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  1. The teaser you floated at the end of the Crossfire last week was really enticing. Can you move that rock just a little bit further and wet our appetites a bit more?
  2. Wooooo Hooooo.... Can't wait. When's the go date?
  3. Stayed up really late... especially for me. Well worth the read and the reduction in sleep time tonight. Thanks McPhaul !! And FOB !!
  4. tick tock, tick tock, tick tock... Crossfire !
  5. Any behind the scene updates on player attitudes, conditioning, leadership as spring approaches.
  6. Any chance we hook up with the ACC in conference realignment?
  7. I don't mind anyone posting at this point. First the dead period and since then it seems like the undead period. I want me some football action and I want it now !!
  8. Sorry if I missed it but will there be anymore Crossfires?

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