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  1. Funny how we've criticized bama fans for being pissed at Saban but here we are all desperate for a coach that's only had one losing season and a 78% win percentage. Talk about Alabama's success breeding jealousy. I think Mack has lost the fire but the way some of our "fans" treat him is disgusting and not something I like being associated with UT athletics.
  2. Their son and daughter in law moved there recently. They sold their lake house in Ga and bought some property in Baton Rouge last year. My guess is they are looking for summer homes near their son and future grandkids
  3. Let's see. The AD and Board Of Regents. And the compliance dept and Lawyers for the university's. Boosters can only donate money.not hire or fire.
  4. Until these higher ups come on record stating themselves what the insiders say then it's pure rumor. You ever play that game in grade school that taught you how easy rumors get started and ultimately are no where near the truth? Yeah.its one of those.
  5. He didnt get a raise in 13 only his assistants. There hasn't been anything to this story since the spring and you guys are so blinded by your want for Saban that radio stations are pranking us. All you had to do was pay attention to what insiders were informing people of and they never matched up or made any sense at all especially when you throw in the legal and NCAA issues that would occur if the insiders were correct.
  6. It's pretty much why this talk is only relegated to UT forums. Credible news organizations would be all over this story if there was any validity to it besides claims that can't be confirmed and go directly against contractual obligations and NCAA bylaws
  7. Look them up.its not hard. The guys contract is pretty straightforward along with the NCAA bylaws preventing boosters from hiring, firing, or paying coaches. You got the information at your fingertips.
  8. Lmao. With that type of reasoning anything is possible.
  9. It's called being an adult. Learning how to discern credible info or sources from those that aren't. And knowing NCAA bylaws, contractual obligations and such. I've posted on other topics. This is the topic that interest me the most considering if what the insiders said is true than we are going to get hammered by NCAA and have legal consequences.
  10. Lol.just someone that know bs when he sees it because he is familiar with NCAA bylaws and the contractual obligations. Baghorn has preached that our school has committed some serious infractions. That's just stupidity to the utmost degree if you believe that jazz. There's not even an opening and people say they know what our AD will do. It's amazing how blinded people are that just ignore common sense and the only facts were can prove at this point but then go with rumors like middle school girls and perpetuate them endlessly and claim they are real. They also ignore the great writing method that's being implemented by those who are know giving themselves a way to save face. It's pretty simple. And Hookem, I'm sure if it gets to that point there will be actual, credible, information out there that will have my tune changing. I don't listen to rumors, especially when they get one wrong and then the actual hire is a guy they said was needed to get Saban instead of Luck. You believe stuff like that you'll believe anything
  11. This guy's credibility will take a major hit telling all the top recruits he isn't leaving while recruiting them and then leave a few days later. He's 62 and he learned his lesson when leaving the dolphins. He isn't coming, yet. There is no job opening. This baseless assumptions that our program lacks institutional control and our boosters are making backroom deals should be very concerning since they are against NCAA bylaws.
  12. This is starting to get a little sad how people can believe nonsense like he put money down on a house or that Terry saban ever looked at a house. Pure camel fodder
  13. Boy yall are going to be depressed Saturday. And good thing all the insiders have started to posts their ways out on the issue.
  14. Umm..If our school isn't doing anything but boosters are that's pretty much a program that has no control or oversight and puts itself liable for NCAA sanctions and lawsuits.why do you not grasp simple concepts that can't be true because of those issues. You have nothing to support a word you believe and if they were true our program would be screwed. UT is a public school and will be run without interference from boosters. You seriously grasp at straws every time you reply or something else comes out.you are in denial. I've said that saban is a possibility but until the job opens and they request to talk to Saban everyone that says they know it's a deal and 100% is talking out their rear.
  15. There hasn't. There are certain legal procedures that need to be followed for that to have happened. Last j checked it was the school, not the boosters, that hire and fire coaches. Our AD has not done any type of talks with Saban. It's funny that you think our boosters run our program. The hilarity comes from the ignorance of how college football programs run and that some of these insiders claim that NCAA bylaws have been broken along with legal contracts. Talk about funny.
  16. No.some reagents reached out sexton asked if he wanted to talk Saban told sexton no but that if he would leave Texas would be it. That's the only things that have been confirmed. You are just easily manipulated.
  17. Because their isn't one.you really don't understand the contractual obligations that Texas would have to do in order to be speaking with Saban to be at any sort of agreement. You really think our lawyers are that stupid? Just let it be until there is an actual position open in the first place.
  18. This has been on our boards for quite some time and a lot of them saying it's a done deal or 100%. They would've acknowledge by now cause if you have that kind of info it gets out. Now you have every side and insiders giving them outs on their certainty of Saban. It's very telling.
  19. Again, look at the dates that contract is from 2009. If you pay any attention to college football you'd know that he's renegotiated several times since then. I also think it would've been leaked by now especially if it's been a done deal. They would have to find a coach ASAP and doubt they'd be paying for a helicopter for him to visit recruits.
  20. Yeah. It's sad how desperate we are for change that many of us will believe anything while disregarding common sense, NCAA bylaws, and contractual obligations to the wind. Heard people say OU sources then some said AU. Right cause the rival programs at the two schools would know what's going on. There's not even a job opening and no real signs that there will be any. You guys are making us look so desperate it makes me sick.arent we the University of Texas for Christ's sake? Act like it.

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