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  1. ? knox is a olineman if thats who your refurring to ?
  2. agree..another no named source..sorry not buying it..
  3. Strong and Patterson have shutout everyone atm..besides lets focus on the positives like recruiting..Darrel take your well deserved break
  4. so Gundy offense and Strongs D...damn not bad...
  5. bottom line i may be old school but we have a stud at HC ,OL,DL,AND S&C..so nobody will be pushing us around..with Wickline coaching the oline i really dont care if we run spread,option,power,west coast,dont care...we will be tough and well coached and that alone will open up the offense...points will come and will be hard to find against our D..dont forget 30 points allowed to Baylor and Oregon combined..
  6. the only way its not 100% is if watson goes to the nfl if not this is it...hookem mayb shanahan now that the dolphins have passed on him but im not sure if he was ever really in contention.
  7. i agree on wyatt...great recruiter but our wr have been a letdown not to mention the ones we lost in recruiting..having said that we will miss him early in a big way...watch out for decommits but to be fair on wyatt his guys havent had a qb worth a damn throwing to them so....
  8. i like it ..nice read loved the thought on chambers..took the words outa my mouth lol
  9. seattle....New England...if belechick gets there with this group..wow is all i can say..
  10. good ...looks like kyle shanahan has been passed over in the nfl..sure wouldnt mind him coming home now
  11. still could be shannahan...dolphins have passed on him...if it happens it will be today

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