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  1. SHA, I got an email from a friend whom sent me these picture of his oak tree. He thinks it looks sick and he's wondering what to do. I cant tell if the tree is rotting on the inside and now making it out to the joints or if it's outside trying to work its way into the tree. If it is the former, then all can recommend is some type of sick tree treatment (Howard Garrett's formula?). If it's the later, is there a salve/paint that will kill the infection (whatever it is) before it gets worse?
  2. Here are my shot in the dark predictions for this weekend.... I'm looking at ND and DBU to bust the rankings
  3. Dems still trying to punish Trump supporters for rally and walk through the capitol and, yet, Dems pay lip-service and really dont give a crap about ACTUAL insurrections...
  4. People were called all kinds of names when this was brought forward Indian Scientists Explored Wuhan Lab Leak Theory Before COVID Was Declared Pandemic, Report Says: https://sputniknews.com/india/202106061083084750-indian-scientists-explored-wuhan-lab-leak-theory-before-covid-was-declared-pandemic-report-says/ China has slammed a US probe into the or
  5. First two pitchers for Farified have combined for 9 innings.... this season.
  6. Pitcher for Fairfield, Erbeck, has not pitched all season due to injury.
  7. Teams that are out as of today TCU lost to OrgoneSt 3-2 oSu lost to UC Santa Barbara 13-3 Miami lost to USA 7-2 FSU lost to S. Miss 7-4 Bama lost to LA Tech 10-8 UNC lost to UCLA 12-2 UCLA has to beat TTU twice
  8. S. Alabama is ahead of USF 4-0 b5th with a rain delay. USA would have to beat USF twice.

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