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  1. All we can do is let it play out. I'm sailing to Fiji to pass time until Game 1.
  2. Better than "Co" OC's or Watson as lead OC.
  3. Didn't Brewer announce he was transferring to OU?
  4. What an absolute fraud this Higdon is. What is the idiot saying now?
  5. Manning looked very out of sync last week. Seahawks have the 9ers #, imo.
  6. Jason Higdon ‏@Jason_Higdon The OC hire will be a home run...I am sitting on it right now..it will be over soon...I promise you guys will be fired up.....
  7. Did I miss the OC announcement, Shaunsters?
  8. Higdon said, and I paraphrase: I am sitting on the name of a hire. He is a home run. You will be extremely happy. No need to worry. FOS, imo. He's hedging like a frog. FIRED. Throw him to the dogs. Hell hath no fury like zzzizzzy!!!
  9. Pats Shock. 27-24. Seahawks Dominate. 35-27 Place yer bets.
  10. You ramble on and on and on... as if Texas has an Offensive Coordinator. Enlighten me.
  11. We still don't have an OC yet. So what the fack you on about bboy?
  12. Sorry to hear that about Robinson, Bigg.
  13. Throw in the fact that Burton is spewing smoke that's being fed to him by Patterson.
  14. This is what I'm getting at slim. No one to date has brought Vandy a title, at least in a 100 years. The uphill battle is still there. Yes, Franklin left that program in great shape but is it something you would jump on even if they threw Sabanesque $10 MM at you? If he goes to Vandy and achieves no more than what Franklin did, he'll be up for an ACC or Big East HC gig at best, imo. Maybe the B1G. He'll also look like an ass for only staying for 3-4 years then jumping ship. On top of that it's not a "flashy" school with the recruits. They don't dream about playing at Vanderbilt. They dream about going to USC, Florida, FSU, Ohio State, Texas, LSU, Bama etc. Texas gives Morris a better springboard to bigger nationally recognized programs.
  15. One of them. Do you read all three sites?
  16. If it's true that he's debating between the HC job at Vandy or the OC position at Texas I can only hope he looks to his future and is not desperate to move up now. He's got to decide whether he wants a dead end gig as HC at a school that has been historically incompetent as the Cleveland Browns, or come to the University of Texas where he can springboard to say a USC or a Florida HC gig in three years because helped lead Texas to a Natty.
  17. I think with Morris, we'd get a few fiveys there partner. If you want to talk about ceilings.
  18. I sure to hope like hell he's 100% accurate and the only one who knows.
  19. Maybe you can explain the 5-Star RB, QB, WR & OL recruits who will flip when they find out Watson is the OC? How does Zip sound? That's a pretty low ceiling there in your vantage point, imo.
  20. And there's one final push being made for a splash OC but doesn't look optimistic. DizzG, what's Higdon saying now? Is he "still sitting on the name"?

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