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  1. He did wear #4. I agree with the Overshawn comparison. If I remember correctly, Kelson was recruited, as a safety that was spun down to a LB. I know we suck until we don’t, but I just want us to not suck and to be relevant again.
  2. I believe the LB was Drew Kelson. I thought the best USC player in that game was LenDale White. His performance kept us from beating them by two touchdowns. I saw the Horns play in three games at the Rose Bowl. All were coached by Mack. The Horns won all three. Those were great memories.
  3. Sounds like a Quan Cosby. He looks to have the same build as Quan.
  4. My guess is that deal would be null & void. If not it would be like that Steve Miller song, Take the Money and Run.
  5. Not dead yet. So you're saying there's a chance? Texas could yet still have shot at bowl berth with win If there are not enough 6-win teams, any bowl openings could be filled with 5-7 teams based on the NCAA Academic Progress Rate for football programs. https://www.statesman.com/story/sports/football/2021/11/23/texas-longhorns-football-bowl-game-2021-still-possible-win-friday/8725496002/
  6. I think this is worse. UCLA had a 10-2 win loss record that year.
  7. I think this is worse. UCLA had a 10-2 win loss record that year.

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