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  1. I thought so...I watched him and hus team decimate my alma mater on their way to a 51-7 win
  2. I agree! That team was better than the team that played in the NC the following year...
  3. ^^^THIS^^^ I don't understand why it just isn't a personal foul and 15 yard penalty. Hell, I don't think the player should even be disqualified unless he's a multiple offender. No way should being suspended for a half even be part of this...ESPECIALLY on a call as subjective as targeting...
  4. To clarify he mentioned the crowd and the team...but ultimately it's on the team to provide the energy. He did say that the crowd was great
  5. Sark said on "Rewind" that it was a busted play. And credited Ewers for even getting the ball out
  6. I saw we ran the wildcat a few times with Roschon; each time he kept I think. I think our last drive would have been a perfect time to pass out of that formation. Hitting Worthy deep...idk. I thought they were setting it up only to never pull the trigger
  7. I'm low key expecting a shoot out of sorts... Roll Tide 45 Texas 35
  8. 70 US 3 Them Edit: I read the scouting report and ULM is worse than I thought...I updated my prediction to reflect that...
  9. Denison is in the same district this year and I hope to make that game. And have it penciled in as a loss for the Yellow Jackets lol
  10. Thought this was pretty cool. Congratulations Mr. Swoopes!!!
  11. Wow! That would have been HORRIBLE!
  12. I absolutely understand the sentiment. And I don't necessarily disagree. But I also understand these kids and what they put value in. And to that point I see nothing wrong with an alternate uniform for a game of the player's choising.
  13. Idk...something like this with less orange; none on the sleeves and only the logo in orange on the jersey and no orange belt. Everything except the helmet logo and the jersey logo in black. Numbers, name, belt in matte black
  14. I'd love all black uniforms with a burnt orange logo
  15. What an article full of butt hurtedness! LOL! IDK...while I do understand the (that's the way it's been) angle and while I also get other schools within the state absolutely depend on revenue that Texas generates, I also understand why Texas would move to the SEC and actually dig the changes that will result from the move.
  16. I agree but how do you quantify this in terms of wins and losses? For instance, what if this team goes 6-6 with a bowl win? While that improvement would be considered marginal, is it enough to show that the team is trending in the right direction? I mean a lot of young guys would have to grow up pretty quickly...
  17. If that's the case, what's his short area quickness like? He doesn't have to be the fastest if he can get in and out of routes quickly and ultimately catch the ball

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