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  1. Idiots on 247? I like it over there.
  2. Mobile Quarterbacks. The DEs consistently lose contain. 1st downs pile up and we don't get off the field.
  3. The cool thing is that when the site comes back up, I'll be reading the best analysis and Texas Recruiting site on the net.
  4. Not fire Powers. He's at the end of his career. He deserves to simply retire. The academic and cultural fit argument escapes me. It's an athletic conference. Texas high school players compete with any state in the United States. The players have shown a preference for playing in the best conference when they choose A&M. That's hard to overcome in some cases. Take that away from A&M and they will immediately go back to being the 2nd tier football program that they historically have proven to be. My long-term vision of college football is that the traditional powers break away from the NCAA. Teams like Texas, Ohio State, Florida, etc. don't need to worry about the 85 scholarship limit. The level playing field has a nice fuzzy warm sound to it but I see it as BS. The "haves" should just compete among themselves. At the end of every football season there would be an 8-team playoff to crown a real national championship.
  5. I tend to think of him as a blowhard that doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. JMO.
  6. And I thought the internet was serious business. That soccer stuff is real.
  7. It's very liberating NOT being a Cowboy fan. No matter how much money Jerry spends, his stuff always looks cheesey.
  8. Someone's real name is a slur? SMDH In that case, you better call me GetHooked. If I hear you referring to me as Jim, I'm going to be offended.
  9. Not true. I like you and I really liked that play.
  10. Face palm to the forehead. Looking for a button. Completely missed that.
  11. Just a suggestion. On the bottom of each page of a thread, 247 has a BACK TO TOPICS button. It's very useful. It would be a button that sends you directly back to the BOB board home page to look at all the thread titles.
  12. Now, if he was leading after the 2nd round - and all the "Tiger's Back!" posts showed up, I wouldn't be able to point out that he has gone something like 6 years that he has not won a major. Too bad.
  13. The one thing players like Vick, Vince, Tebow and Manziel did well in college is win games with their feet. In the pros, the defenders are just too fast and hit too hard to allow that to happen. Unless a QB can beat you from the pocket, he's not going to be successful.
  14. Very nice. This forum has changed a few times since I've been here, always for the better. What is a warning point?
  15. Nah. It's the off season. It's fun to watch them implode.
  16. He picks them up and puts them down well for such a big kid.
  17. Q) Saw that nugget last week…..or are he and Sally still going through UT withdrawal? It's tough to leave a $5 million a year job for doing nothing. From what I've been reading, he hung out with the BMDs during practice. The more I read about Mack, the less I like him. He stole a lot of money from my school.
  18. Definitely a base hit? Looked like a fielding error to me. He could have easily fielded the ball and tagged the runner out. He flubbed the play - probably because he heard footsteps.
  19. joeywa That was a long way to go to get nowhere.
  20. I think you're supposed to yell "Theater!"
  21. I also have subs to 24/7 and IT. I used to have a sub to OB. There are only 2 reasons to leave OB. 1) The posters on OB attack each other - A LOT. 2) Eventually, Ketch gives everyone a rash. In my case, it was #2.

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