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  1. I do wonder what Aranda is thinking. Aside from his relationship with Herman, LSU promoted his DL coach under him to Interim HC and now permanent HC. Now he will be working under someone who was under him. Could this make him more apt to leave and come aboard with Herman?
  2. A friend of mine said he heard on Rick Neuheisel's show that Texas would gauge interest from Dabo Swinney. Not a name I've heard mentioned until today.
  3. Wouldn't be surprised. His sister is a stud(ette) for Aggie softball.
  4. While I'm not overly thrilled with the offensive staff, I do think we will have a OSU type offense if Wickline is calling the plays. Couple with with a stout Charlie Strong defense and I think there are good things ahead. I also think recruiting wise, kids will buy into the offense we will put on the field in the future.
  5. So if it's Linehan as OC, who has worked with and developed Stafford, is Watson still the QB coach and who coaches the WR? Still doesn't asswer all of the questions we have. I guess Strong has a plan and it will all work out.
  6. I think this is more proof that it may be Saban. He got rid of Applewhite once before, so there is no way he would keep Major around. Add the info about Orgeron and it looks more and more like Saban.
  7. Orgeron definitely has ties to Saban. Any ties to Harbaugh? Doubt it would be with Fisher since he still has a few days until the National Championship game. Interesting indeed.
  8. 53. I'm good for this hire and hopefully one more. Whoever replaces Saban in 7-8 years and continues what he builds while HC at TEXAS!
  9. You're not the only one. I bet everyone is surprised by their start so far.
  10. Thanks DTX. The thought of Saban, Narduzzi and someone like Campbell makes me moist. TMI? Seriously, this is what pissed me off the most with Mack. The thought of having a staff like this is exciting and Mack killed it, or so he thought.
  11. Read between the lines gentlemen and lay low for awhile.
  12. What a big F**K YOU to Mack and Powers if Saban still somehow wound up at UT. I would love it!
  13. You nailed it Randolph Duke. Excellent.
  14. It will be a mistake for the university to keep Mack involved in any capacity. He had done damage beyond repair IMO. I will never view him as I did before all this took place. He can say it's all about the kids, etc. but in reality it is all about Mack. FUMB
  15. Do you seriously think Mack can right the ship? Give me a freakin break. The last 4 years have been a joke and he can turn it around in the next couple of years? He wants the all time win record and will be here until he gets it. It's all about Mack. He is a hated man and UT would be stupid keeping him around even after he is no longer head coach. FUMB and I am so done with UT football. Rot in hell MB.
  16. Got up this morning to see where I left off last night and read your post Lobo. You freakin nailed it. That is exactly how myself and a lot of other fans feel this morning. Mack just killed his legacy at UT. There are too many people that will hate him for what he just did.
  17. Sounds like it's all smoke and mirrors still. Make it appear it is Mack's decision when it really isn't. Now, if for some reason he doesn't step aside, then all I can say is FUMB!
  18. It's past time someone grows a pair and tells Mack the way it's going to be. You can resign/retire and have a position like DKR (who knew when it was time to step aside) or you can GTFO and hope to land a spot with ESPN. You decide now, but ya gotta go.
  19. Hey guys, new to the board and loving it so far. Keep up the good work McPhaul, et at. I agree with Randolph Duke that Mack's demeanor on the field was as though he was coaching to save his job. He was more animated on the sideline, especially with Case, much moreso than previously where it appeared he was letting his coaches do the coaching (is it a coincidence that Texas won 6 in a row during that period?). Can someone explain the deal with Powers? Does he have final say so on who the head football coach is? Or who does have final say so? Thanks.

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