Enjoy him now, this senior will be drawing an NFL paycheck this time next year. Xavier Worthy-Picking up where he left off as the top freshman WR in TEXAS history, he showed why he’s on the Biletnikoff watch list as a soph. Our WR group looks stout. Keilen Robinson-Another Bama transfer who showed a few flashes last year, showed off his speed in the spring game. Johnathan Brooks-Not to be outdone by his fellow RBs, JB opened with a nice 20 yard run. RB room is loaded. Mo Blackwell-on a day where it was really hard to judge defensive play, this LB now converted to Safety made 3 BIG plays. Huge hit on Xaiver along the sidelines, big stop of J Sanders after a catch then a 3rd and goal stuff in the backfield of a RB. We confess, Mo was a pet cat of the Cheap Seats when he was recruited. 1st team OL-they looked good against the 1st team D. True freshman Cole Hutson started at right guard, Soph Hayden Conner at LT with Senior Junior Angilua at left guard, Soph Majors at Center and Senior Christian Jones at RT. Soph Andrej Karic was held out. Thoughts on the upcoming season In the history of TEXAS football, only 3 Head Coaches have losing seasons. Jack Chevigney of Norte Dame fame. We would lose him on Iwo Jima in World War II, Charlie “CFS” Strong who rivaled Johnny Makovic as the worst head coach in my lifetime (though Johnny Mon gave TEXAS some great moments including the 1st BigXII title in the new league’s history) and Sark. Sark needs to go 7-5 to have a career .500 record at TEXAS. Someone else said, Sark’s an easy guy to like and cheer for, he is clearly an excellent recruiter and has raised the talent level of the Horns. The #1 question, is he a championship level Head Coach? We know his reputation as an excellent Offensive Coordinator though out biggest concern about him was play calling breakdowns in the 2nd half of 4 of our 6 losses in a row. We held halftime leads in those 4 games, we simply could not sustain drives to close out the games. Yes, the defense shares in some of that blame but when you stop running plays that work, when your best players are 2 outstanding RBs and a 3rd “change of pace type and you cannot get them into a position to succeed, questions are raised. Not to belabor a year we'd like to forget but vs OU outscored 35-10 in 2nd half 3 of 6 non scoring 2nd half drives were 3 and outs. Sustain drives and we win OSU outscored 19-7 in the 2nd half, 6 of 7 drives 4 and out Baylor outscored 21-10, 2 of 5 drives 3 and outs/turnovers It has been said, the last time the “culture” on the 40 was changed was 2004 with the arrival of Greg Robinson and Dick Tomey. Gene Chizik got the ring but those two changed the culture. Can Sark bring about that level of change? Barring another 5-7 season, this recruiting class gives him 2023 for sure. But TEXAS needs to show year over year improvement. And one key recruitment left and he could seriously impact the play of the D in 2022, Ochaun Mathis. TEXAS needs a Joseph Ossai level disruptor and OM can be that guy who makes everyone around him better. We see this season as 8-4. Way too early projections: La-Monroe Win Bama LOSS UTSA, the mighty Road Runners Win @TT Win but it’s in Lubbock WVU Win OU Toss up ISU Win as they lost a ton @OSU LOSS They are likely the conference favorite pre season @KSU Win TCU Toss up @Kansas Win Baylor Toss Up/leaning loss Oddly scheduled as a Sat game so T+1 maybe over Offensive Position Group breakdown QBs Well we have loads of talent. The most talent om the QB room since the VY days? Possibly though very little experience. Ewers, Card Maalik Murray and Charles Wright, simply the greatest name in TEXAS football history, make for a nice 4 headed QB room with walk on Ben Ballard. Charles Wright appears to be QB3 this year as he was the 3rd QB off the bench. We assume MM shirts. And do we land a Manning for 2023? RBs The most loaded position for the Longhorns in 2022 highlighted by Heisman candidate BiJion Robinson, backed up by Roschon Johnson who would start for every other team in the BigXII save KSU. RB1 & RB2 likely in their last season in Burnt Orange. The spring game featured the future at the position. Keileen Robinson, Jonathan Brooks and Jayden Blue. KR is EXPLOSIVE and Jonathan Brooks off for 20 on his 1st carry. WR Arguably the 2nd most loaded position group on the team lead by Belitnikoff candidate Soph Xavier Worthy. Marcus Washington has had an excellent spring but is in a serious battle for his spot with portal transfer Isaiah Neyor, one of the top portal recruits available. They are joined by slot receiver Jordan “if he can stay healthy then he’s a star” Whittington. Neyor with the 1st catch of the spring game and he showed why he was so coveted. Juked a DB to gain 17 off a pass to the flat. Nor would that be his last grab. There is also a unicorn on the team and rumors are that Troy Omeire may or may not be available in the fall. TE This is one of the more interesting stories coming out of spring drills. The position is wide open this year with the departure of Cade Brewer and transfer of Jared Wiley. Reports are that Ja’Tavion Sanders has shown his star potential this spring and that Bama transfer Jaheel Billingsley is quickly learning the system. Both could be weapons in the passing game and both had catches in the spring game. Sark has used TEs heavily in the past but last year our 3 TEs combined for just 32 catches. Juan Davis is the only returning TE to record a catch and he only had 1. He and Gunnar Helm back up SJ & JB and give the Horns a very athletic TE room. OL Now we come to the biggest question mark on the offense. The good news, there is an abundance of talent arriving on campus. Bad news, ZERO experience comes with them. We have 7 inbound OLs, we are predicting that 2 of them are starters by the Red River War and that 3 more are solidly in the 2 deep this year. Growing pains ahead for sure but in 2023 and 2024 we should see serious dividends. Hope you enjoyed our takes, 5 months till real football. Spring game highlights
  14. Hope not And it looks like Cook (best DB) and DO (only playmaker) are back along with Jaminson who's a great return guy. Expanded my "solutions" section: Step #1 Close out this recruiting class well. Class sits at #8 right now with 5 ships to go (assuming we take 25 in 2022) Mack/UNC likely pass us as does Oregon based on numbers they can add. But we can pass both Pedophile State (already at 25) and ND. Finishing with a Top 10 class is a win. Rumors abound about 1-2 silent OL commits, we need them. Have a couple others we need to reel in. Word from the current recruits is that they are buying into the idea of being part of turning TEXAS around. Sark needs this in the worst way. So bad news, down 2 to 1 on flips this week. Lost the RB Miller to Bama and WR Winfield to possibly Sparty. On the plus side, TCU's Guilbeau (DB) flipped back to us. All 4 star talents. Miller is a big loss but not worried about Drayton recruiting RBs, (sorry, edit the comment on Winfield, meant Stewart, my bad), The flips hurt but the DB is a big need. Needs some recruiting wins. Not worried about only taking 1 QB, Malik is going to be really good for us and the kid just lead his team to the state title after starting teh season poorly. Step #2 Sark needs to hit the portal HARD. In a perfect world, we need 2 starting OLs. Sad truth, we need a QB who can step onto campus and play. The hype around Card and the comparisons to Aaron Rodgers did him no favors. We're big Casey fans, we know he played through injury but he's up and down. Another WR would be nicel Best sale he has, playing time. Use that pitch Step #3 Sark needs to do a deep and honest evaluation of the staff. TEXAS and her players have endured 3 HCs, 5 OCs, 4 DCs (5?) over the past 8 seasons. WAY too much turnover, way too little consistency. Sark has to know if what he is doing works and if not, change it NOW. This includes the S&C program. Too hard to see from the Cheap Seats if that is a plus or a minus. The way we play in the 4th quarter (save this game) seems to say minus but we'll defer to the experts. Rumors fly of Gary Patterson (defensive and development genius) involved in some role. And the call I'm making if I'm Sark, Jimmy Lake is on the market. He and Coach PK made a great team, get the band back together. Rumors are we lose Terry Joseph to LSU, sucks from a recruiting stand point but the plus, opens a coaching hole on the staff. A word about scheme. We lost games we should not have lost because we "turtled up" our play calling in the 2nd half of games and failed to sustain drives. This team cannot lean on the D to win games, we need the offense to win time of possession battles. We also rely too heavily on a 2 TE look (because we like to run the ball, nothing wrong with that) but we used TEs who were not great blockers nor did we use the TEs in teh passing game. Use a 6th OL as one TE and run some plays to feature the TE. Wiley is a size speed mismatch problem but he was largely un-utilized, 9 catches all year, 6 vs Kansas where he was very effective. Just a couple ideas but we self limited our offense. Step #4 Sark needs to go through the locker room and "allow the players who aren't buying in" move on. If we only wind up with 80 players on ship, so be it but get the CANCERS OUT OF THE LOCKER ROOM. He talked about a turnover of 33 players. Don't stop there if you need to. If we are being honest, there were a lot of players who did not 'buy in'. That's fine, let them find greener pastures in the portal. Step #5 We are concerned about reports that Sark does not do a good job of connecting with players. We are strong believers that coaches need to be authentic. If you are a yeller, don't try to be a "nice guy" or vice versa, players see through it. You go with your style but it doesn't mean you can't make your style better.
  15. View from the Cheap Seats-KSU Winning damn sure better than losing Winning damn sure better than losing. Roshon Johnson showed us BEAST MODE as he basically put this TEXAS team on his back and rushed his way to a career day. He even completed his 1st pass of the season, a 2 yard gain. This was the type of "leave everything on the field" attitude we have seen entirely too seldom this year outside of BiJan and Mr Freshman Xaiver Worthy. We also saw Sark do something long overdue. After KSU's QB (Will Howard) gashed TEXAS for a 71 yard TD run, Sark benched some players who showed a "lack of effort". Not surprisingly, one of those a player infamous for walking out on the team of halftime during a game last year. Oddly, without one of the highest rated kids on the D side, the defensive play stepped up rather dramatically. We didn't count the number of times Roshon ran out of the wildcat, but it was a bunch. We did count his results. 31 carries for 179 yards and a TD, 5.8 per. Worth mentioning that Xaiver Worthy came in just short of 1000 yards on the year with the TEXAS freshman TD record in his pocket and needing 1 more to tie Jordan Shipley from 2009. Sadly he went up high for a long reception, came down awkwardly and played sparingly after that. Young man has an exciting future at TEXAS. Not to be outdone by Roshon's amazing efforts, the D pitched a shut out in the 2nd half for only the 2nd time this year, the other our game with Rice. This lead to TEXAS outscoring a team in the 2nd half, again for the 1st time since Rice, helping Sark end his 0-23 record when trailing at half. 1-24 now, long way to go but the journey of 1000 miles begins with the 1st step. Of course the MVP of the TEXAS D goes to KSU QB Skyler Thompson who missed the game with injury. Skyler is a really good QB. With him in the game, we're not sure the outcome is the same but in fairness, TEXAS countered without their top 2 tacklers on D so end of the day, you dance with those that brung ya. The defensive effort was highlighted by two critical 4th and very short stops to go with a 4 and out and two 3 and outs, all forcing punts on KSU's 5 2nd half drives. Grateful for the win or TEXAS would be tied for the longest current losing streak in Power 5 football. Also, grateful the Seniors can go out with a win. Sark mentioned some of them on their 3rd Head Coach. No excuses, this season is a failure. Before we get into the 2022 portion of our program, let's recognize those Seniors, especially those earning All BigXII Academic Honors. Tope Imade Ryan Bujcevski Derrek Kersetter, Denzel Okafor Skyler Bonneau Cade Brewer (4 catches on the day) Dicker the Kicker Justin Mader and GAbriel Watson. We'd also like to mention a play we have not seen run all year but it could have been really useful in the 2nd half of several games this year. 2nd and 14 following a negative play, obvious passing down. Wiley (TE, yeah, we forget what those are too) lined up on the left, chips the DE rushing hard then releases. Casey hits him quickly for 19 yards. GREAT play call, type that takes advantage of a hard rush to a player with some ability. Why it took 12 games to see it, beyond us. If you are going to run 12 (1 RB 2 TEs) and not use our TEs in the passing game, replace a TE with an OL, we are a run first team afterall. Make no mistake, this season was worse than CFS abysmal 5-7 year. Noway to spin 2021 as anything but failure. We held leads in the 4th quarter of 5 games, choked every time. This 6 game losing streak the worst since 1956 and this year the worst year of any 1st year TEXAS coach. Sark has left himself with no mulligans going forward. Though as long as he makes a bowl game in 2022, he's here for 2 more seasons. We just wonder if we are looking for yet another HC at Thanksgiving of 2023? We hope not. We hope Sark does some hard internal reviews and make some tough calls. Coach PK came to town with a great rep but this was one of the worst D's in TEXAS football history. Wrong guys? Wrong scheme? Some combination. Even an average defense has us debating what bowl we attend this year. The other key to 2022, can Sark close out with a good recruiting class and can he find 2-3 starting OLs in the portal. Oh don't look now but there is no assurance the 2022 QB is on the roster today. Had only Herman been able to keep Cameron Rising who is playing very well at Utah right now and has a decent shot at leading them to the Pac 12 title. So the season is over. . . ..OR IS IT? There is a chance that there are not enough 6-6 teams to fill all the bowl slots so TEXAS might get an invite. Our dream scenario is the Armed Forces Bowl in Ft Worth vs Air Force or Army. They choose 7th on the BigXII bowl list. Yes, we have heard people say "let it be done". This is a young team and the young pups need reps. Granted, this is a long shot but if we can get extra practice, we need it. Offensive player of the Game Roshon Johnson doing his beast mode imitation Offensive Player of the season BiJan Robinson Honorable Mention Xaiver Worthy. Best Freshman WR in TEXAS history Defensive Player of the Game Moro Ojomo/Keondre Coburn Each with 4th down stops in the 4th quarter to preserve victory Defensive Player of the Season DeMarvion Overshown Stats that Matter 8/16 TEXAS on 3rd down. Loved the way we moved the chains 1/9 KSU on 3rd down. Impressive effort by the D 18-24-1 Casey with a respectable day but the INT badly underthrown 2-15 Penalties on TEXAS. Cleanest game of the season +7 7 minute time of possession advantage much in the 2nd half 5-7 Sadly, no way to spin worst performance by a 1st year HC in TEXAS football history Onto 2022 and how do we fix it. #1 thing we need to see, close out this recruiting class well. Rumors abound about 1-2 silent OL commits, we need them. Have a couple others we need to reel in. Word from the current recruits is that they are buying into the idea of being part of turning TEXAS around. Sark needs this in the worst way. So bad news, down 2 to 1 on flips this week. Lost the RB Miller to Bama and WR Winfield to possibly Sparty. On the plus side, TCU's Guilbeau (DB) flipped back to us. All 4 star talents. Miller is a big loss but not worried about Drayton recruiting RBs, inside scoop on Winfield (level 2) problem child, he plays 2 blocks north of us, well until he was effectively tossed off the team. Gladly trade the DB for the WR. #2 Sark needs to hit the portal HARD. In a perfect world, we need 2 starting OLs. Sad truth, we need a QB who can step onto campus and play. The hype around Card and the comparisons to Aaron Rodgers did him no favors. We're big Casey fans, we know he played through injury but he's up and down. Another WR would be nice Best sale he has, playing time. Use that pitch #3 Sark needs to do a deep and honest evaluation of the staff. TEXAS and her players have endured 3 HCs, 5 OCs, 4 DCs (5?) over the past 8 seasons. WAY too much turnover, way too little consistency. Sark has to know if what he is doing works and if not, change it NOW. This includes the S&C program. Too hard to see from the Cheap Seats if that is a plus or a minus. The way we play in the 4th quarter (save this game) seems to say minus but we'll defer to the experts. #4 Sark needs to go through the locker room and "allow the players who aren't buying in" move on. If we only wind up with 80 players on ship, so be it but get the CANCERS OUT OF THE LOCKER ROOM. He talked about a turnover of 33 players. Don't stop there if you need to. #5 We are concerned about reports that Sark does not do a good job of connecting with players. We are strong believers that coaches need to be authentic. If you are a yeller, don't try to be a "nice guy" or vice versa, players see through it. You go with your style but it doesn't mean you can't make your style better. Projecting the 2022 starting line up on offense (and this dependent on several players who walked for Senior day coming back which was rumored) QB Casey or Portal RB BiJan, this needs to be a BiJan4Heisman season WR Worthy/Washington/Whittington We'll add Troy O when he can get on the field TE Wiley + Davis when we go 12 and hopefully Sanders wakes up and plays DE next year LT Jones or Karic LG Portal or Haden Conner C Majors RG Portal (does Imade have a covid year?) RT Karic or Portal Not even going to try the defense at this point Ranking the BigXII Will update this after Sat's games Our Playoff projections Again, after Sat's games but before the Final rankings

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