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  1. If you don't have cable access to the Longhorn Network for this weekend's or any other Longhorn game, you can get a five day free trial on Playstation Vue. You do not have to have a playstation console. You can access Vue over your Roku or equivalent device. Vue is equivalent in cost monthly to Hulu Plus or Sling TV, but the free five day trial is a good deal, plus you get access to LHN which the other online services do not provide.
  2. I pretty much do not pay much attention to these threads ... once you have heard one aggie joke you have heard them all ... “How about we meltdown once, in February, once we actually know just how upset we should be?” But ... seriously !!! I do not know whether this is a typical aggie, a stupid aggie, or an aggie apologist, but, good lord, how could anybody who attended public school long enough to learn enough to read and write, make such an idiotic statement. (Or is this person home schooled ... by an aggie !!!) Is this ... I am sorry ... the more I think about this ... Oh God !!! I feel my consciousness slowly slipping away ... Darrell !!! Is that you ??? ; )
  3. Is this happening on smart phones, desktops, or both? I only use my smart phone to surf the web when I am traveling. Lately, I have only been using my desktop for the web, and by and large I am having no problems with popup, popunder or popover ads. I am using Windows 7 as an operating system and Waterfox (64 bit) as a browser. Some web sites don't like the way Waterfox uses or rather doesn't like to use Java (Sorry Java, the computer language, not you !!! ), so sometimes I have to use Chrome as a browser. I have been thinking about upgrading to Windows 10 ... maybe I should not oughta ?! I have uBlock installed but currently have it turned off ... no problems. I have used various versions of AdBlock in the past, but I found that they did not play well with others, so I stopped using them. Later versions of the programs may work well though, so maybe they should be checked out. I have Vipre Antivirus and Malwarebytes always running in the background, and I run a custom manual Malwarebytes scan including rootkits, the freeware versions of Wise Disk Cleaner, Ccleaner (both the disk cleaner and the registry cleaner), and Wise Disk Registry Cleaner at least once a week. With regards to Malwarebytes, I keep active Web Protection turned off or my system locks up, but I keep active Exploit Protection, active Malware Protection, and active Ransomeware Protection turned on. On my wife's laptop, I can keep Web Protection turned on but that computer is running Windows 8 ... sometimes these computer security programs do not play well with each other if they have comparable active modules turned on. Depending on what programs you are trying to use, trial and error determines what you can and cannot use together. With regards to desktops, I have found that if you find a good antivirus program and anti-malware program ( I re-evaluate them annually), let them run scans automatically behind the scenes if they work well with each other, and then run their scans manually along with other free versions of disk and registry scanners, on a regular, weekly, basis, you can 'eliminate a lot of these problems. If you continue to have problems, get yourself a good anti-keylogger program ... you can find them free of the web ... and run them occasionally. I am not a computer security expert by any means, but I have built and configured more than a few graphic computers and networks for architectural firms that I have worked for because nobody else had the inclination to do so, and they did not want to pay professionals to do it. I don't have any good experience or advice for smart phones ... I have an extreme dislike for smart phones ... but that is another story altogether.
  4. Whatever kool-Aid these guys are having, meaning the Texas football team, not some of our craptastic posters ... Please Sir, may I have some more?
  5. This team is obviously a work in progress ... if Andrew Jones can come back strong as the Andrew Jones we saw before his injury, and the Horns we saw in the first half of this game make a consistent appearance ... well, we might have a chance at a decent season ... of course, I do tend to be one of those infernal optometrists. : )
  6. Those of us here don't get to choose ... Time will tell ... Let's just see how it goes.
  7. I hated last night's game as much as anybody. This team is a work in progress. You gotta remember that our top scorer and arguably our best guard, Andrew Jones, was out along with another very important part of the back court rotation, Eric Davis. This team is still very young. They are down to a seven player rotation. Obviously, last night's game was an embarrassment for the Horns. If it does not wake them up, nothing will. These guys have high expectations for themselves, as a team and as individuals. They will respond ... injuries allowing. Also, Shaka will be here the rest of this year, next year and probably the year after. I look forward to seeing Shaka continue to build what will become a strong program ... the possibilities are exciting ... our crappy fans, on the other hand ... well ... much to my chagrin, I am afraid that we are stuck with them.
  8. My wife has a sleep disorder and restless leg syndrome ... so, even during exciting games, I usually have to wake her up two or three times to keep her from sleep walking over the edge from our first row seats upstairs ... this game, I just let her snooze. I think I even snoozed a few times ... I swear I think I was whistled for abrasive snoring a couple of times in the second half ... or ... maybe that was just a bad dream !!! ; ) By the way, the half time and time out entertainment has hit an all time exciting (SARCASM MODE ENGAGED !!!) level. If you were not there, you will not believe this ... they actually had a ZUMBA class dance routine at half time ... those folks sure looked like THEY were having a good time. Can't say that they do not try new concepts, though ... they had two guys at either end of the court with 30 seconds, I think, to make as many shots as possible. They were tied together by an elastic cord so they could affect how the other guy shot ... they even made them wear hard hats in case they took a fall. in spite of referees and players stumbling over the elastic cord, both contestants shot a better percentage than the Longhorns did last night. F F Folks ... this exciting update of last night's action has been brought to you by ZUMBA !!! It does a body good !!! ; )
  9. Tommy pretty much defined the position of middle linebacker in college ball and later in the pros. I remember going to the movies with friends during the 1965 Orange Bowl game against Joe Namath and the Bamas. We tried sneaking up to listen to the game on a portable radio in the restroom, and I could not stand not seeing the game, so I forsook my friends and the movie and ran home to watch the rest of the game. Tommy was big and violent. He stuffed plays sideline to sideline. The position he played does not even exist on today's defenses. ; )
  10. Don't you just love it when threads really reach the pinnacle of what they can be? ; )
  11. Well ... I guess that depends on how thrilling the REST of your life is !!! ; )
  12. THIS JUST IN !!! ... Clickety Clackity ... Clackity Clickety !!! (He said breathlessly !!!) BREAKING NEWS !!! In a comment in THIS story on Burnt Orange Nation, VirginiaLonghorn just referred to "SHART" as a seeming reference to the Longhorn version of HAVOC !!! You see, the term HAVOC officially belongs to VCU ... The Longhorns have to have there own name for HAVOC ... I still don't know what "SHART" is supposed to MEAN in a Texas Basketball context !!!
  13. BudreauReye,  I think you are the bestest poster ever to be !!!  ; )

    1. BudreauReye


      Why, thank you, BudreauReye !!!  You are pretty darn cool yourownself !!!  ; )

  14. : ) Beats the hell out of me !!! In Uzbeki, "shart" means "compulsory. condition, proviso, or stipulation". There are also several obscure Bollywood films with the Hindi term for "shart" in the films' title. In common English vernacular, the term "shart" translates as "SH(it)-(f)ART" ... let's see if this makes it past the censors !!! ; ) With regards to basketball, I seem to recall seeing the term used maybe last year. Maybe in regards to somebody crapping up their shooting percentage, or perhaps in an attempt to be positive ... every time someone took a shot,. it went in like a well placed poop in the toilet ... In other words, to quote the inimitable Peter Gabriel ... "I don't remember, I don't recall, I got no memory of anything, Anything at all" Maybe since this reference occurred in a properly attributed Barking Carnival article, perhaps Bitterwhiteguy can elucidate on the subject for us, ; )

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