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    About anything Burnt Orange, little golf, certifying for diving

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  1. That day wasn't too cold in Southern Cal...
  2. From what we've seen, this is likely not a "second chance."
  3. Amazing how our QB position has slipped due to resting all hope on one kid several years ago. (In all honesty, I thought he was the one myself.) I hope good news is lumming in the near future...
  4. I'm just thankful there's a Spring game to give us a boost til Fall...
  5. I really like what I'm reading about this new program.
  6. He should have been driving in Seattle...
  7. We need this same poll updated in a couple of years. Would be interesting to see how we fare then...
  8. He said he'd make sure my name is on the sledgehammer if I need him...
  9. I would sure hope so...Texas has been very good to Mack Brown.
  10. The mouse really knows his stuff. Good idea.
  11. Those donors who make up his salary may wonder a bit about this...

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