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  1. Got my wifw a Smith&Wesson M&P9c. Its a compact, but will accept full size magazines. It comes with two 12 round mags for around 500.00
  2. I carry a Beretta M9A1. Never liked compacts.
  3. I wonder what the new championship trophy will look like.
  4. So basically the entire Louisville staff will be here. Watson is Strong's Greg Davis
  5. What's funny is Mizzou fans are really hugging the SEC sac
  6. Let us not judge a man by the color of his skin, but by the product he puts on the field! I'm ready for next season !
  7. I'm 100% onboard ! TexaStrong. I said before Coach Strong with the right OC could be special. I'm READY! Hook'em
  8. Get better and praying for ya! Need you back here and posting
  9. Great post Ellie. Who knows, 4 years from now, we could possibly look back and say we hit the ball out of the pack with this hire
  10. Old saying......things workout like they are suppose to. I'm looking forward to seeing what TexasStrong does for us. Welcome to the 40 Acres Coach Strong
  11. I like that. Kinda like Saban flipping Auburn off by taking the moment in the sun and to send Stoops a message see you in Dallas
  12. Yeah, I have been a member on Orangebloods for 7 years. Mostly a lurker, over here its fun to interact with other great fans on this site
  13. I have been on the computer ALL day! I feel like that episode of Family Guy when Quagmire discovers internet porn
  14. Like I states in another thread. If Saban does come to Texas, I will be on a 7 day free trail at Tide sports.com. The meltdown will be of biblical proportions and that maybe an understatement.
  15. I like to thank my producers, my agent and I know I'm forgetting someone that made all this possible. :cool:
  16. I agree with this! I'm in on Saban, but I think Strong with a great OC could be special
  17. Sirhornsalot, if Saban comes to Texas, I'm flying you to Tennessee to do my landscaping....
  18. Your right. I still like Saban, but with the right OC, Strong could be special

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