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  1. Depends. If you neighbors are A$$holes then as soon as it's light is a good time to start. Preferably on a Sunday. If you like your neighbors and its a wkday then wait for the kids to go outside for school. If it's a wkend around 9 is good.
  2. So true. I know I'm guilty. Not knocking anyone here but those on the other side of the political spectrum from me. I seriously wonder what planet they are from sometimes. I am sure they feel the same way about me. How did it all happen so fast? Or has it always been that way and we were just more respectful of one another in the past?
  3. Ketchum tries to act cool and laid back but he is truly one of the most thin skinned absolutely paranoid people I have met. It's funny because he actually reminds me a lot of Mack Brown. He tries to hide it but actions like those with MCP show his true colors.
  4. FOB: I did and it sure looked like the toughest region. Texas was not done any favors. It makes me sick to my stomach to see Baylor get a 6th seed when we beat them 2 out of 3 with one of those wins coming on their court. That's because Drew seems to understand you need to peak in Feb/Mar. Unlike Barnes teams who peak in dec/jan. By the time March gets here we are dead.
  5. I agree. I never thought I would say this but I liked DF better with the real astro turf. This surface is too slow for this size ball park. Would love to see a new field with dirt and real grass and a home plate that isn't 3 inches below the field.
  6. At the end of Swoopes career we can go back and visit this. For now I stand by my opinion. I have nothing against the kid. I hope I am wrong. But I stand firmly in the corner of those that believe his is a wonderful athlete in the wrong position.
  7. Go back and watch Majors first game and compare that to anything Swoopes did last year. Yes he is a physical specimen. But it's obvious he does not see the field in the way a QB needs to. He doesn't have it. Another Jamarcus Russel IMO.
  8. Nice write up. You are wrong about QB though. Swoopes will not contribute in a positive way this year. Ash is our only hope.
  9. Agreed. Just awful. Don't know why the Texans didn't go with the original white helmet they debuted. It was way cooler than the same design on blue they use now.
  10. Longevity is the last reason we should hire a coach. I don't really want a coach more than 10 years anyway. If Saban could have given us even 6 strong years that would have been a successful hire.
  11. I can only speculate that he believed without interference from Sexton he would have been back in 14.
  12. I have heard similar reports but the part that is missing from this report that I heard is the fact the Fisher was very interested but Jamail and Mack were going to sue if we hired any Sexton guys. No proof one way or another but it sounds like Mack to me.
  13. I liked him too but with his close ties to MB, probably best to let him move on.

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