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  1. vipbox.com is a sports streaming site where I watched the horms before I got LHN. You have to put up with popups so I suggest you download "adblocker" if you don't already have it. It's a free download.
  2. The Horns of War Blitzkrieg Commandos Mayhem's Marauders
  3. That's what they're calling Sumlin on TexAgs.com. I couldn't agree more. It should also apply to Kliff as well.
  4. TCU over Baylor. Patterson's defense will give Petty fits and they will be able to slow down the BU run game. More importantly, the Frogs have a potent offensive that matches up very well against the Bear D and I expect them to put pleanty of points on the board, just like the did against OU. Texas over OU. If the Horn defense can slow down Perine OU will have difficulty moving the ball and scoring points same as last year. That is unless Knight regains his form from the Alabama game and/or our special teams choose not to show again this week. Hookem' Horns, Rick
  5. Especially the sooners and cowboys? Any sites out there that have started compiling that kind of information?
  6. T-Floss over at Spurstalk is the real deal for recruiting news! I'm a member and a longtime fan and I recommend the site very highly. It's the first stop I make everyday before I head over to hornsports.
  7. Recruiting, training and marketing Consultant with emphasis on sales. I have over thirty years of experience. I work mostly in the Insurance arena but have consulted in many other areas as well. I'm currently working to improve sales with a major cable tv provider.
  8. First there was all that crap about Saban coming to Texas, then Mac stomps his feet and refuses resign as promised and we have to go through all that nonsense and now, we simply overlook or otherwise fail to hire one of more than a half dozen qualified OC's then, we get all but promised that Morris was in the bag and here we are, poop slapped again, with an OC that hasn't called plays since the 80's just so we can save some pocket money on his contract buyout! Did I miss anything? And what the hell does this do to our chances for landing a top rated QB who wants a an OL coach to call plays for him! I need a drink! I can't believe even an aggy could mess things up this bad! PS - we need an icon that is drinking from a liquor bottle. It is my personal opinion it will get lots of use!
  9. In no particular order: A Christmas Story (It's not officially Xmas until we see it) Silent Partner (Canadian film - stars Elliot Gould, Christopher Plummer and Susanna York -1978. It's right up there with Shawshank!) Mystery Alaska Kelly's Heroes Van Wilder Italian Job Down Periscope (It's like Groundhog day, it gets better every time you watch it! Raise the Titanic Victor Victoria Hopscotch - Walter Matthau 1980 - very witty and funny! Mister Roberts - All star cast, one of the greatest war movies of all time! National Treasure The Longest Yard (for my money the Burt Reynolds version is better than the Adam Sandler version. JMO) The Great Escape Get Shorty Seriously, see Silent Partner if you get the chance. Very intelligent and well acted thriller!
  10. Bevo 11 I like Strong. He wouldn't have been my choice but I like him as a HC. I have to be honest with you though, if he is forced to hire Watson, then he has accomplished nothing as far as I am concerned. To me it would be the total admission of failure in his search for an OC! Having said that, I will continue to support him no matter what and simply hope for the best. I really do believe he is doing his best to put together a great staff. I also think he is finding it harder to do at UT than it was at UL and expect to have the same kind of success.
  11. Todd Dodge would be a great start. Lots of other names also come to mind. He is a TX ex and has excellent report with HS coaches. His HS work at SLC was outstanding and easily matched what Morris did at Lake Travis. Too bad he got antsy and settled for the N. Tex job instead of waiting for an OC job like Morris. The timing was really bad and I don't think they gave his enough time to really turn it around. Just my two cents.:cool:
  12. I didn't see the classic oldie "Damned Yankees" listed. Great Movie!

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