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  1. You could probably get a proxy address from one of the homeless hotels in Austin. but you may have to dress like (Fish) the Freeloader. For hose that are old enough, a combo of Fish on BarneyMiller & Red Skelton
  2. Funny, This chart got me banned from SurlyHorns. hahaha what a bunch of morons. I had been a member going back to 2008 when ShaggyBevo was started or soon after. I mostly just posted on the "can you help me with this" board (or whatever it is called). The pathetic thing is that you can be as degenerate, vulgar and obscene as you want on that site and you will likely be upvoted... but if you take a decent, counter-woke, or conservative stand on something you have an even chance of being "neg" voted into banishment. I'm getting too old to care about such nonsense... but this graphic made me l
  3. This is kind of disturbing knowing that April fools day has already passed us by...
  4. I dont know anything about this cartoon but...
  5. This is how sick and decadent Dems/Libs/leftist are...
  6. More evidence that the "Capital rioters" that were aggressive were not conservatives nor Trump supporters as the administration, MSM, and hating libs/leftist stated over and over again
  7. Anything and everything can have political implications but that is not why I'm posting this. I send out a weekly newsletter to family and friends that I call "Watcher News." It's about what happened during the week that might have end-of-times significance. Things are ramping up and, depending on your world view, may be more important than the constant malcontent actions we see daily on MSM. Curious if anyone is interested in this type stuff and news that might not be overtly political in nature. Was thinking of starting a thread called "Watcher News" or something like that. If this
  8. agree. but... In discussions, I dont get wrapped around 2nd Amendment semantics. Our rights do not come from the poorly titled "Bill of Rights." Quite a few early fathers were concerned that people would eventually think that the Bill of Rights defines our rights - and they were correct in their concerns. The BoR and the 2-A in particular were statements of (very important) values that some delegates wanted express in order to get their signature on the constitution. BoR aside, the more important issue is that NOWHERE in the constitution does it give the central government the power t
  9. Just to add some extra thoughts. I've grown several laurels from seeds with some success. Getting them started is the hard part. If you have several seeds, you can try two or three different techniques and see which one works. I generally soak the seeds at least over night and a couple or three days doesnt seem to hurt. Another thing you could do if you have extra seeds to do what I like to do with my pecans: I put them in a zip lock baggie with a damp paper towel and put them in the frig (I have a frig in the garage to do this type of stuff) and wait for the seed to crack open, which
  10. YES! any decent american should be tired of this nonsense...
  11. yep... no masks, much less double or triple masks.
  12. I think the comments above and below say it all.
  13. I think people are missing the forest for the trees. I think something much bigger is at stake. Putting that aside, however.... This was argued in the beginning and for almost 200 yrs. Statehood is a nonstarter & would require a constitutional amendment. As I see it, there really are only three options: 1. status quo: keep the dysfunctional district as is. If voting is an issue as it was 200yrs ago, people can move a few miles to the suburbs and vote - much easier to do today than it was two centuries ago 2. Recede property to it's rightful owners. This partially happened i
  14. If this passes, states should send notice of nullification on every detrimental SCOTUS decision as a matter of principle. States need to exercise their sovereign powers.
  15. This is absurd. Where are the "peace-niks" when the Dems do this crap?! Clinton did the same thing with regards to Bosnia. There were absolutely NO American interests at stake in Bosnia... but no outcry from the left. The left had a conniption fit with both Bush's (41 & 43) proclaiming over and over: IT IS ALL ABOUT OIL. Wasnt true of course but even if it was true, at least that was something to be concerned about. Bosnia? nothing. Ukraine? nothing. I'm not saying that US should or shouldnt be involved; just pointing out the hypocrisy of the Dems - again. Tulsi Gabb
  16. I could list more and some of the comments in the tweet mentions are good. haha A succinct list of the Left's platform...
  17. Mine too! Cherokee side: some were taken slaves and forced incarceration as a result of Trail of Tears. Cherokees were also stollen/kidnapped during the ToT by other tribes and taken into slavery Jewish side: Way too many examples to list Does attempted slavery by Mexico in 1830s qualify?
  18. What character is that (the one on the right LOL)? That's not fire marshal Bill is it? "I WANT TO TELL YOU SOMETHING!"
  19. A little immature but sometimes you have to come down to the audience level: Dems and MSM
  20. This needs to sweep across the country...
  21. Yep, I was going to post a different tweet referring to the same thing. the morons that caused most of the problems were leftist Antifa types wearing MAGA stuff. The capital police let everyone one in and an unarmed woman was shot in the neck and we STILL dont have the name of the cop that shot her... and charges were dropped
  22. This isnt your typical FOIA request... this is SERIOUS! https://www.foxnews.com/politics/pelosi-milley-phone-call-about-unhinged-trump-is-target-of-judicial-watch-lawsuit This article from RevolverNews is well worth the read for those that care about their country. Here's a snippet... The Democrats and the mainstream media have successfully branded the January 6th melee as an “armed insurrection” even though nobody was armed. In reality, the only people who had loaded guns were the Capitol Police. And as a result, one unarmed Trump supporter by the name of Ashli
  23. Not only is it time to migrate away from leftist social platforms, it's time to turn PBS off! PBS in Killeen went off the air and I didnt care one bit. I went to the tv station to talk to the owner and told her the same thing and that I'm glad that it shut down. However, she also owns the local Christian station and told her that I will increase my donation now that it isnt going to PBS. She said, to be honest, it wasnt a hard decision. https://gab.com/TexaSoldier/posts/106067009248934552 https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/03/sesame-streets-adds-two-new-muppets-abcs-racia

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