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  1. This guy is better than his rankings indicate. I guess he'll get a chance to prove that soon.
  2. I guess when they say "up" or "down" lbs, then they are comparing to last year at this time, or maybe some official weigh-in during fall camp in August...but I'm just guessing
  3. I like him. Plays with reckless abandon. Strangely, those are the guys that get hurt LESS because they're not passive.
  4. YES...let's secede before things get any worse. The last election was stolen...but not by just CriminalCrats. In order to do the crime, then FAKEpublicans HAD to be in on the GAG. Voting for more Republicans is NOT the answer. They have been compromised, as proven once again yesterday as 7 FAKEpublicans sided with the Hoaxacrats. Yes, that means it's time to LEAVE. That's not giving up. That's recognizing the grave state we're in and taking action to make sure it doesn't get graver. For me it means I need to get my kids here because they're in WA and SC. Of course, we need to take LA, MS, AZ, OK, and AL with us. I would imagine SD would want to secede as well. I didn't throw those states out as a suggestion by any accident.
  5. Someone get a hold of Mr Beast...if ever anybody DESERVES something it's this guy. Of course, he's going places regardless because he's not letting ANYTHING get in his way. God bless him
  6. Whatever. Saban wanted him to stay and get 3.5M for doing just that. Maybe he knows from RECENT experience. Just a thought.
  7. Contrary to popular belief, Sam has plenty of talent. Somehow, though, Herman coached some things OUT OF HIM that he learned in HS and took to Texas. Sam's freshman year, if it was 2nd and 5 from the 17 and a pass was called but the WR was covered, Sam would throw it OOB or in a place where only the WR could get to it. Somehow Turtle Tom convinced him to hang on the the ball longer and keep looking in the hopes that a WR would suddenly get open. That led to a multitude of sacks. Sam had a way of overcoming all that nonsense, but everyone knows that once you get in the red zone you have 2, maybe 3 seconds to throw it...AT MOST. Don't just hang on and get sacked. Sam will get back to what he KNOWS works and he will do fine in the NFL. He needs to get better at that long ball, though. But at UT we never had receivers with any separation. It's a wonder he ever completed a throw at all. In the NFL, he will find that WR actually get separation or they don't play NFL.
  8. God bless Jim's soul. He's going straight to heaven. Where the Redfish are extra big. Hidden in this picture is a Redfish. Jim can see it from heaven. You dudes here, not so much, but try anyways!
  9. This is so disappointing. On a bunch of different levels.
  10. From the Big 12 " In accordance with Big 12 Conference football game interruption guidelines, the Texas at Kansas game scheduled for December 12 has been canceled due to UT’s shutdown of football operations. The game is declared a “no contest” and will not be rescheduled." From UT Statement from Chris Del Conte on Texas’ cancellation of its Football game at Kansas: “We are pausing all football team activities and shutting down football training facilities to get a COVID-19 spread among our Football program under control. We currently have nine student-athletes and 13 staff members who have tested positive this week, all of whom are in self-isolation. An additional 14 student-athletes and 15 staff members have been identified in contact tracing, and per COVID-19 protocols, are in quarantine at this time. We will continue daily testing, monitor the situation and adhere to all of the medical team’s health and safety protocols as we move forward with an abundance of caution in this situation. We’re extremely disappointed that we won’t be able to play our final regular season game at Kansas this week, but look forward to returning to action for our bowl game in the coming weeks.”
  11. So many wasted possessions. Passing just to pass. No purpose. Then passing up open shots to pass to someone not open. Without Ramey, this game would have been a route. He kept us in the game. Made some mistakes, but I saw a lot of loafing by other players. Unfortunately Greg Brown was one of the loafers. He's gonna have to pick it up or the NBA will laugh like they have at Sims. I think he'll pick it up, though. Villanova wasn't a whole lot better, and we SHOULD have beat them. But...this looks to be Shaka's best team so far. What does that mean? Hell...I don't know. But Coleman is vastly improved. Ramey even more vastly improved. Greg Brown shows signs, but he's not in the flow at this point. Honestly, after all the hype I expected WAY WAY more from Greg Brown. Kai Jones could be great, at least at the college level if that's what he wants. Obviously Cunningham is a scrappy guy. Andrew Jones looks off...WAY off. I hope he's OK. Jericho Sims...not an ounce of improvement since his freshman year. And while I'm willing to knock Shaka for stealing from UT, it's not Shaka's fault that Sims does NOTHING. NOTHING. Just a note: We have the same problem that Texas has had for the last 30 years. Lots of misses from point blank...lots.
  12. Yes. Tyler Johnson should be good to go next year, and Hookfin might be the RT. Jones just isn't much of a player. Sam E's confidence in Jones is not warranted. My wild guess of OL for 2021: LT: Karic LG: Tyler Johnson/Angilau c Jake Majors RG: Angilau/Tyler Johnson RT: Hookfin...this guy is really athletic...he needs to play SOMEWHERE on the OL
  13. What little we've seen of Reese Moore is pretty bad. Of course, Karic is a true freshman. When I watch a replay I'll pay attention to Karic, but he couldn't have done TOO badly because the OL wasn't terrible.
  14. We should have played Bijan more this year than we have, but it has allowed him to mature without, as they say in my profession, TAXING his body. So he has been given the chance to mature his body and really learn the game. He seems very happy about the whole thing. This guy, barring injuries, will be a 1st round draft choice and do well in the NFL. It'll be sad for me, though, since I haven't watched the NFL now in 3 seasons and I have no plans to start.

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