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  1. As long as you participate, I don't care how you traverse the 5K. Ha!
  2. I can't thank you enough, HornEsch! Take care of those knees, brother!
  3. We are chairing a 5K titled, "COMPETE EVERY DAY- Fighting Autoimmunity 5K" on Sept. 5th at Andy Brown East, to raise awareness of Autoimmune disease (over 23 million Americans suffer from one of 100 diseases). We also hope to raise money for our two charities: 1) CONQUER, a UT Southwestern research program focused on treatment and causes of AI disease; 2) CAP (Children's Alopecia Project) to help fund a camping opportunity for a child with Alopecia. The City of Coppell has been extremely supportive thus far for our upcoming event and presented a proclamation to our team to declare Sept. 5th "Autoimmune Disease Awareness Day." We would love your support in our first year- the website and additional information is below! http://www.playtri.com/competeeveryday
  4. We're going to be fine. Silver lining is Swoopes will have the entire week taking QB1 practice reps as opposed to getting inserted into a game in duress. Thoughts and prayers to Ash but everyone needs to realize this is a new group of Longhorns. They are playing with a huge chip on their shoulders and will shock people over the next few weeks.
  5. Not very impressive from the outside but interior views are nice as is the proximity to the lake.
  6. Although Watson will be the primary playcaller, this will not be his offense alone. Every coach on the offensive side of the ball has had playcalling experience (Chambers being the exception unless you factor HS coaching). What this means is we will have superior game plans to any defense we will face (rather than just relying on talent alone) for the first time that I can honestly remember. In addition, a premium will be placed on player development and utility even more than when Harsin was around. What this looks like in terms of results is up to if Coach Strong is comfortable loosening the reigns on offense or simply just scoring enough to win. I suspect you will be pleasantly surprised when this season is all said and done.
  7. Some big SEC vs. BIg 12 tilts this season. OU vs Tennessee, K-State vs. Auburn, WV vs. Alabama. Hopefully the conference performs well in those games (as well as UT playing impressively against UCLA and BYU) to bring more national prestige.
  8. Off the top of my head, Texas vs Texas A&M first and foremost. You and SFLonghorngirl covered the major ones but these also bear mentioning: Oregon vs Oregon State (the Civil War) BYU vs. Utah (the Holy War) Minnesota vs Wisconsin Kansas Vs Missouri Nebraska vs. OU Stanford vs Cal Harvard vs Yale Army vs Navy Pittsburgh vs WV Georgia vs Georgia Tech
  9. The most dominating college player I have and ever will see. I never thought we would lose a game as long as he was our QB. It's too bad things didn't work out in the NFL for a myriad of reasons. Best of luck in his next endeavor and hope the school puts him in contact with any recruits that visit our campus. VY Forever!
  10. What temperature is your AC set to at night? Also, are you sleeping on a tempurpedic or similar mattress/pillow? Otherwise, it appears to be a homeostasis issue. A few things: a) cold shower before going to bed (an old Japanese trick to staying young and dealing with homeostasis), almond butter with celery sticks along with magnesium supplements within 2 hours of going to bed, c) two glasses of ice cold water upon sleeping. You should be good within a week of doing this
  11. Watson's end game is a head coaching gig somewhere. I think Wickline will remain here as long as Strong does. If Watson can develop one of the QB's on the roster and Wickline can maximize the potential of the OL we have on campus (remember the '13 class was the top OL class in the country), then I feel confident this is a marriage that can work. Outside of Chambers (who brings much more to the table as a recruiter), I'm the most underwhelmed with Watson's hire. If the offense can produce in Year 1, he could be up for some HC openings in 2015 and allow Wickline to be the main playcaller moving forward.
  12. Dallas Cowboys 1st Round - Aaron Donald, DT, Pittsburgh 2nd Round - Lamarcus Joyner, CB, Florida State 3rd Round - Will Sutton, DT, Arizona State
  13. I'm going to post a #letsride a week early. No way he rides down here with a UT commit from the Class of 2015 next weekend just to tell the UT coaches he is committing to A&M.
  14. Good luck to those young men. It's a shame the Cedar Hill boys didn't work out as I had high hopes for Benson and Humphrey. Jackson would have been better served moving back to DB but that foot injury was his undoing.
  15. Hibiscus is solid and you will like it. If you let me know what type of food you prefer I can give you my recommendations on menu items. For Mexican - try Mi Dia from Scratch in Grapevine. If you are into guacamole, they offer a $12 serving made at your table that is delicious Tex-Mex - try Chuy's, Blue Goose Cantina, Mi Cocina (the Sunset Ribeye Fajitas are great), or Manny's Uptown (good brisket tacos) As a side note, if you are fine traversing through the ghetto you should try the street tacos at Fuel City

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