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  1. Contractor -- we hired a firm to search for and numerate a multitude of candidates. It so happened end that the personnel that Sexton represents did not meet the requirements of K/F. We hired them to evaluate candidates on sabermetrics that are above all of us. If you have a problem with them or their way of business do not bitch about on a board, take it to their respective PR department. Charlie is going to be the best thing to happen to this university within the next 10 years -- you, however, can be choosed to be remembered as one who recognized that or held on to the idea that it was Saban or bust and the program is destined for the shitter. I would like to respond to all of your arguments, but I do not have the time nor the patience to deal with blind ignorance.
  2. Give me Scott Frost -- created the toughness in Oregon and the downfield blocking within their receiving corp that makes them a threat to score anywhere on the field, not to mention Helfrich face him the play calling duties this year. Commitment to accountability and selfless football fits right into what CS wants to do. And oh yeah, he did a decent job with Mariota in respect to player development. The kids love the system and love to watch Oregon, could have the Oregon system and all it's glory with the Texas brand and our own variation tailored to our personnel. I'd love to hear what everyone thinks though.
  3. No way. New coach is ESPN "stop everything that is going on" news, not "back end of a LHN season tribute that no one is watching" news.
  4. I am on 6th tonight with all of the recruits and the rest of the team frankly -- I would report what they were saying but it isn't coherent. If you want to come here, respect the process and act like it's an honor to wear burnt orange and white, not an entitlement. Feel free to chime in, but the game has passed Mack by and whether he cost us Saban or not, his ways of running a program are out dated and marginal at best -- the marginality is reflecting in our record the last four years. Hook 'Em
  5. Can someone summarize what was said for me? A few of us weren't able to catch it. Appreciate it.
  6. I was at the airport too -- just getting back due to the traffic. I saw what seemed to be someone who matched Nick Saban's profile (granted I was 50 yards away). I followed the black car out of the hangar facility (the police car mentioned above turned off after the car had left the facility). We took Ben White to 290, exited onto Boston Lane and took a right, followed Southwest Parkway to 71 and then we turned right onto Barton Creek Blvd. I know had we continued on 71 we would have ended up in Spanish Oaks area, but instead he took a right into the Barton Creek area. I know Saban was supposed to be in Arkansas with that recruit, but I can't find a flight around that time that would have taken him from Kentucky to Northwest Arkansas unless he flew commercial. I'm not saying it was or wasn't Saban, just food for thought. I hope I wasn't following some random dude around Austin.
  7. He could be coming to pick up Terry and/or meet with BMD that are gathering in Austin this week -- just a thought.
  8. Yeah, not something that we will be able to prove in practice, but I can guarantee you I have heard that directly via several of the players. I trust Patterson to hire someone to fix the program inside and out -- now we just wait.
  9. It's not quite time for the December Cowboys swoon, then again -- Romo never ceases to amaze me.
  10. I have heard from several of the players, specifically the offensive line, that they come out and play harder for Case than they do for David because he is one of their 'boys' -- a product of him hanging out with them on the weekends, gettin' f##ked up at SAE late nights, etc. This is the culture that Mack Brown has allowed to enter his team and locker room and why this team underperforms every opportunity they get. Great coaches don't accept mediocrity from specific units just because they don't like what one of their quarterbacks does with his free time (David Ash in this situation -- doesn't drink, doesn't go to fraternity parties, has involved himself in College YoungLife at UT). Play hard because you want to win, not because you think it's lame he doesn't blackout after the games.

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