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  1. I missed the Leroy Scott news or forgot. Is he off the team right now trying to earn his way back or is he working out with the team but in the doghouse?
  2. I missed pre emergent treatment. I put it down for March instead of April. No wonder my yard always looks like crap.
  3. Here is a link to an article by ESPN on what goes on at Junior Days. http://espn.go.com/college-sports/recruiting/football/story/_/id/7561634/breaking-junior-days
  4. Wickline is one of the best OL coaches in college football. That doesn't mean he will be a good coordinator. Maybe he will, maybe he won't but Gundy passed over him a couple of times. Akina was a good DB coach but bad coordinator. Everyone on this board said we couldn't afford to take a coordinator and make him HC every time Morris name came up. How is this any different. We have no damn clue if Wickline can be a good coordinator. If he fails it will set the program back. Strong has handed opposing schools a great negative recruiting narrative. They will tell kids why take a chance on Wickline as coordinator when you can play for us because we have proven we have done it, there is no guesswork. Too many proven coordinators out there to take this risk. And it didn't have to be big time name OC, only that they have proven they can do it. I hate on the job training at that level.
  5. Since Lorenzo Joe (one of our most solid commitments) is now visiting TCU and USC and Porter is looking around I think it's safe to say that the kids will analyze and evaluate the staff. If we we start having locks like Lorenzo then you won't have to wait to have an opinion. On this staff you have Watson who was an OC and demoted to QB coach. Koennning took a demotion from OC to WR (a position he hasn't coached in years) and Wickline who was promoted to OC. Throw in the fact that neither Kenning and or Watson are considered good recruiters and Chambers is being kept despite being the worst coach and recruiter on the staff. Robinson is not considered a good recruiter but not matter because he is interviewing for an NFL job. We upgraded at OL although Searles was a tenacious recruiter. Other than that we are worse or the same at every position. This also puts you behind for 2015 recruits because they will have to wait until the season to see what we try to run offensively. They won't believe it until they see it. Briles, Sumlin, KK and others can simply show film and say this is what we do. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer but i think Strong will pay a a price for these offensive hires with decommits. I so hope I am wrong. I will gladly eat crow. We will know soon what the verdict is from the recruits.
  6. Per OB Lorenzo Joe is taking visits to TCU and USC i believe. And he is a player that LOVES Texas.
  7. Who is the boss on offense or is it a committee. Why did Strong demote Watson and wait 10 days to hire a WR coach that he could have hired on day one. Why did Strong hire an unproven OC in Wickline after demoting Watson. What system will we run, who decides. Opposing recruiters are going to make it hard to,keep some of our 2013 commits. This was handled poorly and I am afraid we will pay for it. Hope I am wrong. It would have been helpful if we hired good recruiters to try and sell whatever it is that we are selling. But we kept Chambers who was our worst coach and recruiter and replaced the rest with average recruiters except for Wickline.
  8. I wish they were as good at completing a football staff as they are at controlling leaks.
  9. With the dead period ending there is a sense of urgency. We need a coherent message and an offensive identity. The kids have been patient but it's not fair to have them continue to wait because Strong can't/won't complete his offense staff.
  10. Apparently we have to pay $600,000 if Wickline is co OC. If he is the sole OC we avoid the buyout. Doesn't mean Wickline will call plays. Sounds like Watson will handle that (unless Watson is QB only) and they let WR coach call plays. Seamless it appears.
  11. I would rather keep Searles and bring in a proven OC.
  12. Sounds like Watson will be play caller or share with Wickline. Les Koenning Jr., Joker Phillips and Mike Groh in the running for WR. This will strike fear in our opponents. Defensive coach hires = A Offense coach hires = C high school kids will be swarming to play for this offense. This is the biggest mismatched bunch of coaches on the offense side that one can imagine. Glad I waited 8 days for that. What a giant letdown. On well, maybe our defense can shut everyone out.
  13. Lotushorn: I know that Watson is Strong's security blanket (a statement used to describe Watson by many around Strong) but he invited him to Austin, ignored him for two days, all with a promise he will make it all make sense to Watson. Reading between the lines, Strong wants his security blanket, but understands he needs a splash OC hire. The longer this takes, the more inclined I am to believe that Strong is letting Watson's agent try and get him another job, but with the hope it won't happen so he can convince Watson that QB coach at Texas isn't a bad gig. ===== Lotushorn: "So I don't get a bunch of Private Messages... Higdon is the UF scout guy, and the OC for Texas is Joker Phillips. IF Watson stays, currently Watson hasn't accepted the QB coaching position." with reply: "well that was easy to get it outta ya ;-) Alright two things as follow-ups: 1) In that scenario if Watson accepted, would it be Phillips and Watson Co-OC with Phillips WR and Watson QB? and 2) If Watson does not accept a demotion, would Phillips still take the WR spot without having play-calling responsibilities? Leaving us with Joker Phillips at WR, Watson out, and back to square one looking for an OC?" Lotus reply: 'and thus the delay we are witnessing'
  14. Does Higdon really know or he is just trying to increase his number of followers?
  15. Sounds like Rumph will coach the entire DL, so looks like Gile is out.

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