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  1. If you happen to encounter a group of cyclists, please show them some love. It is a group of Wounded Warriors riding as a part of the Ride 2 Recovery program. There are quite a few Purple Heart recipients in the group, including a triple amputee. I believe there is a MOH recipient in the group as well, but I could be worng. The group of riders is made up of members of all branches of service. PLEASE honk, yell, wave....whatever you can do to show them a little love.
  2. Your comparison makes no sense. I'm not talking about a kid. I'm talking about a grown man talking trash to a student athlete. He got in his face and said something. I don't understand where you are getting the success portion from. I said I had a personal issue with him because of it.
  3. That was probably the most reasonable analogy that I have seen on this topic. You all make good points, but I guess that one hit closest to home for me. I don't have to "like" him, but I guess I should at least give him a chance.
  4. Everyone has seen the video or pic of him saying something to Colt after the 2009 Big 12 Championship. For me, that is absolutely unacceptable whether it was heat of the moment or not. I can't believe that Texas would want to hire someone that. Anyone else feel that way?
  5. US Army NCO. Joined in '87 but my first day was 8/8/88. Had a little break in service but I am over 20 years now. Might be job hunting before too long. I also have a degree from TSTC in Environmental Compliance.
  6. How much effect do you think hiring Saban (or any new coach for that matter) will have on season ticket prices? They have been steadily going up even with bad coaching and a crappy home schedule. It seems like we could see a bigger jump if interest is restored.
  7. Source: Nick Saban Signs Contract With Texas* - Team Speed Kills The part about Mack is quite accurate.
  8. Welcome to Texas. Thank you guys for all your hard work. It has been fun lurking the last few weeks.
  9. I am thankful to be home with my family this year. I spent last Thanksgiving in Korea. There is nothing like being home with family for the holidays.

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