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  1. I love the site! The folks here seem like real good people. I'm not going premium just yet, but I'm glad we can still have conversation. Trust me, this is a much better neighbourhood than the juveniles at OB, IMO. Good to be able to converse again HS Nation.
  2. Buona fortuna. Enjoyed the diologue. Just don't think a pay site is worth it.
  3. Just passing this along to any that might have missed it . . . . http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports...tants/7258411/
  4. Agreed. I'd like to see "TEXAS" on the front. Otherwise, I like the concept.
  5. Agree on both points. It's just Augie is knocking on eight decades and the offense is inept. I do like Skip. Think they would keep it inside?
  6. Dropping 2 of 3 to Kansas to open B12 play at the Disch no less. Is Garrido good as gone? If so, who to replace? I like the guy at LSU.
  7. Hope this isn't beginning of the end for 2013-14 basketball team. Don't much like our chances against a fired up WVA in rd 1 of B 12. I'm with Whisenant sentiments. Barnes future on the 40 will depend on if the Horns are still playing in three weeks.
  8. True by Spandau Ballet. I'm also pretty damn embarrassed I can spell Spandau Ballet!
  9. Hello Dish! I've been waiting on the shoe to drop between Dish & Direct TV.
  10. Just wanted to offer a hearty birthday greeting to the greatest state in the union! Thems that were born here and other that got here as soon as possible. Native born and transplants alike, aren't you damn proud to be a Texan? Have a blessed day one and all!
  11. True enough, Strong is our coach. He deserves a unified backing. But, if we had a chance at Saban and didn't make it happen, that's simply shame on us, IMO. Regarding the issue of race, I do think it probably factored in to some degree. Though it can't be proven, I think Strong doesn't get the job without Sumlin's success at aNm. But to bring up race as an issue is insulting to Strong, I think. It doesn't really make a difference at this point.

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