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  1. And, you just did the same thing. You just repeated what two others said; which is to point out what happened... multiple times. I dont think anyone is arguing what DID happen. My point was, and still is, what SHOULD happen.
  2. Sorry for the late reply. I've got a lot going on right now and dont get on the forums every day any more. 1) WRT ACC CCG. it doesnt matter if it is one time or 100 times; ND participating in a CCG SHOULD put an end to all this nonsense. Has there EVER been a time in the last 100 yrs when a NON-Conference team participated in a conference championship game? I'm old and I cant think of another situation like that. No. you only do that if both teams are in the same conference - even if it's only one time. 2) WRT bowl affiliations. It doesnt matter if ND needs help or not - that's not the issue. Again, would a conference allow a non-conference team to be slotted in their hierarchy of bowl affiliation games? And, again, a conference will only do that with a conference member - not a non-conference member. The question is: why does the rest of CFB allow ND special considerations for CFP while they also participate in the ACC conference post-season games? As of last year, ND has shown they are not functioning as an independent program and special considerations need to stop. Those that say, "they are independent. that's just the way it is" is nonsensical. By ND playing in ACC post-season games, they should have screwed themselves if they want to keep the independent moniker & privilege that even other independent programs dont get .
  3. Being snarky doesnt help Playing 5 games dosnt matter; that's a dedicated scheduling agreement. If ND is in the ACC bowl affiliation agreement and participates in the conference championship game, then they are in the ACC conference. If they still get special considerations for CFP AND get to also have conference benefits, then one or the other needs to stop.
  4. Of course we count ND as an ACC team, they are in the ACC. the media narrative is that they are still independent... but they arent. One of the main points about having conferences and why they were created was for a reliable & dedicated schedule of opponents. ND has that with the ACC. There are a certain amount of games they have to schedule with ACC opponents (not as many as other conference members but that's on the conference and their agreements). How can ND not be considered ACC when last year they played in the ACC conference championship game? ND is also considered in the ACC bowl affiliations; odd if they are not in the ACC /rant
  5. Adding teams quickly is a sign that there is likely an early exit for UT & 0U
  6. Was VY able to adapt to a pro scheme? Where's his responsibility to be a professional? Fischer wasnt that great of a coach but he shouldnt have to be forced to change his entire scheme for one player, and if that player goes down (or freaks out) then he screwed for the whole season. It goes both ways. At some point, VY needed to learn the position at the pro level and mack brown didnt do him any favors in that regard. It would be a joke in the NFL to say , we just let Vince be Vince
  7. I'm not so sure BYU would want to join the B12 now.
  8. I'm not sure it would have happened but I dont think it's dead due to this announcement. I think it should be read as: just not now
  9. As I posted on the USC board, this doesnt surprise me but it would have been interesting if they had taken a couple of teams.. I think the wording "at this time" means something.
  10. agree with all this. In the NFL, if a coach were to commit to a VY type, then he MUST commit to making all his backups VY types and that's very hard to do (something Fischer did not have and didnt want to have to create). Fischer's comment was, I guess I have to go to Texas and learn VY's offense. As talented as VY was, he was going to get beat up running as much as he NEEDED to run to make his option pass a threat. The talent gap is MUCH closer in the NFL than college and by his third year, defenses were figuring out that if they spy on VY, he wont beat them with his arm. And, the next man up will likely not be as athletically talented. Yes, I think Sark will have a good system and he can accentuate an individual players talent within that system. Not to beat a dead horse but that is different than giving up on a system and riding one horse as Mack Brown did. I dont blame him but that's what happened. he was either going to be a triple crown winner or a donkey and you see it in his face on the sidelines many times; he had no control over it and any real head coach hates that feeling Card is a good runner and a dual threat runner is a huge asset as a scrambler - Bobby Layne type. Vince was effectively a running back that could throw (esp effective using stop routes). Having a thrower and game manager that can also run is more valuable in my opinion
  11. yes, VY was made for the zone read and ONLY the zone read. The NFL doesnt run the Z-R for a reason and versions of the run-first option pass have been around for over a 100yrs. COLLEGE defenses were unprepared for it due to Vince's unusual athletic talent. Matt Nordgren was a highly touted high school recruit but looked clumsy when he came in to run the Z-R. Colt was getting beat up running the VY Z-R. It wasnt until they abandoned the run-first Z-R and went full spread that Colt blossomed.
  12. Longhorn fans can hate Fischer all they want - and have - but he was right. An NFL system HAS TO be plug and play; Vince was not plug and play type player. You build an offense around him and ONLY him or you try to make Vince play an offense the backups can also run. THIS is why Fischer did not want to draft VY; it was a no-win situation for him and he knew it. Yes, Fischer decided to ride the VY wave and he won the ROTY but... that wasnt going to continue with VY in spite of his immaturity. It takes more than just athletic talent in the NFL to sustain success at the most mental position. Vince's wonderlick result was not an accident.
  13. Applewhite was another one that was fourth string in 1998 and turned out ok, #1 QB was previous year's starter that got beat out #2 QB was a highly touted recruit from Cali that got hurt and ended up at Baylor IIRC #3 QB was another highly touted QB that was moved to TE, but chose baseball instead and made it to the MLB World Series

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