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  1. Yeah, that's one of the hardest things about recruiting. These kids look so awesome--world beaters--against kids that are just physically and athletically outclassed. What happens when all of a sudden they have to compete against kids of similar size and skills? I like Poona and Nelson and hope they both get a year to develop before getting significant playing time. The closer to the ball you get the more development time is needed.
  2. Attrition is coming. I'm guessing at least 5 players will drop before fall camp is over.
  3. 1. Reduce the ads greatly on Godzillatron and during TV timeouts 2. Let the band play...a lot more...in a location where people can hear them 3. If the band is not playing, don't play hokey country. Play Red Dirt Texas Country. Or play something contemporary that we all like. 4. Serve booze. Seriously. Like yesterday. Most people come late because they want to drink. They leave during the game to go to the tailgate or the alumni center because they want to drink. Just cut out the middle man and let them drink and stay in the seats. 5. Change up the reserved seating structure NOW. It is ridiculous that the blue hair alumni who are barely at the game get seats between the 20s on the westside. During most of the games, the prime seats are empty and silent. Give the bluehairs good seats for years of loyalty but mix them up around the stadium so they aren't clustered. 6. Put a good product on the field. That will get the crowd rowdier.
  4. Need DTs like nobody's business. Come on, Poona.
  5. McPhaul, when you say "decommitments" do you mean decommitments only or are you including transfers?
  6. He was planning on coaching in 2014. I think the writing on the wall was evident on the day of the banquet but he couldn't disinvite the recruits. That would be worse. The banquet is usually a day when alot of recruits are invited. Mack did plenty out of spite, but this is not one of them.
  7. I have to say I'm underwhelmed by the names being included for OC, but I'm willing to give them a chance before I say they suck.
  8. What was the deadline Patterson set for the head coach hire? January 15? When is the recruiting dead period end? Today is the last day, tomorrow coaches can hit recruits hard. We better have somebody named today is all I'm saying.
  9. Wouldn't be shocked. But again, he runs an up tempo offense?
  10. He's coached a QB who used to be in one in college.
  11. Yeah Joker is getting alot of traction on the interweb. He has experience running an up tempo offense? I think Strong's definition of up tempo and mine (or anyone who watches Big XII football) is different.
  12. Honestly, I'm surprised any of these kids commit while they are juniors or about to become juniors. There is a ton of time and life between then and when they would enroll (even in early enrollment). If they get an offer, why not just sit on it until senior year?

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