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    Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Prov 3:5-6 (KJV)
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    Texas Longhorn football Boxing, I Would Rather Walk With God in the Dark Than Go Alone in the Light,

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  1. Yo! This is bananas! Jayson Tyson's mother and I are good friends. I was literally just joking with her about him needing to decommit and sign with the good guys. Then I came here and saw this article. NUTS! I absolutely shot this article to her and said make it happen! Lol!
  2. I totally forgot about this because my bracket went to hell on day one. I just checked it and HOW TF am I tied for 1st??? Stranger things have happened I guess... @Aaron Carrara what's the tiebreaker? Looks like the top few brackets all have the same results...
  3. I agree SHA. For comparison, tune into the Texas Relays this weekend and take note of what the women are doing #truestory
  4. Thank you. I wasn't sure but knew he was an alum...
  5. AND he attended Texas for graduate school I think. I'm definitely on board with this
  6. Kansas just withdrew from the Big 12 tournament due to a positive covid test. Texas now advances to the final!!! WOW!!!
  7. I think if there's a coaching change, then hire Beard away from Texas Tech and call it a day...
  8. I'm pretty upset about this. We were planning to go to the Miss State game to see Madden pitch. But the weather that's caused the postponement made us cancel.
  9. I know he played receiver once he got to campus but Lil Jordan was a running back in high school
  10. Swoopes may not have been the best QB but a lot of that had to do with who was in charge of developing him. I remember when he was being recruited that I had a difficult time wrapping my head around why he he was so touted considering where he played his high school ball (Whitewright) and the fact that those teams he qb'd were HORRIBLE (I think they went 1-9 his senior year iirc). Regardless, when he arrived he was all TEXAS and I became a fan due to his unselfish play.

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