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  1. agree to a point. I shrug and could go either way on this I dont think it would hurt recruiting and I dont think players would really care one way or the other. And, I also dont think the administration cares one wit about that type of recruiting "baggage." Something like this would have been forgotten in week 40 yrs ago as long as the situation is reconciled. However, today, there is ZERO tolerance for certain category of people if something is perceived as politically incorrect at an institution that's liberal and wants to be perceived as such. That's the climate today.
  2. oh, they will, esp if 6 of the 12 are from the sec.
  3. agree that a committee is needed but mainly for oversight. A committee could have prevented 2011 from happening but the BCS didnt have that type of oversight. a CFP committee screwed up 2014 by coming up with a made-up 13th data point criteria at the last minute. If you dont win your conference (2011 or 2014) you shouldnt be allowed to compete for the NC. People whined and cried so they tweaked the computer rankings and as a consequence, it allowed for two teams from the same conference to make the NC. Because people can NEVER be satisfied, 2011 should never have happened and it doomed the BCS. BCS was 2/3ds computer rankings (mostly correlated human polls). the AP & coaches (UPI) should not have had a full 1/3 influence since they were already represented in some of the computer rankings. Besides 2011, I cant think of a BCS NC matchup that I disagreed with and NC matchup was the whole point.
  4. I havent heard of any shortening of the regular season... yet. They are just shortening the time between the end of the regular season and the first CFP game.
  5. disagree... on average, the BCS had better NC matchups than the playoffs and I would go so far as to say the major bowls had better matchups before the CFP. The reason is obvious: the major bowls had free market incentives (not mandates) and the BCS was an extension if that mentality with objective computer comparisons (not a unaccountable committee behind closed doors that can change the rules in the last minute)
  6. I agree 100%. People cant say enough is enough. College playoffs will expand until it includes ALL teams with a winning record, just as the Texas high school playoff have. Back in the day all we had were regional patches and nobody thought two wits about it. Today it is out of control expecting single parents to travel all over the state week after week. I like the bowl game setup. I could plan my winter vacation (bowl game) throughout the year. After the regular season, we had 3-4 weeks to get things in line for a bowl game... and that's it. I will not do that for games week after week in a playoff format. I had better stop... this would be a whole different thread+
  7. This is going to be interesting. I think the 3-6 will be inherently unfair. If Texas has three tough rivals (aTm, Arkie, 0U), somebody else will have a weaker permanent matchups with Miss, MSU, Vandy, etc. I think one permanent matchup is the best option. In this regard, 0U should be Texas' permanent rival. aggy can have LSU.
  8. I dont think Okiehoma would agree to either one of these list...
  9. Yeah, divisions are probably out if they go to a 9 game schedule. I prefer the divisions with round robin format. I think it is the fairest. a 9 game 3-6 format is inherently going to be unfair. Using Texas as an example, Horns will be required to play three tough rivalry games every year; whereas, someone is going to play the Miss St, Miss, Vandy or UK.
  10. I dont see okiehoma agreeing to pathetic Mizzy and then east coast UF
  11. agree... I think the Bama game will be the key for how the B12 will treat Texas. IMO, Texas is the best chance for the B12 to get a team in the CFP in 2023. If Texas can beat Bama in Tuscaloosa or make it close again, then Texas will have the B12 inside track to the CFP. I dont think the B12 is going to sabotage all the extra money and exposure just to be petty (I hope). If Texas doesnt have a chance at the CFP, then I think the B12 will not want Texas or okiehoma to be in the CCG. The worst scenario for the B12, IMO, is to have both UT and 0U competing in the CCG but neither considered for CFP.

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