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  1. I only am really familiar with Surfside so keep us in the loop please. Hope it goes well.
  2. You running any sort of ad blocker or extensions that might interfere with the layout?
  3. My pops and I went to the Angleton-Dripping Springs game. A couple of really bad calls hurt em but Angleton let DS convert a 4th and 25 and later the same drive score the winner with 4 secs left. Both plays were lobs across the body and across the field that just hung in the air forever and Angleton didn't knock em down. They had their chances. Great game to watch.
  4. Love Strong but man... lost me a few weeks ago. Kansas was just shocking. I did call the clown show from Texas regarding the firing and search and it seems to be happening. Same song different verse. Sigh. My school is maddening at times.
  5. Hey bud. I got a snowflake ban too. Good read thanks.
  6. "I'm here for the gang-bang." Hey all. Got my first ban in 8 years over there. Checking this place out. Anything big going on with Texas football these days?
  7. Senior Software Engineer for Cinemark Theaters. We are a small Microsoft shop but do a lot of pretty cool/diverse work. Great team, we are all friends and I like it. Left for five years to go to Arizona to work for Raytheon in the defense sector but wanted to get back to a small shop and they had an opening at the exact time we started looking. Currently working on the mobile apps using Xamarin. New iOS, Android, and Windows Phone Cinemark app incoming... complete rewrite. Also responsible for CineMode (server side not the client side stuff). Free crap for turning off your phone in a movie. Here's a hint... you can just set your phone to cinemode at night and get free rewards from it too. We haven't made it location-aware yet. Yet. Anyway... TLDR; I do software stuff and stuff.
  8. I really like Mariano's for Tex-Mex. Hacienda Ranch or any of the same family. Chuy's is great too.

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