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About Bfennell

  • Birthday 05/03/1982


  • Biography
    Born and raised in Austin. Attended UT but didn't finish, but the wife beat me to it! Dad's an alum. so I've always bled orange.
  • Location
    Canyon, TX
  • Interests
    All things college football, huge gardener (it's my zen), avid hiker and nature lover
  • Occupation
    Back in school for my BSN, and a full time dad

Bfennell's Achievements

  1. 8 seconds equals the summation of weeks of being on the edge of our seats.
  2. Interesting. I wonder what kind of offense Alabama will be running next season.
  3. ^^^^This. $5 mil buyout and a huge contract + 1-2 yrs. of success = highly sought after for an HC position elsewhere. For that kind of money it's just not worth it. IMO.
  4. What's wrong with this kid!?!? That's not just morally and ethically wrong, but jail time. The more this kid says and does the more disturbed I am. Someone needs to reach out to him give him some guidance-- not about football, but everything outside of that.
  5. That buyout would especially hurt if Morris is crazy successful his first season or two and then gets offered an HC job somewhere else.
  6. The more I hear Coach Strong speak the better I feel about the direction of this program. He's going to do great things for this program. Hook'em Strong!
  7. Congratulations to you and your son! That is truly awesome news.
  8. Thanks McPhaul. Do you ever get a day off?!?!
  9. Great for team leadership on both sides of the field. Good news is great news! Hook'em.
  10. Dance puppets, dance! Muaha ha ha ha ha!!!
  11. ^^^^This! Time to log out for a few days-- if I can. Lol!
  12. Good to know that CS hasn't settled on Watson. Herman's the guy to get IMO.
  13. We've all been seen what happens when things get dragged out. How long do you think it'll take take agree upon a contract, get him to Austin?
  14. McP posted that Watson is a fallback choice. So something is going on behind closed doors. Anyone browsing Ohio State boards? Inquiring minds would like to know.

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