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  1. Not trying to start something but did you just do the same thing? Stats need context unless someone is trying to make a one-sided point. CT's QB rating is trending down. PFF doesnt even have him in the top 50 (57th I believe). They have Caleb Williams (0U), Max Duggan (TCU), Spencer Rattler (0U), & Tyler Shough (TTU) all in the top 50 with CW at #2 & MD at #4 (IIRC). I take PFF stats like I take all stats: with a large grain of salt I think I can read & decide for myself if something is unnecessarily critical or one-sided.
  2. Good take. The problem with posting stuff like this, whether it be original or a link, is that a lot of the fan base can not handle critical assessments and just resort to insults.
  3. Both of the personal fouls were HUGE calls at critical moments. A coach can DEMAND a targeting review; make them say no. Sometimes a leader has to act like he cares to rally the troops. I'm sure the Big12 HQ got a big laugh out of Texas whining after a loss; yeah, that really meant something. geez.
  4. We didnt see that on TV. But, talking is not good enough in this situation. He should have made a spectacle of it, called a time out if necessary, and demanded a targeting review. If either foul would have gone Texas' way, the game might have been changed significantly
  5. ok... but it means nothing on Monday. It's really saying, "I'm mad now that I saw it on replay since I wasnt paying attention during the game." He should have been in the face of the refs DEMANDING a relook from the booth for crown of the helmet targeting on a defenseless player.
  6. exactly. there's a difference between published "film" (eg, HUDL) vs continuous play and coach's/team film. Coaches have access to continuous full-field and close up video at different angles.
  7. The fall-out continues... https://247sports.com/Player/Aaron-Anderson-46093790/
  8. I dont know anything about this guy but talent generally isnt the problem at LSUx.... https://247sports.com/college/texas/Season/2020-Football/Recruits/?&Player.FullName=Koy Moore
  9. This is the type of stuff I was talking about.. I was yelling at the screen! Picking up a QB in the process of throwing the ball and spearing him with the crown of the helmet into the turf is EXACTLY why the rule was made. This was the original definition of unnecessary roughness on a defenseless player that got expanded later to include receivers. Why wasnt Sark out on the field getting in the face of the refs and protesting?!? Because he was in his kimchee squat staring at his play card. This is the type of stuff that can fire up a team but the coaches didnt seem to care
  10. agree... Sark is arguably the best offensive mind that Texas has ever had (and, no, GD doesnt even come close) and I'm surprised he has been as predictable using Bijan as he has been. If you bang your head against the wall and it hurts, do you continue banging your head? I hope not. If the OL has a hard time opening holes, then you have to get more creative. I dont see hardly any trap or belly (RB dive plays with RB/FB leading blockers) plays nor do I see very many off-tackle plays that isnt a stretch play (which are slow developing). If the OL cant do the job inside, they need to get the playmakers outside. Sark insinuates misdirection plays but rarely implements it. Something that REALLY annoyed me during the game was when they ran a veer-type option (double or triple option is still the best play in football; always has been and always will be). It wasnt the play call (I love the option) but the fact that they ran it to the short side of the field and the out of bounds boundary worked against them. That play should have been to the field side so the talent out in space so they can have wider movement options. When you have a pass-first offensive mentality, something as basic as an option play effectively becomes a trick play... and that's frustrating to watch
  11. They are not going to make lineup changes to satisfy the fan base. The team NEEDS at least 7 wins this season or they will take a HUGE perception hit, which usually causes more negative recruiting. Casey will be here another year after this and benching him at this point could be detrimental. Normally I would say if Texas gets up by two TDs or more, then give backups meaningful game reps but losing multiple games this year after being up three TDs causes one to think they need to be up by 4 TDs before changing game rotation. At this point, winning games is more important than preparing for next season, IMO
  12. The comparison to Baylor is humbling. They are on their 4TH head coach (Briles, Grobe, Rhule, Aranda) since 2015 and they are almost as good or better than Texas - certainly competitive - and Texas rolls the dice on Sark. I like Sark and think he will be a good head coach if he can keep his demons under control. I'm giving Sark a huge pass this year and next (coaches deserve about 3 yrs to get their players & system in place) but one thing that really annoys me this year is the fact that he is constantly staring at his play chart. Hopefully he hires a dedicated offensive coordinator to mentor to do that and think through play progression; he needs to pay attention to game what is going on on the field. For example, if there's a defensive substitution, Sark needs to see that and possibly exploit that change but he cant do that if the is staring at a play chart.
  13. no, they dont.... IF they are good students of the game. Serious "film" room work almost always should include chalk/white board dissection. The film study is to put two dimensional into context. Without good parameters, watching film is just watching videos.
  14. And here I thought the Horns would have the best secondary in the country - hands down - by 2020 or 2021 after the huge haul in the 2018 class supplemented by a couple from the 2019 & 2017 classes. 5*/.988 Caden Sterns - turned pro 5*/.98 BJ Foster 4*/.97 Jalen Green (early 5*)transferred 4*/.97 DeMarvion Overshown (early 5*) 4*/.968 Anthony Cook (early 5*) 4*/.948 D'shawn Jamison 4*/.95 Tyler Owens (2019 class) 4*/.92 Josh Thompson (2017 class) I'd be hard pressed to find anyone on this list that lived up to expectations. If I had to pick one that hasnt sucked it would probably be Cook (& possilbly Jamison) THIS year but that isnt living up to expectations
  15. or 12 legit TEs. The ones that cant catch spin them down to OL & DL.
  16. Uber talent that hasnt played much https://247sports.com/college/alabama/Player/Agiye-Hall-46055274/
  17. apparently, he was fired without cause and he's staying on at LSU. he will get his full $18 buyout most of it immediately and the rest in payments.
  18. Good. Hopefully the OL recruits have the same outlook
  19. I expect to see a LOT more blitzes and stunts this game. The personnel they have right now (Foster, Thompson, Schooler, etc) has shown they can not play straight up defense. The "bend but dont break" hasnt worked with offenses with a pulse so they will have to try something that causes disruption in order to get off the field.
  20. agree. however, having a strong safety spin down to the second level is not uncommon but he shouldnt be a replacement for a real LB in a base defense. Any team with a pulse of a running game can exploit that. We use to call a spun down SS "rovers" back in the day. This can give a 4-2 defense with two legit LBs, a 4-3 look with more speed to the field side on certain plays. I could be wrong but we could be seeing the result of some of the transfer-outs during the Herman years. They could sure use Juwan Mitchell and Caleb Johnson right about now.
  21. another huge 5* disappointment. At this point, entering the portal is probably the right thing to do. Seriously, if he doesnt want to change positions (hybrid LB) and cant beat out the lousy play of Foster, a WR (Schooler), and a sophomore that is fundamentally unsound and cant tackle, then yeah, it's time to try a different situation.
  22. And, as if it was planned, there is an article and thread on the USC board about this exact thing... DC Todd Orlando, safeties coach Craig Naivar on USC's tackling issues https://247sports.com/college/usc/Article/USC-Trojans-football-DC-Todd-Orlando-safeties-coach-Craig-Naivar-on-USCs-tackling-issues--173085187/ A couple of quick comments from the thread: "No one feels safe with our Safeties on the field right now." "The fact that we are now reduced to remedial high school training because we can't even do the basics is pathetic." "What happened to that cornball "vow to fix this" BULL**** that Orlando and crew spewed a few weeks ago?"

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