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  1. That was a great kick, but it comes in second to the one he kicked to beat the aggys 27-25!
  2. I guess the aggys say that because of the number of NCAA Baseball Championships that they have won, which according to the Baseball Reference website is 0. Maybe they're counting championships before 1947. https://www.baseball-reference.com/bullpen/College_World_Series
  3. Even though the times were wind-aided, that was a tremendously fast race. Garcia was timed at 9.998 & Washington at 9.999!
  4. The DMN has a good article about Abilene Christian. How Abilene Christian basketball went from a bad D-II program to one of the nation's top mid-majors in one decade https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/college-sports/2021/03/15/how-abilene-christian-basketball-went-from-a-bad-d-ii-program-to-one-of-the-nations-top-mid-majors-in-one-decade/
  5. The main thing I know about Abilene Christian is that Colt's and Jordan's Dads were roommates there. I must've heard Brent Mooseburger say that at least 250 times.
  6. OSU made a strong run towards the end of the game and the Horns matched them shot for shot. Matt Coleman played to his potential, like an All American point guard. Jericho Sims and Brock Cunningham played great, as well. It feels good to finally win the Big12 Tourney. Congratulations Horns. Congratulations Coach Smart.
  7. That also sounds like $EC recruiting. That guy should be used to that.

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