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    Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Prov 3:5-6 (KJV)
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    Texas Longhorn football Boxing, I Would Rather Walk With God in the Dark Than Go Alone in the Light,

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  1. Is Cook the kid who we think wants to play with Manning?
  2. Who's the men's coach? I mean women's track has always been pretty solid but the men's notsomuch. They were always a step behind the Baylors, LSUs, A&M's of the world. What's changed? I love track and it's awesome to see the men's side competing at the national level like this.
  3. This sounds like a way to take advantage of naive 18 year olds
  4. Bet not sleep on JSU...Coach Prime is really doing something down there. And these kids are listening...
  5. When did it become ok for coaches of a program to contact players at another program? Hasn't that always been a violation? The fact that it's happening and no one seem to even want to do anything about it is low key disturbing. Hell that's considered tampering at the NFL level. It absolutely should not happen at the college level. Even with NIL in place...
  6. Disagree 100%...just because an addict (a cocaine addict in this "example") smoked weed prior to becoming addicted to cocaine in no way means marijuana lead them to trying cocaine...
  7. Unless the targeting is intentional, the penalty should never disqualify a player; much less suspend that player for a half. And a suspension should never carry into the next game
  8. LOL! Yeah not anything to get excited about...I still want the best for the kid. Hopefully a light switch comes on and he can get it turned around in Sherman.
  9. I'm assuming it's from his camp performances. The kid didn't start the past 2 seasons and will not play his junior season...
  10. Welp, got some insight on this kid. Not very good tbh. He played is frosh/soph season in Denison. He's ineligible to play his junior year. 2 different folks said the following: He moved to Sherman and it got flagged for athletic purposes. They didn’t feel like he was getting enough time in the field so they wanted to move him. Well they talk to much and it got out. So long story short, he’s Ben rules ineligible for varsity sports. He has no film. He’s 6’4 260. That’s where the offers are coming from. He couldn’t start this year over the 2 srs we had. All Fluff bro -----‐-------------------------------- He’s a big kid with the right folks in his corner to pub him. When people actually get to see him in action I’m sure some of those D1 offers will vanish. All of those are noncommittal offers anyway. But yes he will not get any varsity action until his senior year
  11. I haven't heard of the kid but will look into him. Jadarian Price from Denison sign with Notre Dame. And the word is he's looked pretty good in practices.
  12. Yo! That was legit the 1st thought, verbatim, that popped into my head when I watched the vid lol
  13. Thanks for all your work on this. After Baylor won the basketball NC last year, I have a friend who proclaimed "Baylor is the best sports university in Texas!" I hit him with the Director's Cup win last to put an end to all that noise lol. But as such I've been trying to keep up with all Texas sports and you've done a phenomenal job and make it easy for the rest of us. Thanks again! \\m//
  14. I thought Charlie Ward did the same while at Florida State but I could easily be mistaken. I know he won the Heisman. Just not sure if the basketball team made the Final Four that same year...

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