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  1. Yes, wish Texas could have started the season with San Jose State. We'd probably be 4-0 right now, but definitely 3-1.
  2. On the INT, the overhead camera shows why it's not going to work with Buechele and this OL. The OL play is awful on this play, but Buechele still could have completed this pass. He knows where his WR is going, he easily could have thrown it to the spot where Heard was going. It's the biggest issue I have with Shane, and why I don't think he's a very good passing QB at all. His vision is awful and he can't anticipate throws. He holds the ball here and the window closes. This view also displays another issue Buechele has, he can't beat defenders in open space. Even though he had a huge lane to the right. Since he missed the window to Heard, he should have immediately made a break for it out the right side of the pocket where no ISU defender was located. He would have had to beat Lanning on an angle, probably not going to do it, but if he had Porter was there to lead block and it's a huge gain. Not saying Sam definitely makes a play here either, but he vs. Lanning in the open field is a much better matchup for Texas.
  3. Florida came into today ranked 113th in total offense, and lost their starting QB, still put up their best offensive day of the season.
  4. Unless you have capable offensive players, then Vandy plays to their historical norm.
  5. Against P5 competition Ertz is 17-45(38%) for 195 yards and 1 TD.
  6. Lulz. The biggest problem with the offense tonight not even mentioned.
  7. I was in awe of Darnold's ability to jump up into the pocket to avoid Malik(game over if he makes that sack), and then jump again to pass the ball to the RB.
  8. Sam Darnold's ability to throw his WRs open is off the charts NFL level stuff. I mean that 1st TD. He threw it where he wanted the WR to go and where the knew the Texas defenders couldn't get to it, even though there were 2 defenders between him and Burnett. It's impressive and something our QBs struggle with immensely.
  9. I'm concerned with the OL, and how Orlando adjusts his schemes for the upcoming spread offenses. Malik and Wheeler were heroes last night, but I need to see them not struggle in space against offense like OU and OSU before I'm fully bought in. The secondary played their ass off as well, best games Jones has played. Under control and taking proper angles. Locke lost contain on outside zone a little too much for my liking. It appears Boyd's benching lit his ass on fire. One thing I really liked as the game wore on, Orlando had his guys recognizing the shallow cross very well, save for the last one. That bodes well for the air raid type offenses coming up on the schedule. We also struggle to generate pass rush unless we blitz. Hager has had a somewhat disappointing season, though he's going to get a lot of PT in 2 weeks. It would be a great disappointment not to be 3-2 going into the oklahoma 2-step. Split those 2, and you have a shot at running the back half of the conference schedule and ending up 9-3, 8-1. Baylor, Kansas, and Tech are not good teams. TCU is over-rated as long as Hill is the QB, WVU is going to be very tough on the road, against what is likely to be two teams still in contention for the conference title game.
  10. From what I've seen others posted, if he elects to clean it up he can return this year. If he elects to do a complete repair, he's out for the season. Whatever decision he makes I hope his long term benefit is clearly the focus.
  11. Boyd, Hill, and Davis just can't put together any kind of consistency at the position. Still have a chance to be near the level of Griffin, Ross, and Brown. Time is running out though.
  12. You are right, it's not like Baylor has anything else going on at the school as it relates to the football program. The kid won 10 games as a freshmen and another 6 as a sophomore, and was hurt most of last year. My mistake. Things might have been different here with better coaching, but it's not a sure thing. J.T. Barrett was a Heisman contender with Herman coaching him, and now their entire fan base wants him gone. Given the inability of Shane to stay healthy, having a veteran presence in the QB room wouldn't have been a bad idea. If he's a shrimp then so is Shane as they are the same size, and despite how bad that team as played, his QB rating isn't that far off your wunderkind Shane's. Ehlinger - 81.2 ADJ QBR Buechele - 41.0 ADJ QBR Solomon - 36.1 ADJ QBR 50 is average. Moreover, do you really think a game plan featuring Shane heavily involved in the run game is going to be successful?
  13. Rumors on texaggy is that Sumlin is out.

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