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  1. Make the move. You'll enjoy it. If you have a 4k TV you can really take advantage of the sports aired in the higher definition. And if you have T-Moble you'll get a discount
  2. I have YouTube and I have zero complaints. Well 1 minor complaint: digital 5.1 surround sound is only available thru On Demand content; not with live viewing. I also still have cable thru Spectrum. Only holding on to it because of LHN (and my wife being reluctant to learn the minor nuances of streamingvs cable). But once LHN is goes away so will cable...
  3. You guys are tough. D has only given up 12 with 5 sacks thru 3 quarters...what were you expecting? Lol
  4. The offense Vince ran at Texas has zero to do with his NFL experience. Let's not forget he was ROTY and made the pro bowl. Jeff Fischer along with Vince's immaturity (his own admission) contributed to his lack of long term success.
  5. Against Cal he set the UT single game all purpose yards record. Beating VY
  6. Reminds me of Tyrone Swoops in high school. Great athlete whose performances didn't translate to wins...and we know how his college career went
  7. I was at this same game. And, yes, it was definitely something with those loser state fans lol
  8. THIS!!!! Also, the vaccine doesn't prevent you from contracting the disease. It only helps the body's response to it if you get it...
  9. I had no clue Brennan Eagles was an UDFA for the Cowboys! I'll definitely root for him to make the roster! #DC4L #HookEm
  10. This is because SLC has a habit of holding kids back in their elementary years in hopes of them being further physically developed by the time they reach high school athletics...
  11. And it could be used to "pursuade" players to stay thru their senior year
  12. It's the last paragraph that does it for me!!! https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/31876984/texas-athletic-director-ross-bjork-says-aggies-prepared-texas-oklahoma-join-sec
  13. Interesting...thanks for the insight. Yeah, I have no clue how the money works and how their slotted. But this helps a lot. Thanks again!
  14. I don't know really anything regarding the MLB draft but it was weird to me. Ty was rated #12 and the 3rd best pitcher in the draft and he fell to #32. There was also a kid rated #6 and he fell to #16. There were a lot of high school pitchers taken which surprised me. I just find it hard to believe that a 17 year old kid is better than a 21 year old. Even if just from a body maturity aspect. Oh well. Interesting draft to say the least. Congratulations Ty!!!
  15. I don't think it's an either or choice of what to watch but rather an "in addition to" type thing. While the NBA may not be football in popularity here in the states, the revenue for NBA is world wide. The league is extremely diverse and isn't going anywhere. What I think is as the more elite/popular high school kids who go the G league/Europe route for a couple of years before they go to the NBA, the more popular those "minor" leagues will become. Hence increasing viewership. And while the lack of "stars" will affect the college game some, I do believe the players who choose the college route will stay in school longer which will in turn make the college game better.
  16. We're pretty short-sighted about this because we're American. We can't overlook the fact that basketball is an international sport. So while American TV may not pick it up other parts of the world have and will. And the more American kids go this route, the more popular it'll become. Especially as these kids have success. A local kid from Little Elm, RJ Hampton, did so his senior year (European league) and was a lottery pick. Other uber talented kids will see that and take note. The college game will suffer some but not that much. Because there are more very good players than elite and those players can support the college game. What I think will happen is those college players will look to stay in school longer and actually develop their skill sets which I'm turn will make the college game better. It'll all work out
  17. Yo! This is bananas! Jayson Tyson's mother and I are good friends. I was literally just joking with her about him needing to decommit and sign with the good guys. Then I came here and saw this article. NUTS! I absolutely shot this article to her and said make it happen! Lol!
  18. I totally forgot about this because my bracket went to hell on day one. I just checked it and HOW TF am I tied for 1st??? Stranger things have happened I guess... @Aaron Carrara what's the tiebreaker? Looks like the top few brackets all have the same results...
  19. I agree SHA. For comparison, tune into the Texas Relays this weekend and take note of what the women are doing #truestory
  20. Thank you. I wasn't sure but knew he was an alum...
  21. AND he attended Texas for graduate school I think. I'm definitely on board with this

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