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  1. nothing going on in these early hours, it's a great time to watch the new trailer for the Terminator (Genisys) http://trailer.town/2015/terminator-genisys/trailer
  2. when I want to escape the madness...i watch movie trailers. 3 minutes and then I am back! ; ) http://trailer.town
  3. a little more fun with trailers. I love genesis versions of classic movies...and the parallel with Strong rebuilding UT's reputation is at least nice: http://trailer.town/2015/terminator-genisys/trailer
  4. We need Mack, Locksley Soso Warren http://trailer.town/2015/fantastic-four/teaser
  5. I can't help but wonder if Strong made the decision that this year was going to be a year to clean house, build up redshirt depth and not unnecessarily burn Heard's shirt in a year like this. Psychologically this may have been a good move as well. If Heard can take over during the offseason, he won't have a season full of being sacked and chased around because our OL is so bad. I am probably reading way too much into this though...and I fully realize it.
  6. good point on Kyle Allen...that could indeed help us with Murray.
  7. my fear is that he just wanted to make the announcement more surprising...so he pretended to trend away from A&M only to make the announcement more exciting. i really hope i am wrong.
  8. i always liked Simms and thought the Applewhite love was overblown. I think Applewhite was great, but we lost some games BADLY with him as well and Simms won a ton of games. I don't see Applewhite as the clearly better player. I think he got the advantage of being smaller and having less "tools" so people expected less of him whereas Simms was big and everyone wanted him to be a worldbeater.
  9. man, i really hope you are right, but i think this is going to be a bit of a rebuilding year. i just hope to see steady improvement and close losses when we lose. i am even ok with one moderately bad loss....if it is an early one. but i don't want to see more than 4 losses....preferably 3 or less.
  10. I actually think Barnes has learned from past mistakes and is getting us ready for an incredible season next year. If we more or less perform the same as this year (not a bad year by any means, but I would want improvement with virtually everyone (everyone?) returning and some young great recruits) then he should be gone, but if we can go deeper and continue building...i am fine with him being here.
  11. this is great news! if Strong can start building momentum and enthusiasm before we even play a game, that is a good sign. i am getting the feeling there is much depth to Strong. He does things in a slow and methodical way by building a firm foundation first and then going up....i am getting more and more positive feelings about him.
  12. actually, if that includes the flooring it is fine, if not, it is a bit high...you can find installation prices of around $3 per foot
  13. i want to see how he can finish out this year and then what he can do next year with this young team.
  14. i am excited about the emphasis on the Lines. I think we have a chance to see our lines dominating teams by mid season and i think the rest follows. i still expect 3 or 4 losses next year, but as long as there is a positive trend, i am ok with that.

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