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  1. guess that's why he was taking a helicopter visiting and reassuring recruits he will finish his career at Alabama only to tell them shortly after that he isn't? Makes perfect sense that he is leaving and that the higher ups at Alabama know so. Even radio stations are trolling our fanbase. I do like the writing method of several people who were 100% that are know setting themselves up with a backup so it can still look like they know what's going on in Austin.
  2. This makes perfect sense. Why invest so much in a man that may not want to coach in two or five years down the road. Malzahn or Fisher would be much better.
  3. I get it.i must be a bama fan or have an agenda for looking at the situation realistically and rationally. Considering some posters are saying it's a done deal based on some highly illegal and unethical backroom deals and would jeopardize longhorn football/athletics with such actions for a coach are ridiculous. Don't get mad or start throwing around accusations because I'm calling people out that say it's already a done deal. I'm sorry but I hold our boosters and ad dept to a higher standard than most and would like to believe they wouldn't tarnish the University of Texas.
  4. Backs out of what? There isn't a job opening and no discussion with Saban since the spring.
  5. Absolutely no smoke screen whatsoever. Malzahn is much more believable then Saban at this point. Malzahn is the flavor of the week basically in terms of coaches and SI is in the business of selling magazines. It's a good article with great points.
  6. A few said it reminded them of how franchonie tenure ended before he left and a few wondered if he might be going to UT or retire which I found interesting
  7. I don't think it will effect him or is what Terry was referring to. I'm with you in the belief that Mack is given another year and if he doesn't produce he will retire. From what I've heard from friends in tuscaloosa and Alabama are different. Sure some are probably pissed.but I'm pretty sure Saban is more pissed over the millions he lost in bonuses in that fg gamble than anything else since our insiders seem to think he's low on cash
  8. Or its a good publicity stunt that will generate money in what he sells.to say that our fans don't overreact is foolish to say the least. All fan bases have nut jobs ours included
  9. People that question El machio need to realize they need to take what their insiders are saying with a grain of salt as well. Seems like everyone is going by what they want to hear and believe instead of what's going on.
  10. I think Saban's continued and ridiculous run in recruiting at Alabama will be hard for him to leave behind at 62.imo.
  11. I think Patterson gives him another year as it would probably give us a better chance at Fisher and Saban.
  12. He made it seem like a guarantee that Saban wouldn't be personal liable for said investments if they go sour so he's being given cash pretty much if that's the case. Alabama would also stand a lot to lose if the rumors are true and that boosters took care of his "loses".regardless I think the loss makes for some interesting weeks ahead
  13. That's probably true but I believe Baghorn said the boosters will give Saban an investment package worth 9figures. Boosters aren't good for programs when they start interfering with the AD
  14. I would challenge you to look back through the history of college football. Alabama does have its up and downs but from what I've seen, they've won championships in almost every decade. We certainly can't say that and not many other programs can. And I'm not sure you've seen us play the past few years. Since Pasadena we have been anything but a powerhouse program.i do think the loss has opened the door some in regards to landing him as our coach
  15. boosters can donate to the athletic dept and those donations go to the athletic fund.they cannot allow boosters to give financial packages worth 9 figures to a coach. So saying that we have Saban or any coaches lined up because of some investments from boosters shows that what one is saying is a lie.no chance in hell our athletic dept is that stupid to allow boosters to do such a move.
  16. Considering it's against NCAA rules for a coach to get paid by boosters so let's hope our athletic dept wouldnt jeopardize the football program by doing something so ignorant. So let's hope it's not as Baghorn says or we could be sol. You'd think insiders wouldn't let violations become known to the world
  17. sounds like someone is a bit blind if he thinks it's only sec.many schools have that problem and some don't. It definitely doesn't need to be in Austin tho.
  18. With what's being said of the problems with the FSU program I'm not sure I'd want Fisher. Seems like he's willing to win at any cost
  19. I'd hope a serious fan of Longhorn football would still support the team regardless of who the coach is.
  20. I agree. I don't think Major is ready for anything other than a positions coach. He's just terrible as an OC
  21. That's an old contract from 2009 if you haven't noticed. He's signed a new contract almost yearly.

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