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  1. Did anyone else hear Soso thank his trainer during his announcement? As soon as he said that I knew we lost him to UCLA.
  2. He did a better job on the Bucks than Tampa Bay did.
  3. Has anyone ever figured out who this guy is? That being said, I'm happy with this line up if true.
  4. *Didn't realize the name of the restaurant would get me censored, lol. It's D I C K's, like the name not anything else.
  5. I've only been in SA since '08 so some of the lifers will know more than me but you really can't miss with any of the restaurants on the river, IMHO. (Just stay away from Dick's Last Resort if you want to stick to the family vibe). I like Casa Rio but it does get crowded sometimes, especially on the weekends. Also, if you want some unique shopping in that area try visiting La Villita. It's right off the river and has a lot of small local shop, very nice and something different.
  6. Great as always. Thank you sir, for your time and effort. Hope you and your family (and everyone else) have a wonderful Christmas!
  7. If anyone knows I'd love to know as well. Someone mentioned his twitter feed in a thread a few days ago (I apologize I don't remember who) and I've been following ever since. Saw he was going off a little while ago and wanted to share with everyone here.
  8. @tex09413171 is going off on twitter right now about how Mack is causing problems behind the scenes in case anyone is interested. Not sure if it's true, but seems to line up with other things people have posted recently about Mack. McPhaul thoughts? Here's the direct link to his twitter feed: https://twitter.com/tex09413171
  9. As if I wasn't already neglecting all my responsibilities in life following the Saban to Texas talk... now you drop the Condi bomb on us!
  10. [ATTACH=CONFIG]385[/ATTACH] This is my getting excited face.

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