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  1. Let me guess. It's Shawn Watson's fault.
  2. They are not going anywhere. Flipping Springs would be epic. I wonder if his Mom is with him on his visit? Strong did a number on her to get this far.
  3. Probably tomorrow as he is going back to CS. I'm not real sure he is a priority for Wickline. Remember, they are taking 3 this year instead of 1 the previous regime had planned.
  4. What you want at Louisville and what you want at Texas is different. Strong likes Delatorre at FB for what he wants to do. Gresham overplayed his hand and with the coaching move, he's having to scramble.
  5. Ask 24 hr if they have med pay insurance. It is a goodwill coverage for businesses for people who come on your premises that will reimburse you up to the limits of their coverage, typically $2500, $5000 or $10,000. It is also available for up to 12 months from the date of the accident. This coverage does not eliminate your ability to file a General Liability claim against 24 hr. If you would like to discuss further, send me a PM and I will give you a call or you can call me.
  6. Fields stinks on this one. Sorry.
  7. Heard will supplant Swoopes as #2 by mid season. I doubt Swoopes ever sees meaningful time as the QB of the Longhorns unless Ash is hurt early in the season and they have to play him. And for the last time, Swoopes was a Mack pick. If Swoopes ever transfers, you will not see Boise State as places he might go.
  8. Actually, I think this is outstanding. They will get coached up and we all know about star rankings. How many top 10 classes have we wasted by lack of development or just out and out misses? Just imagine what a top 15 class will be with some hard work and accountability mixed in. I'm looking forward to it.
  9. While the BMD's are now playing nice, how pissed are they really and who really is in the crosshairs, Patterson or Powers?
  10. Koenig had an in home visit with Porter and apparently blew Porter away. Porter wasn't expecting that. One concern is that Jamal Adams is going back to LSU this weekend to help in recruiting. I think Porters LSU visit is this weekend.
  11. He also told everybody he was not going to the Texas Spring game and he did. I doubt he comes this weekend but this is recruiting.

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