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  1. As a current student, I argue both as well as there is no incentive to get there on time. Greek life gets there halfway through the first and is so drunk that it doesn't matter what they cheer about. Those in the Greek community that do care, get there around kickoff and are loud. There needs to be some sort of incentive to getting there early and staying to the end, as bad as that sounds.
  2. Students now have the S-EZ, from the east side 50 to the NE-EZ, and part of the East deck. Problem is that tickets are by number of hours completed which means that grad students don't get the best seats but are only second to seniors so they get from the 25-15 yard line. Most don't cheer. And there's blue-hairs on the other side of the 50 to the visitors section. First-come first-served for the whole east side (other than the visitor's section) would be great.
  3. Ya, I may be a big optimist in saying this, but I wouldn't read into anything that this kid says. He told Taylor Hamm on like Tuesday that there was no way he'd visit anywhere. Nick Harvey knows what he's going to do. He very well could stick with A&M but he's an ink-dry recruit.
  4. Blackhawk Down Saving Private Ryan Band of Brothers/The Pacific We Were Soldiers FMJ
  5. I think it would be Brewster as its known that he wants to come back to Austin but, more importantly, it's been said that we didn't want him to come before NSD because that would put FSU in a bad spot and Brewster wouldn't be as willing to come and Strong didn't want to screw them like that.
  6. Botched the title, whoops. Jason Higdon ‏@Jason_Higdon 2h @JBellSATX You do understand you may have TWO OC/QB coach play callers and Wickline..all three in top 42 in Nation last season? one staff This was around 9PM. So who are the three and why is that such an arbitrary number? If you look at total offense rankings, 41 is Toledo and 42 is none other than Arizona. Ladies and gentlemen, if Higdon is correct, then Calvin Magee is going to be on our staff. At what position? Well let's just say that Bruce Chambers might not be coaching TE's... Definitely something to watch tomorrow as the real news comes to light. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calvin_Magee EDIT: Was looking at points, who the hell knows anymore
  7. We had some guy come through here 5-7 years ago that had these same traits. Probably a little less speed but better coverage abilities. I hear that he's doing just fine right now.
  8. I think it's like an opposite deal honestly. We consider Lincoln Riley to be pretty close to a HR but even UNC fans don't. I think he's saying this universally considered a HR. There's a LOT of smoke around Morris right now too.
  9. They have two safeties, Kyle Gibson and Emmanuel Smith, who both are definitely offer worthy. Smith would be fantastic as a hybrid nickel LB, like literally perfect for the role.
  10. I'm just asking if he's even hearing that there's anything alive here. I'm not saying it's going to happen because, frankly, I don't think it will.
  11. I had breakfast with someone that knows his family well and that's what he said. Are you hearing anything else? Eric Nahlin said JS is hearing similar.
  12. Heard had already said he'd Texas no matter what. And tOSU has an early enrollee QB this year.

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