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  1. City must have NFL team Stadium must be 70,000 or more January ave temp must be 50 degrees or more or domed/retractable roof stadium present 24,500 motel/hotel rooms within hour of stadium
  2. His buyout is prohibitive. 5 million if he takes an assistant or OC job somewhere else. http://www.orangeandwhite.com/news/2011/dec/15/chad-morris-new-deal-carries-hefty-buyout-penaltie/?partner=RSS
  3. Totally destroyed some excellent SEC defenses with the Air Raid at Kentucky. Bob Stoops could not defend it at Florida and made up his mind that when he did land a HC position he would go after Leach to be his OC. Leach was OC briefly in Norman and soon got his own HC gig in Lubbock.
  4. It may be a window dressing "hire/being considered for hire" prior to the coaches convention. http://www.afca.com/article/article.php?id=1160 Much easier for Watson to go to the convention as the OC of Texas and let the word out that he's "wanting to stay in the upper midwest" or any other reason under the sun. It makes it much easier for him to obtain employment and much easier for an AD to hire him. This stuff goes on all the time. IF Strong can't get anyone better then Watson is the fallback OC.
  5. Best academics of any FBS university in the South/ Texas, Duke, Vanderbilt and Rice have to be the top 4, in no particular order. Georgia Tech would likely be number 5. If you're talking major conference schools, just sub in GT for Rice and you have your top 4. Best public universities would be Texas, UNC, UVa and a rather large drop off after those three. I went to Ole Miss. We have The Grove.
  6. one year as long as Rhett Lashlee has been coaching/
  7. (said with Butthead's voice) Uhhh, Red's an old used car salesman...He was just a....kickin' the tires with that comment.
  8. Official visits are to THE UNIVERSITY, not to any specific Head Coach. If Mack Brown brought a prospective recruit in on an official visit, that recruit has used his official visit to Texas. A recruit can make 5 official visits to 5 different schools. Recruits can make as many unofficial visits as the desire at their own expense.
  9. Mike Sumlin was at Houston and is now at A&M. How could ESPN miss something that obvious?
  10. Patterson and UT are obviously intent on the Strong hire. Lets not debate the merits of the hire, that's not the purpose of the post. Seemingly, the one roadblock is Clint Hurtt, the current Louisville DL coach who is now serving a two year NCAA "show cause" penalty for recruiting violations committed while he was at U of Miami. Under NCAA rules Hurtt cannot be hired by a new university without the new university first showing sufficient cause as to why they should employ Hurtt. According to reports, Texas will not accept Hurtt on the football staff. This is where the issue begins. IF Strong is hired by Texas, and Hurtt is left behind in Louisville, Hurtt will likely not be retained by the next Louisville HC (who will not want anything like an NCAA show cause incident on his coaching staff). Hurtt then becomes an unemployed HC with a show cause order----a virtual death sentence for a football coach. Patterson's problem is that an unemployed, unemployable Hurtt is liable to be approached by individual(s) seeking information about illegal recruiting activities. Virtually all assistant coaches know where some of the bodies are buried in the proverbial recruiting graveyard and Hurtt is no different. There are universities that would spend considerable funds in order to get the NCAA involved against an archrival. Does Patterson risk this with a hire of Strong? Does Charlie Strong risk this by taking the Texas job?
  11. Sumlin and Strong will engage in some epic recruiting battles. Saban would crush Sumlin on the recruiting trail.
  12. http://www.fbschedules.com/ncaa-12/big-east/2012-louisville-cardinals-football-schedule.php http://www.fbschedules.com/ncaa-13/aac/2013-louisville-cardinals-football-schedule.php Strong is going to see a level of schools he has never witnessed as a Head Coach. Massive difference between Big 12 and the lower remnants of the old Big East and CUSA. Media will love this hire. That will get some good PR. A&M is breathing a helluva lot easier now than they have for the last month. I think Orgeron comes if he gets his 1M per year and is recruiting coordinator and DL coach. Maybe given Co-DC title as a perk. His family is is Louisiana and that helps the Longhorns chances. I think this hiring process and hire has divided The Longhorn Nation. Strong OWNED Miami recruiting for years due to the investigations into the Miami football program. Huge number of Cardinals from Miami and greater Miami area. Vast talent difference than rest of American Conference. I can't see OU, Oklahoma St or Baylor being intimidated by this hire. Baylor is relieved. They now know that Briles is theirs. I think Texas does this all over again in 4 years and Patterson will be long gone before then. OU has a dynamic young QB and a solid cast around him. Baylor and OSU tough. Not an easy road for Strong. Not a UT grad. Grad of SEC school (not A&M or Bama). I expected much much more from the Longhorn leadership (particularly Patterson). It didn't happen. Sumlin and Strong recruiting battles likely to be epic Just expected more than Charlie Strong for this important hire My opinions, nothing more Very much enjoy the opinions of fellow posters and the efforts of the moderators
  13. How is it a great hire? Texas decided to offer a coach from the America Conference and didn't even offer a native Texan who just won the Big 12? Was Malzahn offered? Was Mora offered and not Briles?
  14. Yes, that is something that will get questioned endlessly. Patterson could hire Strong, but there are a LOT of candidates who deserve the offer ahead of Strong. Briles is one of them.
  15. I don't believe it. http://www.dallasnews.com/sports/college-sports/headlines/20140103-report-ucla-coach-jim-mora-was-offered-longhorns-coaching-job-and-turned-it-down.ece Also, Briles is quoted as saying that he would have accepted job if UT had made job offer instead of interview
  16. decline the job. But, an agent would obviously have to have two dogs in the hunt. Mora is a client of Jimmy Sexton/ So is Nick Saban
  17. Saban never expected OU to go AirWorld on Bama. The consensus was that OU had to run to win, and Bama shuts that stuff down. Trevor Knight was excellent and underlines just how shabby the Longhorn recruiting at QB has been (and if it's shabby at QB it's a total mess elsewhere). UT is as good as it is, 8-5, just on the power of the Longhorn brand name and the immense recruiting base in Texas. The game was a mess. Darrell Royal and Bear Bryant are rolling in their respective graves. Missed tackles galore and turnover after turnover---that stuff did not occur way back when. Saban very emotional during game. This was to be the first team to win Three NCAA titles in a row and instead it suffers a tough last second loss and then gets beat by two TD's by a 17 point underdog starting a redshirt frosh QB. As per the coaching search, I think there has been a lot of smoke. I don't believe Harbaugh comes because Michigan is in trouble. He may be a year away from "Momma calling". I still am of the belief that Briles will not stand on a UT sideline and watch Baylor on the other sideline. He is cut of that cloth. While I think that UT has made inquiries of Charlie Strong, I believe he is a second tier candidate, and, that he would rather be at Miami (which may open up with Al Golden to Penn State) or to bide his time and wait on the Florida job which may open next year. Texas is a FAR better job than either of those positions, but any coach taking the job has to ask how well he fits that position at that school. I don't believe Jimbo Fisher leaves FSU and the relative ease of running the ACC every other year and making the "Final 4" rather than coming to Austin and running a potential gauntlet of Briles/Baylor, Stoops/Oklahoma, and Gundy/Oklahoma State. Much easier doings to the East. Jim Mora? No, for that automatically raises the question of "Would Patterson have hired his own coach out of ASU had he had the chance?" James Franklin? Fine coach. If you can win 8 or 9 at Vandy you can do double digits in Austin year after year. Mack Brown made a long career of just that. I see the final two coming from the state of Alabama. Saban or Malzahn. You will get an excellent coach.
  18. Gruden is a punch line for every coaching search
  19. Noil flirted with A&M so he has likely been indoctrinated against UT. Fournette's #2 has been Alabama all along. Fournette likes Saban. Adams and Brown are Texans and DB's and Saban personally recruits his DB's. Rumor on Adams is that he is not pro-Saban but that was one rumor on one board. Saban is relentless recruiter. Orgeron is legendary in that regard. Crossfire Hurricane if both are on same staff.
  20. 7 on 7 features a no tackle "touch football" or "flag football" defense. Lithe, speedy, quick kids show that they can run with WR's and they become coveted DB's. They lack tackling skills because they aren't required to have them. First drills we all took back then was tackling and blocking....
  21. Agreed entirely. The larger sites feel the need to throw info out there. They cannot tell customers that they don't have the info. It just wouldn't be good business for them to do that. By making broad statements they acquire large numbers of twitter followers and more paid subscribers.
  22. Cincy is a good idea. Good trip partner for WVU in basketball, too.
  23. Briles isn't leaving Baylor. John Harbaugh can't take the Texas job as Michigan may open next season (or this) and he will be true to his school. Saban Fisher Malzahn Strong You're holding Aces
  24. Yes and add South Florida too. They are also a big school and you get an even bigger presence in Florida. You pair the 2 Fla schools and the 4 Tx schools in one division (GULF) and allow the Kansas and Oklahoma schools plus ISU and WVU to be in the other division. You'll get a big TV contract due to the two huge states Tx and Fl. Longhorns and Sooner can be permanent crossovers.

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