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    Have been following Texas football seriously since probably 1975. My father is long time Orangebloods poster BiggUggly. Glad to be here!
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    Lorena, Tx.

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  1. I think he could do well at the next level at certain positions, with his speed. But the boy needs to bulk up some. Like RGIII, he is a little delicate.
  2. I'd prefer a complete change, but I wouldn't be opposed to Searles getting another shot. If I remember correctly, he came in with a fiery demeanor that Mack tried to temper. No cussing etc. I don't think profanity is necessary to motivate kids/players, but it did take some of Searles personality away. I thought our O-line finally showed improvement this year. Not a lot. But definitely better. I always listened when my coach launched a profanity laden attack. And I sure didn't want to disappoint him after said attack.
  3. It's been said by someone here before I believe, but Gruden would either be everything we've wished for, or a complete bust. I tend to believe he would, AT LEAST, provide a boost to recruiting that we so desperately need at this moment. And, as several have mentioned, it would be entertaining for sure. Boom or bust, I'd be willing to bet he wouldn't leave the cupboards bare for the next guy.
  4. This has always been my take. No info backing it up, just my gut feeling. I believe this to be correct. Baylor will take 8-4 all day long and hopes for playoff appearances. Briles is a hero in Waco. $4 million a yr is just fine for a Texas "good 'ol boy". He could retire with his name on the field, stadium, athletic building or something like. He would just be the next coach at Texas. Nothing more.
  5. I agree. I wouldn't want to travel down that road either. Anything of substance will surface eventually anyway. Hook 'Em
  6. I think there was true interest from Saban. But I also think it would had to have been a "in a perfect world" scenario. It never would have been about money. He just got more money without having to do anything really. It would have been about the challenge. In the end, was this challenge and all the sideshow worth it to him? Apparently not. Could we have had him? Sure. Anything is possible. But common sense says I have to go with what he puts on record himself.
  7. I agree 100%. Like I said in my first post, all insiders are reporting what they've been told. Nothing more. You are correct. They can verify the information to the best of their ability, but no one knows until they know. Things do change. I hope they all continue to report what they hear.
  8. I understand that sentiment. I've felt the same way in the past. But, during the game, I find myself with the same emotion as if we are 10-0. I can see the bigger picture before or after the game. But during? Sorry. There are still players on the field playing to win. Not to lose. If I thought NONE of them were trying, I might feel differently. But I know that's not the case. And, just like you, they also will be Texas alums. Hook 'Em.
  9. I do not fault McPhaul. I do not fault Chip Brown. I do not fault JS or any other insider/journalist. All of you, and I mean ALL of you, just report what you are being told by your sources. Some sources are better than others. Some sources are just reporting what they've heard from their "sources". My point is....we don't know until we know. None of us. Period. But, without all this reporting and speculation, these boards and sites would be pretty boring in my opinion. I'm glad and thankful for any news I can get. From any source. For the record, I think it's time for Mack to go. I appreciate all he has done for Texas, but his way of succeeding is no longer effective. I've always believed that kids (and your typical bandwagon fan) have very short attention spans. I remember when Florida State was the hottest school to be at. It has taken them almost 15 years to return to "fan favorites". I remember when Miami got whatever recruit they wanted. Now they can't get 10k people to show up to their games. To stay the school every kid and (and ticket sale revenue contributing fan) wants to be at, you have to win. You have to be ranked in the top ten consistently. I feel it's that simple. and I think it is simply time for Mack to move on. Regardless, whatever happens, I am a Texas fan through and through. I would never NOT pull for the Horns to win. To put that in perspective... My father raised me at Memorial Stadium (before it became DKR Texas). Some of you may know him. You can't miss him. He's pretty Bigg and very Uggly. Anyway, that was my introduction and my two cents. I'm grateful for this board and I'm glad to be here. Oh. Unlike my father, I'm a poor. Deal with it. Hook 'Em!
  10. I've expected to lose this game ever since BYU. Feel better about winning than I did 2 months ago, but not overly confident. I think if Texas wins........31-28 If Baylor wins, I think it will resemble their Okie State game with reversed score.......42-17ish.
  11. Thankful for my wonderful wife and kids. 47 years old and my wife(much younger than I) just gave me my first child. A son. He is now 8 1/2 months old and strong as an ox. Good looking boy who goes to sleep to The Eyes of Texas every night. I have two more awesome sons by marriage. Not a day goes by that I don't look to the sky and give thanks for them all. Hook 'Em!
  12. I remember a certain "final game" in Collie Station too. Anything can happen. I fully expect the Horns to lose that night, but I don't think 50k bandwagoneers should intimidate anyone. Oh.......I live in Lorena, work in Waco. Trust me, that Okie Lite loss lessened the "noise" that magically arose on Valley Mills this year. HOOK 'EM!
  13. I think this is the ONLY reason it happens. If it happens at all.

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