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  1. agree. your best fertilizers are grass eaters. The least useful is probably meal eaters such as the diet we feed our cats and dogs. which begs the question: if a dog eats a grass eater, will he produce good manure?
  2. As the old saying goes, you cant fix stupid... but you can get elected president
  3. Coming to a neighborhood near you... Since July 1999, over 4,600 Falun Gong adherents have been killed in the persecution in China. Victims’ names, statistical data, and brief summaries of confirmed deaths are available on Minghui.org. If people dont think this can happen in the US, then they're blind-fully ignorant or a useful idiots. I use strong wording because it can (and I believe most likely) will happen here and probably in the near future.
  4. She was on my Christmas list to Santa last year. I'm starting to wonder about this santa claus thing...
  5. Most people realize that CNN is not a news network as the name suggest. It's an agenda driven indoctrination outlet - nothing more.
  6. This needs to happen more and more. As a matter of principle people should migrate from dishonest and anti-American platforms.
  7. City dwellers will think this is odd but it happens more often than people realize. I the rural areas, there is till open sewage as well. when I finish my workshop out in the country, I will build a small rest room with a dry toilet: essentially, a toilet seat with a bucket underneath containing some type of material such as sawdust or dirt. It will also have a bucket containing fresh material next to the toilet to cover the dookie. At some point, it can then be turned into the compost pile. This is done all over the world. IIRC, the feces to be concerned about is cat feces. Cat fec
  8. yep, but you notice, this happens mostly in liberal cities and states where people have been stripped of their right of self defense.
  9. What we are witnessing is the breakdown of the civil society. This is what libs/leftist/marxist want: the breakdown of society so they can rebuild it in THEIR image Can you imagine the response to these heinous acts if the roles were reversed?! It would be 24/7 on the hellavision and front page on every major national and international news outlet
  10. Things are going to get worse before they get better... if they get better. It's bad enough we've had generations of ideologically corrupt education systems (at all levels), impotent churches and congregations due to adherence to 501c3 (even though leftist & anti-American organizations ignore it), when obvious election corruption is not addressed adequately, on and on and on... - all this and more - but a society based on capitalism will surely collapse if a majority businesses of power collude against the very system that put them in power so they can stay in power.
  11. More neo-Dem/lib hypocrisy. Principled Libs would protest against the city government here if they also allow BLM protest
  12. There was a time when LIberal Democrat meant freedom and right to choose - not any more. Progressive means progressively tyrannical towards those that disagree with them. This is what you get with neo-Dems, libs, and leftist...

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