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  1. what are you talking about? If you have a personal problem, send a DM
  2. PFF also has Bijan and Ford on the 1st team All-Conference.... and Felix shows up on the 2nd team
  3. PFF is about as good a third party opinion as anyone else and they have Bijan on their 1st team All-American list and J Ford as Honorable Mention; Duggan and Felix are not on the list at all. FIRST TEAM RB Bijan Robinson, Texas WR Xavier Hutchinson, Iowa State SECOND TEAM LG Cooper Beebe, Kansas State THIRD TEAM CB Josh Newton, TCU HONORABLE MENTION LB Jaylan Ford, Texas PR Derius Davis, TCU
  4. Felix never received defensive player of the week. Ford is the only player to do it THREE times
  5. well, almost December and today I have the starting of fallen leaves. Leaves turned yellow and lot of acorns fell this week. Oddly, a lantana bush is still trying to bud flowers; I have never had lantana buds in December so I'm going to watch this closely. My buffalo grass has turned mostly brown but the bermuda is still mostly green. strange year Time to take out the digital camera and take some date/time stamped photos for this late fall season. It looks like this weekend I'll be bagging up leaves, acorns, and pecans.
  6. yeah, they look healthy enough to last at least a few years and long enough for me to move out to the hill country. If I stayed here and they start declining, I would likely pull them out and replant dwarf yaupons again. they served their function perfectly with virtually no maintenance. All the 20 yr old boxwood bushes in my different neighbor's yards look shabby and different sizes (some still look small, others too large for the space, and some died off leaving gaps in the layout)
  7. There are no losses, just not enough time you made collie cry
  8. purple isnt a color, it's stain haha
  9. some days the pass-pro looks good and games like yesterday, the run blocking looked acceptable
  10. a special situation blocker? if it's him, he sure didnt look like he could run and gave up after about 10yds. guys dont like to give up lucky 69
  11. now that alone is interesting. Karic was 69 (and still is on the online roster). #92 is generally a defensive #. If Karic is #92, then I'm wondering if they are likely to move him to defense
  12. who is #92? he got beat silly on the right side and his guy got to Ewers first. #92 is not on the team online roster and I dont have him on my spreadsheet. odd to have a newbie in at that point in the game.
  13. The thing of it is, you dont even have to do a good aggy impersonation and it's still funny. The more absurd the parody, the more realistic it is.

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