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  1. And to think that guy is a U.S. Senator now.
  2. I also read where we had the fewest offensive yards of any FBS school yesterday.
  3. Is Traylor a good offensive mind? I don't know anything about him as I live in Tennessee.
  4. The new look of the site looks great!
  5. Maybe this is a good time to start a thread about how Jeff Fisher ruined Vince Young's career.
  6. I'll wait for the bikini calendar.
  7. You can add Baylor and TCU to that list. Even though they are enjoying recent success, they have historically been bottom feeders and don't enjoy a national following. Plus their OOC schedule doesn't give them credibility to back up their W-L record.
  8. Who besides Texas and OU in the Big12 have been in a MNC game since 1980. No one. Who in the SEC has? Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Auburn, Alabama, and LSU. It's not about who has the best teams at a given moment or year, it's about the track record of the conference as a whole over the long haul. You can't tell me that the pollsters would see a matchup with a 3 in conference loss Texas Tech team late in the season would be perceived as harder than a 3 in conference loss Georgia team. Won't happen.
  9. Yeah, but looks at the SEC's in conference schedule.
  10. If the Big12 had perennially competitive programs outside of Texas and OU, a strong OOC schedule wouldn't be necessary to prove your worth. The conference schedule would be more than enough.
  11. I don't know anything about the Oregon Project, but I do know Kara Goucher may be the best looking woman in sports.
  12. I don't know what the big deal is. I've never been to a college football gave, let alone a UT game, without alcohol in my posession (at least since 1983).

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