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  1. Not close. The blatant bump into Strong should have been that ref.'s immediate removal from the game and immediate firing.
  2. In both the SWC and the Big 12, Texas has always been "the game" for our opponents. This year is special, however. This "The game" will most likely be the last for them. It's kinda sad, actually. IMO, at least a couple of Big 12 teams will drop back into a level that I hate to see happen. TCU, Tech, KU, Baylor and don't even mention the new Big 12 additions. So, here we are with the final Techie game, and they will be busting a gut to beat us. It won't happen - Texas - 52 Tech 17
  3. Lol! Hard not to like the veer, however if we implemented it there would be mad dash by our receivers for the portal. I think everyone is overthinking this game. UTSA Is MUCH better than ULM and the natural human tendency is to let down after the war with Bama. And believe me it was a war. However, UTSA ain't UT and neither is Army or Houston. Texas - 52 UTSA - 6
  4. Card doesn't have a high ankle sprain. If he did, he would be in a cast, and he sure wouldn't have played three quarters of a game. IMO, he starts against UTSA.
  5. Ewers will be out for at least 3 weeks. UT football medicine is very good, so I think we can count on Card starting and if we can roll up some points, we will see Wright.
  6. This is more than a little concern. The coaches are very worried about this aspect. Very.
  7. She was yelling at me because I walked in the pasture where that damn Longhorn steer lives, with a hatchet in my hand. The whole family is afraid I was either going to turn him into steaks or give him away. I've threatened this before because he is the dumbest animal I've ever been around.
  8. If we give up 13 points to this team it will be considered a loss and PK should be immediately fired. Ul-Mon is one of the worst college teams in the last 30 years.
  9. Per my old fishing buddy and a die hard Razorback fan and has so called inside SEC info, it is likely aggy, Arky and OU.
  10. Mostly hanging out at my farm and on IT. My daughter and her husband, both aggy grads, haven memberships on IT as well. They hardly ever post.
  11. I'm old, therefore I like Arky. Before they bolted to the SEC they were, arguably, our #1 rival.
  12. 3 of the 4 aggy wins were absolute cupcakes. Don't get me wrong, today's aggy team is formidable, but it is bereft of a decent QB and a competitive OL.
  13. IMO, aggy was an empty cardboard box last year and with the exception of Bama, had a season full of cupcakes. Arky, on the other hand had some very good players and were lying in wait for UT. This year UT would wipe the floor with aggy, but would beat Arky only after a monumental struggle.
  14. Really? As long as I have been watching football, I never knew that about Stanford. Just proves you are never too old to learn something new.
  15. #1 - from what I have been told, UT does not intend to play any member of the new Big 12 and the SEC and ESPN will help mitigate any penalties incurred (if any) when we leave. I haven't heard what OU will do. #2 - it's not a reach to know the Big 12 will add more teams and they will come from the PAC. UT doesn't really care because we won't be here when it happens.
  16. Texas will play in the SEC in 2023. Trust me on this. Also, the Big 12 will have new members in 2023. Trust me on this as well.
  17. Lol! I heard this same kind of aggy smack talk once before and then 27-25 happened.
  18. 1st - his high school as a junior 2nd. - commitment to UT 3rd - tOSU
  19. Not necessarily a scoop, but a warm fuzzy or two. How about those lady volleyball players? My gosh, if our football team had half the moxie those girls do we would have been 10-1. Back on Ewers, the fact is he left three teams so far and the honest truth is no one really knows why. Oh, there has been plenty of speculation and opinions, but no one really knows except his family. It's no scoop that he is coming to Texas. He is and that is all there is to that.
  20. Okay, what is the latest on Ewes? Ha,ha - those who have followed me on IT know my opinion about the kid. Let me say this right up front - I hope he comes to Texas, he is an exceptional talent and Texas could sure use that at the QB position. That said, I worry about his willingness to bolt and run, either from ambition or dislike of something. So, coaches are aggressive and could he get his feelings hurt? After all the financial deals, will he be satisfied? What happens if he is pulled from a game for playing poorly?
  21. Texas nor OU will play a lame duck schedule next year. If necessary (and a usual reliable source has told me it won't be necessary) they both will bite the bullet and pay the penalties. Sadly, we will watch the Big 12 this year for the last time. At least as we know it.
  22. Hey, everyone. I have a couple of predictions. We will go 11-1 (OU will be the loss, but we will beat them in the championship game). I don't know why everyone is concerned about the first two games. This Longhorn team is loaded with a Heisman running back and NFL talent scattered all over the roster. We will beat the ever loving crap out of Lala and Arky both. The next prediction is we will be playing in the SEC next year. Trust me on this. In two years UT will be the second best team in the SEC and OU will be the third. aggy has some serious talent, but they are aggy and they always will be. When UT enters into the NIL competition we will be merciless and start stacking talent like it is cordwood. There - how is that for drinking the koolaide?

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