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  1. thanks for the quick response. I will have to get the first treatment done this week. It's a beautiful tree and definitely want to keep it healthy. It's going to be hard to get to the top third of the tree. I guess I'll have to bring an large ladder home. thanks again
  2. Good info. I've never had a cinch bug problem but I dont really care what happens to st augustine grass that creep into the yard. I try to push bermuda and buffalo grass; both are still doing well and have only watered grass once this summer so far. Different Situation: my mature Burr Oak seems to be sweating a lot of sap from the leaves; more than usual. I assumed it was from the extra month of 100 degree weather. this morning I had dozens of honey bees on my car sucking up the sap. I was at an auction Saturday in Austin and was talking to an older gentleman. He insisted that the sap was due to an insect infestation. I havent noticed any insect infestation; matter of fact, I havent even seen any "gals" this year that normally infest some of the leaves (I understand the gals are relatively harmless but just noted as an aside). the sap is so bad this year I'm going to have to wash my vehicles and put tarps on them and they are not directly under the tree. Q: Is excessive Burr Oak sap due to heat stress or insect infestation? if it is due to insects, do you know what type of insects would cause this? if so, do I need to water-wash the tree and leaves with soapy water?
  3. I came back to post something interesting.... A couple of weeks ago when it first got into to the 20s, I brought the dogs inside and was surprised to see a few fleas on them; mostly their legs. I plucked off the ones I could see with a tweezer and then rubbed the dogs with diatomaceous earth. I didnt think much of it until a few days ago when it got back below 25. I brought the dogs in again and didnt see any fleas this time. Today, I washed them outside with flea shampoo and, again, didnt see any fleas. I may have to sprinkle DE this week around the area the dogs lay most of the time. I use DE a LOT and generally buy edible DE in 50 lb bags.
  4. thanks for the reply. yeah, I'm probably just going to get my pole limb saw with a ladder and take it down. Obviously, my trichogramma wasps were not as effective this year. Do you treat the soil with anything to kill bag worms BEFORE they get to the tree? The problem is I dont want to kill beneficial insects to take out one bad one.
  5. Good stuff SH! I always enjoy the monthly writeups. I dont disagree with anything but have some additional thoughts... Pruning. Yeah, I do very little pruning. I prune shade trees (oaks, elms, pecan, etc) if last year's growth goes downward. I want to be able to walk under all my shade trees and every year some limbs go down towards the ground instead of up, esp Burr Oak trees. If done every year it isnt a big deal. I try to do as little as possible pruning my crape myrtles. I like to select 4-6 trunks to trim up to about 4' off the ground. I also pull off last year's new sprouts that look to grow to the interior or will obviously grow to rub up against another limb. My peach trees are lower growing but I use the same pruning concept as crape myrtles. however, I have found that if I prune too many interior new stems, it may cause scorching, blistering and cracking on limbs (without enough leaves to shade the limb) As I go around the area, I see a lot of bad pruning: too much pruning even with trunk or limb. And, too much paint over wounds. What, if any, should be planted this month? potatoes? squash? After all the leaves fell, I noticed a pecan bag worm nest high up in a pecan tree. It is it worth the work to get up in there and take down that nest? is is that damage already done? Bag worms on mountain ceders & fruit trees? I dont really care about mountain cedars but I dont want those moths migrating to my trees. What's the best (preferably natural) way to get rid of bag worms? thanks
  6. IMO, the Big12 going to 12 or 14 teams was never the challenge if they were going to bring in G5 type teams. After losing 3 flagship schools and a large name-brand land grant school (aggy), the B12 NEEDED to bring in P5 type programs to replace what left; that didnt happen. Deloss was ridiculed for trying to bring Notre Dame into the conference but at least he was trying and had he pulled that off, the B12 probably could have brought in two more P5 programs. Remember when Deloss went after FSU and to a lesser extent Georgia Tech? & Clemson when they were down? THESE are the type of teams the B12 NEEDED to pull into the conference to satisfy the networks in order to keep the revenues on an upward trend. Where was BeBee? Where has Bowlsby been since? IMO, WV was acceptable had there been other P5 programs brought in with them but that didnt happen. The moment TCU was brought in, I said then that UT/0U threw in the towel and quit trying to do the commish's job. As a package, WV didnt move the needle and TCU was a negative indicator with regards to network revenue attraction. Strategically, adding TCU was ridiculous. The Big12 (and 0U & UT) already overlapped the DFW DMA several times over. Of the former SWC teams, UH should have been the next school up (IMO, UH should have been added instead of BU but that is a 27 yr argument). The B12 has had over 10 yrs to improve its network profile and it simply didnt do it. Ten teams getting paid as if they were the same 12 of over 11 yrs ago is the ONLY thing that has kept the B12 together this long. When the networks refused to renegotiate the current media contracts, IMO, UT & 0U looked at each other and said its time. Something HAD to change before 2025 or every team in the B12 were going to take a serious revenue hit including 0UT (ouUT). Adding G5 schools could always have been done and doing it now (to replace NU,CU,MU,TAMU, 0U, & UT) is an admission that the B12 is not a serious conference any longer
  7. yeah, the real central Texas: Killeen (Ft Hood area). I say that because the AAS puts out "central" Texas all-star list occasionally when actually it is just the AAS & TV designated broadcast area, which includes LaGrange but doesnt include Bell County that is more "central" than Austin. A lot of Bell county players (Temple, Belton, HarkerHeights, Killeen, + CopperasCove) are recruited by Texas /petpeeve yep. I've always considered the mountain Laurel a warm weather plant so putting the seeds in the fridge might actually retard propagation but wanted to find out for myself. This coming fall, I might try putting them in the garage but not in the fridge to see if protection from frost works better. To keep them from drying out, I suppose I would have to put them in pot with soil and water it a little once a week. Crape Myrtles are kind of the same. I havent been able to get a CM to propagate from seed yet after years of trying. I get CMs to propagate from rooting a shoot or transplanting a riser. I havent noticed any risers around Laurels and havent tried rooting a shoot. hhhhmmm I may try rooting a shoot this spring. It doesnt cost anything to try these experiments
  8. yeah, the mountain laurels in my yard are about 10-15 ft high & 4-6 inches diameter at the base above the flare. I think they are about 12-15 yrs old but cant remember exactly
  9. SH, thanks for the info I'm still doing some trimming including cutting back my Lantanas Being chilly today, I stayed home and got some stuff done (ie, soaking beans to make bean-sausage-cheese chili this evening) Checked my acorns and pecans in the garage fridge and some are starting to open up. As you can see, I harvested them on 13 OCT and put them in the refrig on that day. It has now been 3 months and a week and they are finally opening up. I think this is the longest I have ever gone before any opened up; usually it is about 2 mnths. I went on ahead and put these six in a pot indoors. They will have about two months to root & sprout. I will then take them out to my property in Kempner (semi-hill country) and put them in the ground. oddly, none of the Burr Oak acorns have opened up yet; they usually open up early in the fridge I also took out three Texas blue mountain laurel seeds and put them in a pot. This is the first time I've ever put mountain laurel seeds in the fridge; wanted to see if propagation increased. Normally, I just put the mountain laurel seeds in a propagation pot in the fall and see if they sprout in the spring - some did but most didnt
  10. My last basketball post got deleted. Why? I have no idea but will post something else. Thought this was interesting (and true) from Chris Anderson on WV Huggins... Chris Anderson goes on to say: Not sure if Huggins is extra feisty or if I'm reading too much into this. Calls Taz Sherman "the best player in this league." Says Texas has "the best players from a lot of different leagues."
  11. Joeywa, if you had to guess at a starting lineup today, what do you think it would be? Pitchers will probably be Hansen, Stevens, and Witt.
  12. I dont know but it's being repeated by different outlets...
  13. 5* OL Shanahan shout out to UT's OL coach Kyle Flood...
  14. hard to believe it has been that long...
  15. yep, we did too in highschool when we ran the wishbone with about the same results. LOL

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