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  1. I hear ya. Kind of amazes me that people don't want to talk about other possible options even when almost every hire starting with Strong himself was not a leading name mentioned in the forums. Thanks for giving your thoughts on Schramm. I also think he would be a home run (as well as a several of the other names I listed as possible fits). Maybe it will be one of the names floating around on the boards, but I personally find discussing the strengths and weaknesses of off the radar candidates interesting.
  2. I updated to add some info due to the lack of a single response.
  3. I started another thread and then saw this. I agree it could be anyone. And Strong said he was looking for someone with ties doesn't mean he said that person would absolutely have ties. Here's a list of coordinators I have not seen discussed that I think would all be solid to splash options although their ties to Texas vary: Based on the hiring so far, many of the hires were names that weren't being discussed before hand. What if that's the case with offensive coordinator as well? Here are some decent OC's that I haven't seen discussed much. Any thoughts on any of these being a potential target? Phillip Montgomery Dave Schramm Seth Littrell Dan Werner Jimmy Dougherty Rhett Lashlee James Coley None of these seem crazier than Lincoln Riley as an option. Thoughts anyone?
  4. Based on the hiring so far, many of the hires were names that weren't being discussed before hand. What if that's the case with offensive coordinator as well? Here are some decent OC's that I haven't seen discussed much. Any thoughts on any of these being a potential target? Phillip Montgomery - Baylor - Splash and huge Texas recruiting ties Dave Schramm - Fresno State - Excellent and Nebraska and Texas State experience Seth Littrell - Indiana - Up and comer with Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Kansas experience Dan Werner - Ol' Miss - Very experienced and good, no Texas ties but strong Florida and Miami ties Jimmy Dougherty - San Jose St. Breaking records, coached under Harbaugh, B12 Missouri experience Rhett Lashlee - Auburn - Auburn's Lincoln Riley. Championship experience. No Texas ties. James Coley - Florida State now Miami - Splash, but no Texas ties, however strong Florida ties Not all of these guys have direct ties to Texas, but it seemed like that was a want more than a strict requirement based on hiring. I personally do not think it matters as long as you are winning and taking care of your recruits. So many Texas recruits wouldn't be leaving the state if having strong ties was a requirement to recruit here. Who would you take and who would you exclude and why? Also, who would you add as a candidate who isn't getting attention but could be a great hire. Thanks
  5. I did not. Someone else may have grabbed it from here (I have the same handle on OB, IT, and HS). I try not to post new threads over there because I don't enjoy being attacked. I didn't see it on any other service before I posted it here.
  6. Looked at Herman's Twitter and the person he most recently started following was Jerrod Heard. Maybe it means nothing, but it certainly makes me hopeful. [ATTACH]659[/ATTACH]
  7. He will become the white whale that Peterson became at Boise State. It will not negatively impact him at all. He will be the guy who told TEXAS to take a walk. It would improve his brand equity. Patterson would be the loser in that scenario. More than likely he would end up first in line to replace Muschamp or an NFL coach.
  8. Your five correspond with my top 5. Although I also had Gruden and Tomlin in there as well for the needed splash with recruits....You are exactly right, there is nothing we can do except support the hell out of Strong and hope that he turns out to be the greatest college football coach of all time. I also think we can pray for a D4 arrangement to get us out of the Big 12 conference. For instance, if our conference situation was different without A&M in the SEC recruiting like mad and us slipping, I think I would be pumped about taking a chance on Strong. It's really just the fear of continuing the slide into mediocrity that scares me. TCU and Boise State won a lot of games, but neither is a tier one football program. Strong may win a lot of games at Texas but unless he can take the state back and stop the hemorrhaging, it won't matter until we leave the Big 12...Lastly, I don't believe we even seriously pursued guys like John/Jim Harbaugh, Fisher etc. Someone decided the timing didn't work for our self-imposed deadline and we hedged our bets and moved on. If so, that decision was so short sighted on the part of Patterson it shows that he truly has no understanding of our current dire situation or just isn't that interested in football or Texas remaining the top program. I will bet money that he puts more effort into the basketball program because he loves the game and understands it.
  9. The salary is insane and I'm sure many academics at UT will bring that up the next time they are talking about tight budgets. Hell, I would have paid them money to go into Bellmont and clean house. They could have made me the hatchet man and hired someone on the cheap to run the department. It makes about as much sense as Mack's last extension and raise...And Strong isn't cheap by any means either. He will now be the fourth highest paid head coach in football and we have to pay his $5MM buyout and mack's departure expenses $2.75MM and $1.3MM/yr.
  10. Wait, so $5MM salary, $5MM in Strong's buyout, $2.75MM + $1.3MM a year in mack buyout/payoff totaling $7.85MM per year wasn't worth it for a 4 year coach from a mid-tier school? I hear you. Expensive, but I'm hoping by some miracle it will be worth it.
  11. Because Deloss got canned after McWilliams and Mackovick? We needed a splash hire to offset the decline of the Big 12. We didn't get it. We got a guy who will probably be a good coach. I would have liked to have seen what he would do without a heisman calibre QB before taking him to Texas. But at least we settled all the arguments about being the best job in the country. We clearly aren't, and it's not even close. We will continue to hemorrhage recruits to the SEC. I'm still stunned we bothered to hire the search firm or even form a committee. What a waste of time. I also don't understand the million+ annual salary for Patterson. What a waste of money.
  12. Why would we risk losing recruits and sit on Strong for 7 days after his bowl game? Especially considering that he would have likely left even before the bowl game if we had made it a condition of employment. I think the obvious answer is that he's a back up if our top targets say "no."
  13. I have never wanted Briles and I think he's possibly the second coming of McWilliams if we hire him. He caught lightning in a bottle with RG3, which gave him a bump in recruiting, which was further inflated by Texas and OU being in down years. Because of the investment in facilities etc. Baylor will not go back to doormat status, but they won't be as good as they were this year very often. Schools often think they can overcome an offensive or defensive focused head coach through assistants. It's easier said than done. Look at Florida with absolutely no offense and Texas A&M with a crap Defense. Better to get the complete package up front.
  14. Hornrush, can you please provide some more specifics for those who would like to investigate? For instance, what year was this convention etc.? To whom was it said? Was it reported anywhere, or is this anecdotal? I think this is more relevant information in terms of the coaching search than people may realize when overlayed with other actions/comments attributed to Briles in the past.

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