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  1. How many mods are there and how am I supposed to know who to PM when "no reason given" was on the ban. Why could a mod not have PM'ed me to give me a warning when "multiple complaints" were leveled against me? Start the same ole mess? Thinking that Saban is a candidate is that. Sorry. But the guy isn't coming and no one knows. UT has made this into a mockery. I highly doubt I would've been banned if anything the insiders predicted has come true. But I won't question anything that's unreasonable any more!
  2. I get banned for a few days with no reason given and we are still thinking Saban is a possibility? I think I've stepped into the Twilight Zone. If the mod that banned me can pm me the reason why so I don't commit the same offense again I will be much appreciative.
  3. Told ya. Their son just got married, had a kid, and moved to Austin. They also sold their lake house in Georgia last summer and also bought a place in Baton Rouge. Insiders neglected to ever consider his child and grandchild that recently moved to the area.
  4. Or our boosters pulled what Auburn did with Tubberville when they tried to get Petrino but failed. same thing.
  5. I dont want Mack to be there but to say that I want him to lose because im sour that he's still our HC is just childish. We are STILL TEXAS. seems like some have forgotten that.
  6. why are you guys listening to him anymore? guy is trying to save face after his epic failure.
  7. McPhaul isnt at fault here. He just relayed what he was given. The real people at fault are those like Baghorn who stated weeks ago that this was a done deal and 100% and those that believed such obvious rumors as truth when there was none to be had. Theres a reason why the odds were so big in Vegas because it was never a possibility.
  8. Bet you Mack will be back for one maybe two seasons. They will let him get the overall win record and then retire. Dont know why people are keeping on this "Mack wont be back" when everything says that he will. Its done and over. Time to recruit and hopefully right the ship.
  9. Keep telling yourself that and quit lying already. You are making the program look ridiculous. You werent in the board meetings nor were you in Sexton's office. quit making claims to which you no nothing about personally. Its really getting old.
  10. I have to give it to ya.after all the evidence that EVERY THING the insiders said was true now being wrong you still believe we had a chance with Saban. Amazing. Guy used these rumors to get a raise. Congrats guys. You made his and his agent's work much easier by believing and spreading this crap.you guys took our program to Auburn's level when they tried this with Tubberville.
  11. In what way was I wrong? I'm waiting
  12. Lol to all these people saying I didn't have anything of substance when they believed a bunch of blatant lies. A much as I wish I would have been wrong I must admit that I enjoying all these people try and make excuses for something that was never happening. Every prediction was wrong and you still think there was any truth to the story. Now that's just sad for adults to be like that.

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