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  1. Got it. Well, that is two of us. But it doesn't look good.
  2. This sounds logical but it is not correct. He flipped because of the UT coaching conundrum and some real effective negative recruiting. Most of which came from the NFL.
  3. Zoom! That went over my head. How does that relate exactly?
  4. Just jumped on the board. How is everyone doing? We all in on Sark? Here is a tidbit for whatever it's worth. Sark and Ewers were in an hour long Facetime. Don't get excited yet - I've also heard that Ewers is solidly an Ohio State Buckeye. Solidly.
  5. Although Herman will think he is coaching for his job and excels in bowl games, Colorado will win 48-42.
  6. Outstanding. At some point I need to pull you out to my farm in Brenham and let you and my wife converse. She will probably want to adopt you. (and, by-the-way, canker fungus really sounds nasty)
  7. I've got two spiral cut cedar tress in my front yard garden in Katy. Both appear to be dying and Google says it could be a fungus of which there is no cure. You familiar with this malaise?
  8. OT and I may have already posted this, but your comment reminded what I once heard. Regarding the state lottery he said you had a better chance of getting hit by a wheel that fell off an airplane then winning it.
  9. You would be right. I worded it wrong. I should have said from his agent's camp. Generally when their boy is being discussed is when they maneuver for favorable leverage ($). It is the internet age and it always happens. Always.
  10. I will just say there are others, but have you heard anything from Myer's camp? Get my point? Lots of water needs to flow under that bridge, yet.
  11. Basically, it is a cadre of posters that always attends the mods little drinking fests in order to kiss their behinds and gossip about other posters. I attended one once, incognito of course, just to what was going on. No way in hell would I reveal who I really was even though I learned that one of the lawyer posters had tried mightily to dox me and my family. That being said there are some really good people that are members and a big bunch of them are still in the military. I like the military folks, they don't suffer fools very well.
  12. It's public knowledge but the straw that broke the camels back was the photo of only Ehlinger standing for the Eyes. Herman had already led the rest of the team to the locker room. Bobby Burton alluded to this on IT, but I have it on good information that the fury by those that count was massive and final. Okay, it will post it - it's over. Don't ask about Urban Myer, you might not like the answer. And, no, I'm not saying he isn't being considered.
  13. I don't visit this board that otten, I spend most of my time on IT. Why I'm not sure. I have been lambasted and skinned alive by many posters over there. Even the mods. But IT does provide many interesting articles and a couple of writers that I admire - particularly one called Scipio Tex. But I do have an affinity for this site because the posters seem to lack the arrogance that is prevalent on IT. So it has been my pleasure to divulge what little behind the scenes info I acquire here rather than there. I just hope you folks understand that most of what I here is often infused with the opinions of those giving me the info. It's the nature of us humans.
  14. Lol! The truth is you are correct. Hiring and firing of coaches is always a delicate and sensitive operation and for good reasons. There are the money aspects, reputations, pasts and futures of people, other coaches and the just plain optics of it. It's true that old codgers like myself who have grown up with people that are connected ti UT, get occasional morsels of interesting info. But we rarely are privy to the meat and potatoes. I will say this as most of you have already ascertained, as far as the admin is concerned the bloom is off the rose regarding Herman., And it is irrepairable. I believe things are going to happen. We'll see.

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