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  1. That's always a nice thing to hear from a recruit.
  2. I received your DVD's before when I was deployed. It's a great thing that you are doing.
  3. 1)Hornsports-Not much going on here but most of the members are good people. I hope that the site continues growing and has more content in the future. 2)24/7- I love recruiting and inside information, Bobby and Jeff are the best at this in my opinion. 3)InsideTexas-I really respect Clendon and Jesus, there is another person that works on that board that I won't mention by name. He is a joke and I would love to have a face to face with him one day. I spent some time away recently to deal with one of my injuries from the military and have noticed that Jesus doesn't write as much as he did before. I figured I would use this post to ask if anyone knows what is going on with that. 4)BC-It's free but Scipio writes some of the best articles out there, again that is my opinion. I don't mean to offend anyone with that statement.
  4. Waco Palmer San Antonio-basic training and was only allowed to leave base for one day so I almost forgot about being there Out of state for 8yrs Ft. Worth Out of state for 15yrs Humble Waxahachie
  5. Thanks for the information! I called Dish earlier today and was told that it would be August before they carried the LHN. I'm glad that the customer service rep was clueless.
  6. Didn't get to see Earl play so I have to go with Vince. If I had not read the post by J.B. I would have said Ricky without a doubt but I have to go with Derrick Johnson. I feel like he played at a level above all others and helped change the way defense was played by making a play on the ball while securing the tackle.
  7. Dodds hurt us bad when he thought he could get Notre Dame to partner with the Big 12. While he was chasing them, Florida St and Clemson were open to a move. That would have hurt the ACC bad and might have helped with the Irish. I hope that Coolhorn is hearing good information about OU looking at the SEC, that would test the GOR out and open things up for UT to make a move. A move to a new conference would be the best thing that has happened for UT since the last national championship game they played in. I am not going to put TexasFirst1 on blast for posting his feelings. I don't think that Strong is a third tier coach though. I don't agree with every move he has made but I am sure if he put my life under a microscope he could find things that he didn't like about me. I have removed myself from the Patterson bandwagon though. That is just from reading about him from his previous jobs and from what I have observed since he has been here. Again, I could be wrong about him also. If he can get us out of the Big12 I would probably be the first person to say how great he is.
  8. Denver-34 Seattle-20 MVP-Duck throwing Manning
  9. Is the Tim Brewster hiring rumor being spread by the same BMD's that pushed the Saban hiring?
  10. It is the easiest path to the playoff's by far. I am just trying to put myself in a 17-18 yr old recruits shoes that doesn't have any ties to UT or aggy. Would I rather play in the Big 12 or the SEC. UT and aggy will always battle for top recruits in Texas. With aggy in the SEC and Texas in the Big 12, aggy has a recruiting advantage. I don't care about the easiest path, I care about being in a good conference and right now we are not in a conference that recruits can get excited about.
  11. I have always been a Swoopes fan. My biggest concern is his history of injuries. His last year of high school his stock fell because of them. He impressed the staff and fans last spring but lost a lot of time when he was hurt again in the summer. I think it is his hamstrings that he has had the problems with. Anyway, I hope that he doesn't suffer anymore set backs and stays healthy. Even if Ash starts every game Swoopes could still have a package of plays and help the team out.
  12. I wish we could get out of the Big12 conference. Dodds did a lot of good things for UT, staying in the Big12 and pushing the GOR were mistakes. It has to be one of the negative recruiting tactics used against UT.
  13. Good post Doc! If I am being honest with myself I feel like he is going to break my heart and go aggy. I am still keeping hoping that he sticks with us though.

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