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  1. This reminds me of the joke when aggy moved to the SEC. The GPAs in both the SEC and Big 12 went up.
  2. When that happens, definitely it’s the double rods while placing your fists together. This creates an appropriate Horns up sign for the festive occasion. Opposing teams and their fans get great joy in throwing the Horns down while they’re winning. When we start beating them, you don’t see them throwing it down as much. The ECU fans were throwing the Horns down early and into the middle innings on Sunday night. When it became apparent that they were going to lose, you didn’t see them doing it very much or at least I didn’t notice it. I realize I’m switching sports, but winning solves a lot of issues and we need to start doing that on the football field which will lead to seeing fewer Horns down in the second half of games. As OT Stan Thomas said before the 1990 aggy game, Texas starters would be out of the game by the third quarter, “eating hot dogs and telling aggy jokes.” And thus fewer Horns down signs.
  3. Omaha, the only place the Horns will dog pile!
  4. No. 1 Texas baseball loses starting pitcher Tanner Witt for the rest of the 2022 season https://www.statesman.com/story/sports/2022/03/10/texas-ut-longhorns-baseball-pitcher-tanner-witt-2022-season-ending-surgery/9451009002/
  5. I hope you take your wife to the tech game. I’d like to see us put a beat down on them.
  6. He did wear #4. I agree with the Overshawn comparison. If I remember correctly, Kelson was recruited, as a safety that was spun down to a LB. I know we suck until we don’t, but I just want us to not suck and to be relevant again.
  7. I believe the LB was Drew Kelson. I thought the best USC player in that game was LenDale White. His performance kept us from beating them by two touchdowns. I saw the Horns play in three games at the Rose Bowl. All were coached by Mack. The Horns won all three. Those were great memories.
  8. Sounds like a Quan Cosby. He looks to have the same build as Quan.
  9. My guess is that deal would be null & void. If not it would be like that Steve Miller song, Take the Money and Run.
  10. Not dead yet. So you're saying there's a chance? Texas could yet still have shot at bowl berth with win If there are not enough 6-win teams, any bowl openings could be filled with 5-7 teams based on the NCAA Academic Progress Rate for football programs. https://www.statesman.com/story/sports/football/2021/11/23/texas-longhorns-football-bowl-game-2021-still-possible-win-friday/8725496002/
  11. I think this is worse. UCLA had a 10-2 win loss record that year.
  12. I think this is worse. UCLA had a 10-2 win loss record that year.

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