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  • Birthday 10/25/1969


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    Born n raised in Austin Texas. Married my wife in 2005, we moved to the Virgin Islands where we lived for 2 years. Awesome time. Moved back to Austin then to Nashville to pursue my music career. Have been singing for 20 years. Know everybody in the Music biz personally from Kevin Fowler, Willie Nelson, Merle haggard and George Strait. Love this site and will support it until it Hopefully doesn't turn into OB.
  • Interests
    GOD FIRST the other stuff will work itself out if you put him first.
  • Occupation
    Slum Lord

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  1. The site is not working AT ALL. WTH. Love this site and all the insite
  2. Sorry to burst your bubble but Koenning knows this state backwards and forwards. He will do just fine in recruiting.
  3. brees played in option type offense at Westlake
  4. The time doesn't make sense for me why wait all this time to not get the Biggest Fish of All ?????
  5. Guys it has to be SABAN. Everything up to this points right at Him. Strong would not be demanding ANYTHING. Saban has played this game and his agent has as well. It is SABAN
  6. Where the heck is our boy McPhaul????
  7. Rita Said they were told by Patterson to say no thanks to save face kinda like Barnett did with Mack
  8. Give him a raw egg end of story he will be fine in 12 hours.
  9. What if Saban already knows he wants to take Texas Job?????? Kiffin being at the bama practices means Kiffin as OC @ Texas. Then bring in Orgeron as DL coach. Talk about an ALL STAR team of coaches on staff. We have the $$$$$$$$$ for that fo sho
  10. DL and recruiting coordinator HELL YEAH. Best in the BIZ and with our money. DC no thank you.
  11. This is from left field but, what if Patterson is telling certain people at Belmont different coaches? Then looking to see who reports that info, then he knows who the moles are and Gets rid of said people. 2 cents
  12. Watching the games from the suites at the Disch is an Awesome experience.
  13. When he screwed us with his BS vote that was all I needed to know about the guy PERIOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Ok so ucf is a powerhouse???????? Give me a break bro. If this is what you want for TEXAS then give me Akers again and we will be LOST FOR A DECADE with your ideology

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