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  1. The constant back and forth and posturing is getting old just agree to disagree and move on. It's the same argument everytime.
  2. I wouldn't say we don't need him. You always take a player like Obi. His reasons seem rational and correct. Especially if he is torn and he has a chance at a Stanford education. Good for him.
  3. I thought we had to hate them because they were educated at a different university and they like a different sports team.
  4. It's all about how they run with pads on and defenders chasing and I think JF has proven his abilities beyond a straight line 40 time.
  5. He likes a different sports team. It's ok. I'd rather have this Aggie than the fellow Horn that can't get past this.
  6. It's in my top 3 winter Olympic events.
  7. The Ohio State insider just changed his crystal ball to SMU. So i guess not.
  8. Same guy. I'm guessing they think he decommits to be closer to home as well.
  9. Apparently his younger brother has a crystal ball prediction to SMU for basketball.
  10. Said he will transfer to a school in Texas to be closer to his sick father.
  11. He struggled in Manny Diaz's system but he wasn't alone in his struggles. It's just hard to see someone with so much talent turn out this way.
  12. He had so much potential. Since the injury it seems everyone has written him off.
  13. What is the latest on Demarco Cobbs? Will he return from his injury? Will he ever have any impact?
  14. FSU and Auburn both have great coaches though. I think you need both. It's more about developing the stars when they get here.
  15. I'm sure the NCAA is all over this and will act accordingly.

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