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  1. [sarcasm]Maybe y'all are sending Mack that way. Wasn't Nebraska interested in him and didn't Pelini throw up the gauntlet of “If they want to fire me, go ahead.”[/sarcasm]
  2. This may very well be coincidental however the last time that I saw him with this lack of attitude was in 2004 when LSU played Iowa.
  3. lilMAC, I have been hanging out here for a while watching to see how the tide goes (pun intended) and I have posed some thoughts previously that I think that would be just as relevant now that the coaching search is getting further, especially with the game this evening. While Saban may have the great resume, I would caution on a couple of things if he were to make the move to UT: 1. Too high of expectations. Does the current fan base see how quickly he has had success at Bama and expect him to replicate it at UT? Is three years to a NC appearance (or even a playoff appearance) too ambitious? Would the fanbase be as understanding if it took 5-6 years? Texas may recruit itself and Saban may help bring recruits in that are on the fence but it is still not an automatic that they will be NC material that quickly. 2. Can the Texas fans hand over the reigns? Again, with pun intended, could the Texas BMDs back off and give him complete control? I was very surprised that Bama "power players" have been able to keep out for so long and just enjoy the ride. If the results don't come in the time frame I mentioned, how long before they want to get their hands in the pot and either give him pressure or "suggestions". If he makes a move that Texas fans question, how long can the fan base suck it up and just drink the kool-aid?
  4. I am not completely unbiased but I agree that many are going to feel sorry for Texas fans because it looks like their administration is in total disarray right now and their coach is way too selfish than to do what is best for the program. Also, that the administration is incapable/unwilling to do what they need to when the coach thinks of himself first. The fans deserve better for as much as they care about the program and put into it. Instead they get what they are seeing tonight. Good luck on finding someone who can still right the ship.
  5. Even guys in the SEC realize that the only agenda for ESPN is to drive up ratings. To some extent, it caters to what it thinks it wants SEC fans to hear but it hasn't realized that even the SEC fans want real news, not just "fluff" pieces.
  6. Trust me, your fanbase is not the only one that would enjoy if he really did "bet his career" on NS staying at Bama and then NS left.
  7. I have to agree with everything in the first paragraph especially that Texas would have been a better team for the SEC. A&M got lucky with JFF being there in their first two years in he SEC and I think that they are going to be middle of the pack to stay once he is gone, which I expect this year. Texas has much better potential to contend year in and year out but I think that the LHN would have been a big problem. There are some Bama fans who are fun to chat with however the overwhelming majority are rude, obnoxious, arrogant, delusional, hypocritical, obsessive, whiney, pompous asses who drown out the rest. It is for them that I hope that they get what they deserve and are in denial that could possibly happen (Saban leaving and a return to pre-2007). My opinion is that I like Miles and I really like how he is willing to take chances at times. They may not all work out and some seem like a monkey on a football with how they turn out but my take is that he puts it in the players hands and they determine if they succeed or not. Sometimes it works out (LSU vs UF in 2007 with 4 or 5 4th down attempts successful) and sometimes it doesn't (LSU vs Bama in 2012). He does have some recurring issues which can be frustrating (clock management and O-line and D-line penalties/lack of discipline) but I still feel that he is a good coach for LSU right now. He also has done some really good recruiting however lately it looks like that might be sliding a little. That could potentially be his downfall if he doesn't shore that up although Texas may fix that for us also. As for the Cam rumor, I haven't heard anything about that although I am admittedly not in any inner circles. I would be surprised if he left now, though, as all indications were that he was content and is set to double his salary next year.
  8. Thanks. I didn't think that they would have to wait until it was posted before requesting to speak with him although, as you point out, there are always channels to gauge a person's interest. I would be surprised if things don't happen quickly now since there is really nothing to hold it back from happening or at least being announced. It is funny to me to read how many fans appear ready to crucify the Sabans if they are even considering a move to Texas, despite their previous comments of how they would give them a pat on the back and thank them for their recent fortunes. Guess they are showing more of their true colors now when the chips are on the table. As for Texas, truthfully, I have only followed them with average interest previously because of the obvious differences in conference strength philosophies (defense vs offense) and that LSU hasn't played them that often (once in my lifetime) however Mack has usually fielded a strong team and is usually at least in the hunt for a conference title. I still think that if he puts the school above his ego, he should step down this season and sooner rather than later before he becomes another Bowden by staying too long and causing more harm to the team.
  9. Guys, welcome to our world. We have been telling their fans that you cannot take him for his word (note to you guys to remember if you do get him) and he did the same thing at Mich. St., LSU, and Miami. However the Bama faithful think that because they are Bama, that he wouldn't do the same thing to them that he has done at every one of his three previous gigs. I don't know if he is going to leave Bama but if I were a Bama fan, I would be very concerned about his wife's statements. Many of the fans will wish him well if he goes but I also expect that a fair number of them will spew hate and venom, despite what they currently claim that they will do. It is for those arrogant and pompous irrational fools that I will have to start cheering for Texas, despite how much I don't like Saban. That being said, be warned, likelihood is that if he moves, he probably only has this one left but you just never know with him. Get ready for everyone warning you every year that he is going to be going to X school or that the NFL is going to come calling and he will want another chance. "Just part of the process" in Sabanspeak! BTW, I know much has been made of the rumors and there is much angst over how the current administration is handling this but has anyone confirmed if Texas has asked Bama if they can speak or negotiate with Saban?
  10. Thanks for the welcome, Blake. I was just curious on some UT fans perspective on what they are willing to do and what the expectations are. Good luck with a coaching search. Y'all have a nice site without much of the BS around here. I feel badly for your program being in "limbo" right now with it seeming like Mack wants to stick around longer than he should and causing damage in the process. I don't think he means to do that but I just don't think he is able to look at it objectively enough to realize that is what he is doing. Obviously, I wouldn't mind seeing Saban go to UT but, then again, LSU is one of the few teams that has held their own with Bama with Saban at the helm since he has been there. So I won't lose too much sleep if he stays where he is at. Also, I have high hopes for the next couple of years.
  11. I have been following this site for a short while now out of obvious interest (and some amusement) for how the whole situation is going and was wondering a couple of things. Based on the "parameters" mentioned and Saban's history, I would have to wonder if this wouldn't include to be left alone in handling of football matters. I was extremely skeptical when he went to Bama that the administrators and boosters would be able to let him handle his affairs without giving their input but to my surprise, it appears that they did and he was able to make the changes he wanted to. Would the "power players" at UT be able to do the same thing and let him do whatever he wanted without any input? If the salaries that are being thrown around are accurate (~7-8 mill.), would UT also be willing to spend the money to bring in whatever staff he wants to bring in? If he makes the move, will the UT fans be patient enough to let him build the team or will they expect similar results in a similar time frame as what he did at his current job?

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