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  1. I don’t even know what to say at this point. This team could have won this game easy. Herman has a lot of questions to answer.
  2. I love that we didn’t get to complete our drive when there was no impact to the field before the delay.
  3. I agree. Our offense can do this. We need forward play calling.
  4. Maybe it was camera angle but I think Sam could have picked up 3-4 with a dunk pass on that first down play.
  5. Definitely think Herman took over playcalling in the 2nd Quarter. That was a complete change of gameplan.
  6. We’re far from out of it but the defense needs to put it together. We’re thin up the middle so that’s not going to be easy.
  7. We’re getting our ass kicked. By a team with an interim head coach surrounded by a program filled with controversy.
  8. Geez. It’s early but we don’t look remotely prepared.
  9. I hope we’re a little more prepared defensively next time we hit the field. That was almost effortless for them.
  10. I only just watched both seasons earlier this year. I'm not a Buddy fan but my disdain for him took a while. End of the 1st Season/Beginning of the 2nd Season is when I started nailing down how I felt about him. Ollie was fun to root for. JF3 really grew on me towards the end of the season. DJ Law was a hell of a story. Dakota Allen is Season 2 was by far the guy I enjoyed rooting for the most.
  11. I was planning on starting the 3rd Season this weekend. I think it was probably a mistake to leave EMCC but I don't think the showrunners wanted to spend any more time around Buddy. I would have been far more interested if they would have gone to Coahoma in Season 3. The episode in Season 2 that they spent with the team was one of the more interesting episodes and built my interest in seeing that coaches journey.
  12. Just keep in mind that Adblock (while I use it on most sites) does hurt the revenue HornSports generates to keep the site up and running. I wonder if maybe selling that long awaited HornSports shirt could help with the revenue demand and therefore diminish the amount of ads needed to keep the site going.
  13. I disappear for a month and miss the good stuff. Couldn't have been as good as "as per".
  14. To add to this, not much of a point when you have Ehlinger. You're not going to get a former 5* two-time transfer upper-classmen QB to sit on the bench behind Ehlinger. If Allen transfers again, it will be to a place that he will without question start.
  15. Dude was a class act and exemplified the importance of special teams each time he hit the field. He'll be missed but it will awesome to see him pinning teams behind the 20 on the biggest stage in football.
  16. This one stings. Warren was outstanding when he arrived on campus. I still remember that Tech player saying he'd never been hit by someone as hard as Warren. I truly believe that Beck screwed the pooch here. Somebody is about to get a very talented running back.

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